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Chapter 23: Secrets and Saviors


I gasped, though I hadn't heard the noise from anyone else in the room. Kurama's eyes were wide. Weren't the others surprised at all? Were they just shocked silent? I stared at the one who had called herself The Moon.

"Yue Junana…"

The Star also held a face I knew, though I'd never met her in person. "And the angel Gabriel-sama…"

And The Sky, whose potbelly should have given him away. "Inari-sama, the god of rice."

"Please, sit down," Yue said. "Yomi-kun, can you get that thing I asked you for earlier?"

Chairs appeared out of no where, but no one sat down.

"Of course, Tsukihana."

"What the hell?" I murmured.

"Yomi-kun is my mate." Yue looked chagrined, something I had never seen before. "I'm really sorry for what I've put you through, Bri…It was a big plan, and unfortunately, I had to do it…"

"Okay, now I'm confused," I said. "If I wasn't confused before, now I've got the whole damn shelf hitting me on the head. What the hell?"

"Bri Wolf, cursing," Yue chuckled. "This is bad."

Koenma placed a hand on my shoulder. "We will explain everything, Bri. It is a little complicated, you see."

"You're in on this too, toddlerness?" I groaned and put my head in my hands. "I thought it was bad enough that this lifetime's bully is involved. And the angel of fate and the god leader of the foxes."

"The only ones who don't know anything are the two of you," Kuronue said quietly. "I got told a few years ago."

"You're in on this too?" I stood straight and stared at him. "And what do you mean, 'two of you.'"

"I am uninformed as well," Kurama said. "What is going on?"

The others all looked hopelessly at each other, before finally my aunt spoke up.

"To put it bluntly…we've been trying to get you two back together without messing around with Spirit law and without being threatened of various body parts," Gunner said, leaning against the wall. "You two both have a tendency to do that now."

I blushed. "Hey!"

"It's true, but that's not why we were involved," Yue said. "It was Gaby's idea to get you back together once you agreed to be reborn. We wanted to test you."

"Wait, who are you, exactly?" I asked. She wasn't exactly dodging around the details. If she knew the angel of fate well enough to call her "Gaby", there was something more to her.

"I was getting to that," Yue chastised. "The old goddess of the moon finally kicked the bucket about twelve years ago, and I was the human who replaced her. Gods choose their heirs by picking out abnormal people. I was it. And you are it. Well, both of you."

"W-w-w-wait," I stammered. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Gabriel smirked. "Inari and I are planning on dying here in a few years. But we wanted lovers, like us, to take over our post. Plus, we wanted to watch a true romance again. Very few of those go round these days, you know."

I blinked. "Are you on crack?"

Inari chuckled, his great belly rolling under his cloak. "No, my dear, we are not, as you say, 'on crack'. Being a god becomes tiring after a while."

"Don't I know it," Koenma muttered.

"And entertainment becomes scarce after a time," Inari continued as if he hadn't been interrupted. "Foxes and cats tend to be very stubbornly opposed to one another. But when we saw that a quarter cat and a fox were so much attracted to one another, we couldn't pass up the chance. We had to test it."

"So you sent Tsuki after us?"

Yue laughed. "I am Tsuki. And like I said, I'm sorry for what I put you through. I guess I was kind of jealous of you. You found your love without even losing your virginity. I found mine and killed him before I figured it out."

I glanced over my shoulder at Gun Wa, who had turned a nice shade of green. "My Uncle Gun Wa?"

"Yes and no," she giggled, without explaining. "Your family has a strange way of naming their children. Not a one of you has a name of your own nationality."

"That would be our father's doing," Gunner said. "He was getting tired of Jennifer and James running in the Wolf family."

I had never met my grandfather, James Wolf the XXIV, but I don't think I would want to.

"So, let me get this straight," I said. "The new goddess of the moon, the god of rice, and the angel of fate got together to somehow make Kurama and I get back together for their own entertainment?"

"And to make you and him the new god of rice and goddess of fate," Yue said.


I didn't know what to say.

I glanced at Kurama. He stared back. We both shrugged slightly and turned back to the three who had orchestrated the whole thing.

"What about Kurama being Yomi's heir?" I asked. "Would that be a problem or is there someone else?"

