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Chapter 1

Cry Little One

Yugi sat upon their big couch and played with his new kitten, Tenshi (Angel). The 12 year old waved a feather in front of the kittens face and it gently rubbed against his pink little nose. Tenshi jumped up and Yugi quickly pulled the feather back. The kitten rolled down the couch slightly and tumbled against the boy. Yugi giggled and picked up the small white kitten.

"You're funny Tenshi." Yugi said softly holding the kitten close.

"Come on Bakura! You know we need a job!" Yugi looked towards the kitchen. Lately Yami and Bakura had been yelling at each other. They were struggling to make ends meet. Most nights one would leave slamming the door behind them. Bakura would even come home drunk sometimes, which scared Yugi to no end. Yugi watched as Bakura marched out of the door and slammed it behind him. Yugi sat down his pet and ran to the window. He saw Bakura steaming and pacing back and forth on the porch. Yugi looked towards the kitchen. He walked up and saw Yami slumped over with his head in his hands. The boy bit the inside of his mouth. Tenshi meowed from the couch wanting to play. Yugi looked towards his kitten and smiled slightly. He slowly walked up to the front door and twisted the handle.

"'Kura?" Bakura looked towards the door. He saw Yugi standing there looking as though he was about to cry. Bakura's features softened and he walked over to Yugi. He bent down and Yugi wrapped his arms around Bakura's neck. Bakura picked up the boy and sat down on the edge of the porch with him in his lap. "How much longer are you going to fight?" Yugi whispered. Bakura listened sadly and gently rocked the boy. 'What a great way to start Yugi's life over huh?' Bakura thought sadly.

"Shh...I don't know little one. It's ok everything will be fine." Bakura said gently. Yugi sniffled and wiped his eyes before the tears fell. Yugi nodded slightly and laid his head against Bakura. Bakura smiled and held the boy tighter. A cool breeze drifted past them, calming them. Bakura took Yugi's tiny hands in his and started to hum a soft song. "I know we fight. I'm so sorry little Yugi. I know you must hate it. We're just trying our best." Bakura whispered. "This past year has been real stressful. I guess we're just taking it out on each other. Never fear though...no harm shall ever come to you." Bakura said gently.

"But it makes me sad when you fight." Yugi said softly.

"I know and for that I'm very sorry." Bakura placed his head on top of Yugi's. "I'm so sorry." Yugi nodded slightly. He just hoped in his little heart that things would get better. Bakura continued to rock the boy until he had fallen asleep. His lifted the child and carried him up to his room. "I am so sorry." Bakura said placing a kiss on Yugi's forehead.

Yugi was awoken by a loud slamming sound. He reached up and rubbed his eyes trying to wipe the tiredness away. The boy pulled the covers back and stepped out of his bed. He walked over to his door and opened it. Hearing a low mumbling sound he made his way to the stairs. A loud meow was heard. Yugi's eyes widened as he ran down the stairs.

"Tenshi!" Yugi shouted and saw the white kitten run around the corner from the kitchen and straight to Yugi's feet. He softly pawed as Yugi's clothes. The boy reached down and picked up the frightened animal. "Shh...it's ok." Yugi said softly while entering the kitchen. Bakura sat at the table with a bottle in his hands. "'Kura?" Yugi whispered. Bakura's head snapped up.

"What did I tell up about leaving that mangy animal in the kitchen, boy!" Yugi winced at the albino's harsh drunken shout. Tenshi curled in Yugi's arms searching for protection. Yugi bit his lip as a tear trailed down his cheek. The albino kitten looked up when he felt something softly his hit back. He meowed softly as he watched the small child. "Huh!" Yugi took a step back towards the stair way.

"I'm sorry 'Kura." Yugi whispered softly. Bakura grumbled something and stood up. The boy took another step back slightly frightened. Holding the kitten tighter he looked away from Bakura's intense gaze. "I'm going to go to bed." Yugi whispered. Bakura growled and advanced Yugi stumbling with every step.

