Hello Guys!

Omg, I know, I know. I haven't updated this in SO long. Today, sadly, a new chapter will not be appearing, just this little author's note. I'm here to tell you that I m going to try SOOOO hard to get chapter 10 up by Monday. So, please don't give up on this story, I feel terrible for just leaving it for a while! I've been busy with school. It totally sucks! I know a lot of you are still interested and are hoping for new chapters. I am going to try my best to update quickly from now on. Anyways, most likely a new chapter will be posted on Monday! I love all of you reviewers! You are all so sweet and helpful! You are the ones keeping me going. :) . Well, I'll hope to see you all Monday with a new chapter! YAY! Heehee.

xo Kari