"Yomi and Yue will take care of that," Inari said, shoving his eyebrows up and down suggestively. "Will you two take the jobs?"

I stared at him blankly. "We have a choice?"

"Of course."

I glanced at Kurama. "What do you think?"

He smiled. "This is your decision, Bri."

"Oh, no you don't, fox boy, you're not getting out of it that easy," I said and yanked on his hair again—hard. A few strands pulled out and pooled at the junction of his hair and my hand. He winced, belatedly. I knew it didn't really hurt.

"If this is what you want, I will follow you," Kurama whispered, just inches from my lips. "If it is not, I will follow you still."

I sighed and stared over at Yue and Yomi. At Koko and Hiei. At Yusuke and Keiko. Ayame, Gun Wa. Kuwabara, Yukina. Botan, Koenma. Gunner, Gina, Yume, and Jun. All of my friends, my family. Some of them would die far before I would. I stared at last at my brother, Kuronue, the only one in my immediate family once again. Marion and Ichigo had left me in death.

"I have one question first," I said, releasing Kurama. I kept the strands I'd loosed and toyed with them as I spoke. "Did you have anything to do with the death of my mother and father?"

Yue sighed. "Yomi said that you discovered our handiwork of the three upstairs."

"Yeah. About that. You three weren't the original organizers of this tournament, were you?"

"No," Yue said. "Sakyo managed to live through the tournament stadium's collapse before and somehow managed to revive Karasu. I'm surprised the crow's still alive. He escaped back to the Makai shortly after he discovered our identities."

"What about the third one?"

Yue smirked. "Just a little mouse demon. I managed to have myself a little snack." She laughed. "Didn't you see my so-called father? I'm all cat now, sweetheart."

"The bellflowers," I said. "The ones that saved me when I was seven."

"Oh, that was me," Inari grinned. "Did you like those? We even revived Buck so that you could see him again."

I laughed nervously. "Great…"

"Yeah, well. It was my so-called father who organized this all with Sakyo," Yue said with a shrug. "Only it was just a normal tournament. It was Gaby's idea to make it all comprehensive like that."

"You would have won hands-down anyway," Gabriel said. "I just did not wish the kit to be killed before she had the chance to do anything."

I gulped.

"Ga-by!" Yue shouted. "Cut it out, you're scaring her! Anyway…Yeah. It was my dad who killed your dad in the alley. And he gave your mom some kind of timed poison at work."

"Law firm," I said, thinking out loud. "She worked at a law firm…your dad was a lawyer. She worked for your dad?" I knew seventeen cases were too many for a lawyer! It was his name that I saw in the paper!

"Yes, that's right," Yue sighed. "I'm sorry. I really am."

I blinked. She hadn't really done anything substantial, like in the last lifetime. It really had only been childish pranks, the kind that Kuronue enjoyed playing. "It's all right. Really. Just kind of weird, I guess. How long has all this been going on?"

"Seventeen years," Yue said. "It started with Koenma trying to get you to allow Marion near someone—it turned out to be Ichigo, one of Inari's most trusted messengers. We started trying to get you to recognize one another since you were three, though we knew we couldn't really start anything for ten years. Took three years after that to get you back together. You guys are stubborn."

I blushed. "Well…"

"It couldn't have been helped," Gabriel said. "It's one of the downfalls of this job." She smirked, revealing a sharp canine. "The rules clearly state that no one can directly interfere if they know what is going on. And somebody—" She glared at Yue. "Had a very slippery tongue and told just about everyone who could have helped."

"The only one she said nothing to was me," Yomi said. He brandished a recording tape at Kurama. "I was asked to record the conversation that would finally jog your memories. I also was asked to send that letter to Bri, knowing that you would most likely read it if she left it out in the open. The things that I did know, I knew from my own experience, not from being told everything." Kurama blushed at this, but somehow I'd already known he'd read the newspaper-clipping letter.

"Conversation?" I glanced at Yomi. "Um, hello, you recorded that!"

Yomi, having no eyes, appeared completely impassive to the indignant expression that I pasted clearly on my face. I sighed and let it drop.

"Okay…so, now we know," I said. "Now what?"