"You're not going anywhere!" Bakura grabbed Yugi's arm tightly and Yugi gave a pained shout.

"No! I'm sorry Dad! Please don't hurt me! Pl-please dad...I'm so sorry! I'll be good!" Yugi whimpered and he slumped to the floor below Bakura. Bakura looked shocked slightly. Something Yugi said...was he as bad as Yugi's father?

"What's going on down here!" Yami shouted from the top of the stairs. He saw Yugi on the ground holding Tenshi and sobbing, and Bakura standing over him with a stunned look on his face. "Bakura! What is going on!" Yugi looked up at Yami and sobbed harder. He got up and ran up the stairs, passing Yami, and straight to his room. He slammed the door shut and hid on the side of his bed. "Bakura?" Yami asked worried at Bakura.

"I'm sorry." Bakura whispered then hiccupped up slightly. Yami understood.

"You're drunk aren't you?" Bakura sighed and slumped to the floor. Yami walked down the stairs and sat down next to Bakura. "Bakura you have to stop doing this. All you're doing is hurting your self and those around you." Yami said softly trying to comfort the now sobbing man.

"It's so hard with you yelling at me all the time!" Bakura shouted. Yami looked down and gave a gentle smile to Bakura.

"I'm sorry my friend. Lets start this over shall we. We'll both search for a good job in the morning...together." Bakura smiled slightly. Yami helped Bakura stand up and helped him to his room. "Now lay down and I'll go check on Yugi then I'll bring you some aspirin."

"Please tell Yugi I'm sorry." Yami nodded and left the room. When Yami reached Yugi's room he heard a heart wrenching sob.

"Why Tenshi? Why can't they get along...like before..." A meow replied. "Things will get better...right?..." Another meow was heard. Yami heard sniffling as he slowly opened the door.

"Yugi?" The sobs stopped suddenly. "Yugi?" Yami called out walking around the boy's bed. He saw Yugi's face stained with tears and his gently petting Tenshi's back. Yugi looked up and into Yami's crimson eyes. Yami smiled and sat down next to Yugi. "We're sorry. Things are going to get better. I had a talk with Bakura. He says he's really sorry. Can I ask what happened?" Yugi sniffled and he just stared down at his white pet. Yami reached over and whiped away some of Yugi's bangs. "Come on little one you can tell me. He won't get angry."

"Arm hurts." Yugi whispered.

"You're arm hurts?" Yugi nodded and another tear fell down his soft cheeks. "Which one?" Yugi moved his right arm and winched slightly. Yami sat in front of Yugi and lifted Yugi's right sleeve. He sighed sadly as he looked at the now forming bruise. "Oh Yugi I'm so sorry. He was crying you know. He is sorry." Yugi nodded.

"He promised." Yugi said softly as his face scrunched up with inner pain.

"What did he promise little one?"

"He wouldn't...hurt...me..." Yami lifted the boy and held him.

"Shh...it's ok little one. It's ok to cry. It will help you feel better. I swear on Ra himself that we will never fight or raise our voice again. We'll do it. We promise. If I break it then you can have Gary lock us up so we'll never hurt you again." Yugi looked up at Yami with wide eyes.

"I'd never do that no matter what." Yugi whispered. "I love you both." Yami smiled and hugged Yugi close.

"I know. As do we. That's why I promise we'll change...for the better. We want to see you happy." Yugi smiled as he let the tears fall. Yami held Yugi close and slowly rocked him. "It's ok. I'm here." Yugi sobbed in the protective embrace. Honestly he had wanted to do that for days. Yami smiled as Yugi cried himself to sleep. He laid Yugi down and smiled as Tenshi snuggled next to the boy. He rubbed the small kitten's back and leaned over and kissed Yugi's forehead. "Good night little one." Yami whispered wiping away some tears. He got up slowly as to not wake the boy and left his door open slightly. "Now to get Bakura some medicine." Yami said smiling.

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