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Mushra looked on as Mushrambo whispered something in Yakumo's ear. Then he overheard Kutal talking to Sago, "Sago, what shall I cook for dinner?" "Huh… uh… sorry Kutal, I didn't hear you, what did you say?" Sago said drooling over Binka who was playing with the kittens. "I asked you what I should cook for dinner." Kutal said irritably. "Let's see, I think we should have… fish!" Sago said still drooling over Binka. "Good idea, I can make my fish soufflé!" Kutal exclaimed. "Hey Mushra, kittens, Binka, come fishing with us!" Sago half-yelled at the five of them. "O.K." they all replied at once.


"Yakumo, do you want to go find that we saw a little earlier?" Mushrambo whispered in Yakumo's ear. Yakumo merely nodded and looked over at Mushra who was muttering something to himself. Soon after, she heard Sago calling Mushra, the kittens, and Binka to follow him and Kutal to go fishing for dinner.

"O.K., so scratch the river, how about we just stay right here?" Mushrambo said in a low- mischievous voice. "I'd love that." She said with shivers running down her spine. All of the sudden she noticed everyone was gone, except Mushrambo and her. Next thing she knew, his arms were around her waist and back. She looked at his gorgeous blue eyes- he stared at hers. Then he attracted her to him, and then she felt his armor against her chest- they were kissing.

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