Yomi tossed a thick box over to Kurama, the object that Yue had sent him after. "Do you recognize that, Kurama?"

Kurama nodded, glancing curiously at Yomi. "How did you find this?"

"I retrieved the password from Kuronue of your last den in the Makai."

"Wh-what's going on?" I asked.

A hand traced my spine gently and I found myself in Kurama's arms again. I couldn't help it—I melted into the embrace, melted against the acid color of his eyes. Faintly, I heard Jun and Yume state their disgust, but I was too far caught in the gaze of a fox.

"For the second time," Kurama murmured into my ear, his breath toying with my hair, my golden fur. "And hopefully the last time, Bri."

He fell on his knee and opened the box. "Will you marry me, Bridget Wolf?"

I didn't even bother to glance at the jewelry. I pushed him on his back in a swift pounce and a quick kiss. "I said it once and I'll say it a thousand times more if you keep asking. Of course, you idiot."

He laughed and slid the ring on my finger.

I was too lost in his kiss to hear the applause.

"It's about damn time," Koko said, grinning away. "So, when's the wedding?"

Kurama glanced at me.

The rest of the room stared at me.

"What's everyone staring at me for?"

"You know same as we do that you're going to be in charge of that," Kuronue said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Kurama doesn't have a choice."

I laughed at that, though everyone was still waiting for an answer. I didn't have one to give, really. Three hundred sixty five days a year, how could I choose one to be so special? It was while I was laughing that I thought of the date.

"What year is it?" I asked slyly. I studied my ring all the while. It was simple, gold with a small blue diamond. A rare diamond. Kurama must have stolen it to give to his eventual mate, if the conversation between Yomi and him had anything to say. It was Kurama who answered, his voice thick with confusion.

"It's 2007."

"And what occurs in 2008 that does not in 2009, 2010, or 2011?"

The others blinked, but Kurama, my smart, ever-thoughtful fox, got it. "Leap year."

"The date is February 29, 2008," I said, giggling. "What do you think about that?"

Koko muttered. "Only Bri would want her anniversary on the date that only comes around every four years."

"We'll figure something out for the off-year anniversaries," I said. Hey, I would remember it fairly easily then. "For now, let's just finish out our stay at the hotel. Yue?"


"What was supposed to be the prize for this tournament?"

Yue laughed. "Control of Demon World, if you can imagine. But since you already have that…what are we supposed to do, Inari?"

The potbellied man sat down on the floor to consider her question. He looked similar to the Buddha like that. I covered my mouth to hold back a giggle, knowing that Kurama was taking over for a fat guy that looked like Buddha. After a minute, he rose again and stated with a regal air his decision.

"We will create another dimension in Spirit World. They can decide what goes into it. I am certain that the honeymooners will enjoy a time alone to procreate."


The others laughed and it wasn't until then that I realized I was blushing.

"Well, your god training will begin once Gaby and Inari kick the bucket," Yue said, shrugging. "And I don't have nothing to do until the full moon comes round again."

"I have a question," I said, glancing at Kuronue. "Will Okuro and I still have to go to school?"

"Yes. And I will still teach," Kurama said. "We can come live in the Makai, in one of my dens, if you like, Bri."

"I'd like that," I said. "We can always open up a portal to get back to school. But what about you, Kuronue?" My brother shrugged.

"I'll stay in the Nemoi house. I got my eye on a girl, anyway. Maybe we'll come join you at one of the older dens, but I still got some growing up to do."

"You got that right," Yue said dryly. "I've been staying with Yomi for a while. I'll probably move in at his castle soon enough, anyway. We got married human style a few weeks ago."

I sighed. "Looks like everything's changing again."

"Life wouldn't be what it is without change," Yue said, smiling. "I would probably still be a bad person without growing up with you, Bri."

I laughed. "Isn't it funny? You were my mother in the other time stream and now…"

"I had a lot to learn," she shrugged.

"Love, I'm going to go to bed early," Kurama said.

Kuronue and Yomi followed soon after. The others had gone to bed a long time ago.

"You know what? I never got them back for what they did to me at the Chronodom," I said. "And Yomi for the tape thing and Kuronue for a lot of things, actually. I've got an idea, though. You guys want to help?"

