Chapter 3

Little Boy Fly Away

Yami carried Yugi inside the house and sat Yugi on the couch. He walked up and locked the door behind Bakura, while Bakura went into the kitchen, pretending to get some medicine. Yugi watched Yami lock the door then sit down next to him.

"Are you ok son?" Yami asked looking over Yugi. Yugi watched confused.

"Yes. Why wouldn't I be?" Yami just smiled and gently caressed Yugi's cheek.

"It's nothing. I'm just making sure." Yugi nodded slightly still confused. Bakura smiled and walked out of the kitchen.

"Ahh...I feel much better." Bakura said stretching. Yugi smiled and ran up to Bakura and gave him a hug.

"I'm glad." Bakura smiled and lifted the boy.

"Lets go see Gary." Yugi nodded eagerly and hugged Bakura close.

"Yeah!" He shouted with joy. They chuckled and Bakura held Yugi closer when they went outside. Bakura got in the back with Yugi in the middle and Yami got in the front. Yami smiled as he watched at them from the rear view mirror. He then locked the doors, started the car, and pulled out of the drive way. Bakura smiled as he played a couple of games with the boy. Trying to keep him entertained and keep his mind off the man they had seen earlier. Yami was constantly looking through the rear view mirror for any cars that were following them. He smiled as he pulled up into Gary's drive way. Bakura stayed in the car with Yugi until Yami came around and lifted the boy out of the car. Yami carried Yugi to the door with Bakura behind him. Yugi reached over and rang the door bell. "Gary are you home!" Yugi shouted. They smiled at the child. Shuffling was heard behind the door. Then the handle twisted and opened. Gary opened the door and looked out to see who had come to visit.

"Well what do we have here?" Gary said chuckling. Yugi smiled and wiggled out of Yami's hold. Yami lowered the squirming boy to the ground and smiled as Yugi lunged forward and hugged the man. Gary chuckled as he was almost knocked over. "Hello Yugi, Yami, Bakura. What brings you here?" Gary asked standing back to let them inside.

"Well we came over to see how you were doing and we have to ask you something." Yami motioned slightly. Gary realized that they didn't want Yugi to hear. He smiled and nodded.

"Well ok. Hey Yugi would you like some ice cream?" Yugi smiled.

"Yeah!" Gary smiled and led them into the kitchen. They watched as Gary gave Yugi a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

"Ok I'm going to talk with Yami and Bakura. We'll be right back. Ok?" Yugi watched and slowly nodded. They smiled and left the room. "What did you want to ask me?" Gary asked seriously. Yami looked behind him to make sure Yugi wasn't hiding any where trying to listen.

"Today we went to the park. This man was sitting in a car...and taking pictures of Yugi." Gary rubbed his chin.

"Really now?" They nodded. "This is serious. Do you remember what the car looked like?"

"No sorry. Do you Bakura?" Bakura shook his head.

"Do you remember what the man looked like?"

"All I know is that he was big. The shadow from the car pretty much hid his features." Yami said sadly. "What are we going to do?"

"Do you mind staying here while I make a report to be on the look out for a big man taking pictures of children? It looks like you need a rest." Yami and Bakura smiled.

"We don't mind. Just don't tell Yugi. We'll talk to him about strangers but lets not tell him about the man." Gary nodded knowing that was probably best. They walked back into the room and smiled as Yugi was just finishing his sweet treat. Yugi wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Gary walked over to the sink and grabbed a towel. Wetting it he walked over to the boy. He kneeled down and wiped off Yugi's mouth and arms. Yugi smiled.

"Thank you." Yugi said. Gary smiled up at the boy.

"You're welcome." Gary lifted the boy and carried him to living room. "Please sit down and rest." Gary said motioning to the couch. Bakura and Yami smiled and nodded. Gary gently placed Yugi in between them. "Ok I'm going to something. I'll be right back." Bakura and Yami nodded, knowing he was going to report this to the police. Yami turned to the small boy.

"Son." Yugi turned towards Yami when he called his name. "Do you know what to do if a stranger asks you to get in their car?" Yugi looked confused.

"Is a stranger some one I don't know?" He asked. Yami smiled and nodded. "Umm...don't do it?" Yami nodded seriously.

"Listen son, this is very serious, if some one asks you to do something and you don't know them I want you to scream for help." The young man watched his son. "Understand?" Yugi nodded.

"So if some one asks you if you would like to see their puppy in the back of their truck what do you do little one?" Bakura asked. Yugi turned towards Bakura.

"Say no."


"Um...ask for help?" Bakura smiled and nodded.

"Sometimes they may threaten you. Don't listen to them ok? If it happens you scream and kick. Make it harder for them." Yugi nodded. Bakura smiled and wrapped his arm around the child. Yugi sat looking at his hands absorbing all that was said, and why it was said.

"Is some one after me?" Yugi asked softly, fidgeting nervously.

"No we just want to make sure you know so if it happens you will know what to do." Yugi nodded slightly. Gary came into the room smiling.

"Well who's hungry?" Yami looked down at his watch. He hadn't realized how much time had passed. They had already missed lunch.

"Me!" Yugi shouted popping up from the couch. The men chuckled, Yami and Bakura stood from the couch.

"I'll take us to that new Chinese (AN/ I luv Chinese!) restaurant a few blocks away." Yami suggested taking Yugi's hand.

"Nonsense. You're my guest I'll take you." Bakura and Yami politely declined but Gary wouldn't hear of it. Yami supplied the ride and Gary supplied the food. They piled into the car. Gary sat back with Yugi, while Bakura and Yami said in the front.

"And I went up really high on a slide! Then I went down it really fast! It was fun!" Gary chuckled as Yugi told what he did at the park. "I also saw many kids! They went on the monkey bars and did flips and stuff. It was cool!" Gary smiled as he watched the boy's eyes sparkle with happiness. 'This child is the same child as the one I saw in the bar. The one that was so afraid. It's hard to imagine it happened to him. He's stayed so innocent. Like he locked all of it away, saving it for some one special. Or I guess in this case a lot of some ones. And I have the honor as one of them.' Gary thought as his smile grew.

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