" I've tried every contact I have to find this Bennent guy," Don said leaning against his desk looking at Charlie, " It's been two weeks and still nothing."

" That can only give us two conclusions," Charlie replied leaning back in his chair, " Either that wasn't his name, or Bennent is dead."

" And since this project is so secret you can't tell me," Don replied annoyed, " Even if it may have cost a someone their life," he stressed the last point and watched Charlie shift uncomfortably, " I can't make any judgements. Like your always saying. I need more data."

" I'm sorry, Don," Charlie said for what felt like the millionth time, " I can't tell you! Even if I wanted to."

" That's just great," said Don, flipping through another folder.

It had been two weeks and no one had said anything. Don had tried to find this Bennent person Charlie and Larry talked about. Not only to protect a potential target, but to clear up the mystery behind this "secret project". No one he had contact with gave him information. Even when Don searched for any possible clue as to what Charlie, Larry, and Christina may have been working on it didn't help. Everyone shut him out and it was getting really, really frustating. Never mind the fact that an innocent girl had been killed and no seemed to want justice done.

Well, not everyone, Don thought, Her sister seems to want it. I know David does, and I do. Even Charlie and Larry seem to, if only they'd just give us the necessary information!

" Don," a voice called out pulling Don from his thoughts.

Don turned to see David standing next to him holding out a file.

" My friend in the Defense Department sent me this. It's a list of all personal under the name Bennet. Maybe if we show these pictures to Larry and Charlie they can recognize them," David said.

" Thanks," Don said taking the file, " Charlie, take a look at these."

Charlie obediently took the file and began flipping. A second later he tossed it down.

" None of these men are Bennent," he said.

" Great," Don muttered, " Another dead end."

" I'll see if I can't get something else," David said, leaving the brothers alone.

Sitting back in his desk he laid his head down in frustration.

" You look like you could use a break," a female voice said behind him.

David looked up and turned to see Ally looking over him.

" Ally!" he exclaimed in suprise. Standing up he continued, " What are you doing here?"

" I came...I came to, um..." Ally stuttered.

" You came to find out about your sister's case?" David said knowingly.

" NO," Ally said, catching him off guard, " I mean,yes. I mean...I mean I came to thank you."

" Thank me?" David was caught by suprise

" For taking me home. It was really...really kind of you."

" No problem," David replied.

Ally smiled shyly. David felt his heart tug. Why in the world did I let her go, He wondered to himself.

" Um, could I also say thank you to your partner?" she asked embarrased.

" What?" David replied, snapping back to reality," Oh, sure.This way."

He guided her over towards. Despite how much instict and training told him it was wrong he couldn't stop himself from taking a wiff of her perfume. The heavenly smell triggered old memories, old and pleasant memories.

" Don," he called out. The older agent was heatedly talking with Charlie. The young mathematician was talking back just as heatedly. Neither noticed David or Ally.

" Don!" David called a little louder.

Finally Don turned around. He was caught by suprise seeing Ally.

" Hi," he said, catching himself, " Ally, right."

" Yeah," Ally replied sweetly, taking Don's offered hand.

" I'm really sorry about your sister," Don said, " But I assure you we're doing everything we can to find whoever did this."

" Thank you," Ally replied, letting go of Don's hand, " It means a lot to me.

Don nodded. Turning to look at Charlie he said, " Oh, and this is my brother. Professor Charlie Eppes."

" It's nice to meet you," Charlie said standing up.

" You, too," Ally replied. For a moment she paused.

" Charlie Eppes, wasn't it," she asked, " You don't happen to work at CalSci do you?"

" Yeah, I do," Charlie replied, " I'm a professor of mathematics."

" Then you must have had my sister in at least one of your classes," Ally said.

Charlie's face flashed in pain.

" Yeah, I did," he said, " She was a very gifted young woman."

Ally nodded. She looked over at David with wide, beautiful eyes. The young agent felt his heart break when he saw the sadness in them.

" Ally," Don said interrupting everyones thoughts, " I don't want to add to your grief, but there are somethings I would like to ask you. If it's okay?"

" Fire away," Ally said.

" Was there anyone in Christina's life? Any boyfriends you know of? Any enemies?"

" No," Ally said, her eyes beginning to glisten, " My sister was, well, she was shy. She had maybe one or two friends. She broke up with the only boyfriend she ever had..."

" Would he have wanted revenge?" Don pressed, " I mean was he extremely upset about the breakup, to the point he would have hurt Christina?"

" Oh, no," Ally replied, " The boyfriend I'm refering to...I haven't seen him scince Christina was a senior in high school."

" Oh," Don said, " Well, did you know anything Christina may have been doing? Any special projects?"

" There was one," Ally said, " But I doubt anyone would kill over it. It was some kind of design. For a more streamline skates. Christina was always a big skater, and was constantly trying to improve upon conventional means."

" I see," said Don, " Thank you for your help."

" Your welcome," Ally said, " Please, find my sister's killer."

" We'll do our best," Don answered.

Giving David a nodd, he let the younger agent lead the young woman a way. He shot a look at Charlie. The younger man seemed weighed down as he sunk into his chair.

David made sure to take Ally all the way to her car.

" Are you going to be okay?" he asked as she buckled up.

" Yeah, I think so," she said, " David."

" What?"

" Thank you. For everything."

" We're just doing our job," David replied.

Ally reached up and touched his cheek.

" Where have I heard that before," she said.

" Ally," David said seriously.

" I know, I know," she said, " It was my choice anyway."

David nodded.

" Dinner?"

" What do you mean."

" Do you want to have dinner with me?" Ally asked.

" I don't think that's such a good idea," David said, " With the case and..."

" Please," Ally pleaded with her eyes, " It's so lonely in that apartment."

David looked at her. Sighing he asked, " What time?"

" Eight sound okay?"

" Perfect," replied David.

Ally smiled her first real smile.

" Thanks, David," she said and pulled out of the parking space.

David watched as she drove off. He had no idea what he was doing. Suddenly his phone rang.

" Sinclair," he said answering.

" David, get up here," Don answered, " We've found our Mr. Bennent."