"Certainly, I have a few things to do a little revenge on all of them, too," Koko said, grinning.

"I know what to do to Kuronue," I said, grinning. "Take a picture of him kissing Kuwabara!"

"How do we do that, pray tell?" Koko asked sarcastically.

"Haven't you ever heard of Photoshop?" Yue grinned. "I'll get the pictures. Okay, what about my Yomi?"

I grinned. "We have some planning to do, eh?"

The three of us dissolved into discussion.

The next morning, Yue, Koko, and I were to be found taping photos all over the hotel. I had just finished taping one of Kurama and Yomi in the hotel restaurant when I surprised yell echoed from all the way upstairs. I raced up to the still-howling voice of my brother and watched as Kuwabara stared, lock-jawed, at the same one. Yukina, who looked about ready to burst, was giggling.

"Who—wha…—how—when?" Kuronue sputtered, staring at the picture of him and Kuwabara. His right ear was delicately suspended right under Kuwabara's chin. Yukina giggled again before commenting.

"It's very cute, Kazuma."

Her husband sputtered. "No, it's not, it's, it's…it's uncute!"

"That's not a word, Kuwabara," I pointed out.

"Tsh, I-I don't care! Look at this! I'll never be able to show my face at the practice again if they see it!"

"Sure you will," Yue said. "You just have to put a paper bag over your head. No one will recognize you at all!"

Kurama had emerged from our room, holding another picture of himself and Yomi in much the same position as Kuwabara and Kuronue were. We'd made sure to trace the outlines of the photos with a self-heating ink so that Yomi would be able to "see" them. I hadn't seen him since last night, though.

Kurama simply stared at the pictures, his face comically contorting into several different shapes that I hadn't thought possible for him. I had no idea what Yomi's reaction to them was—he had vanished shortly after morning.

"Don't worry, fox," I said, patting him on the shoulder. "I still love you."

"I wasn't worried about that," he said, now calmly composed as always. "Because it was you who committed this slander."

"WHAT!" Kuwabara and Kuronue yelled.

I stared at them. "Um…I think Gun Wa's calling for me, gotta go, bye!"

Kurama pounced on me a split second before I reached the door to the room. He had an odd glint in his eyes. The hold on my shoulders was loose, but firm enough to hold me in place without any pressure. "Apologize."

"Nope. You deserved it."

"I refuse to kiss you until you apologize."

"Where did you learn that threat, a coyote?"

"I think it's working," he said, pulling me to my feet in one swift movement. "No kisses."


Kurama smirked. "No kiss."

I grabbed his hair, but he stayed stock-still. Dang. I thought I had really been pulling him by his hair. "Kiss me, Kurama."

"Apology first."

I sighed. "No kiss?"

"No kiss."

"Okay, fine! I'm sorry!"

"Say it like you mean it."

I sighed. "Fine. I'm sorry, Kurama. I'm sorry I humiliated."

He kissed me, lightly. "I could get used to making you do that."

I pulled his hair again. "Shut up and kiss me, damn it."

"As you wish."

(It was inspired by a scene from Coyote Ugly. I don't own Coyote Ugly, either, okay?)

I sighed and stared out the window of room A2, at the empty nest of the bird that had finally flown away for migration. Gun Wa was talking about something to do with predatory movements, but that was about all I'd gotten. I wasn't paying any attention, and he probably knew it.

Everything had happened so fast, it was hard to believe I was once again Kurama's fiancée. Tonight was our wedding, a small event with only friends and family. Kaasan had been shocked to hear Kurama's plans—but she'd accepted us nonetheless. I was planning on making Kurama tell her everything, though. I didn't want to hide from Kaasan again. She was like Ichigo in many ways. A person to be protected, but I knew now that I'd rather tell her now than have to save her from another demon and then explain to her what happened.

I had my dress ready, the preparations had been made. Inari had created the new dimension with us in mind, even adding several hot springs at my request. So why was I having second thoughts now? What was making these fuzzy balls bounce in my belly like so many furry cats? I loved Kurama, enough that I'd fallen for him twice.

When the class bell rang, Yue turned around in her seat and smiled at me.

"Butterflies?" she asked.

I nodded, wincing.

She glanced around, making sure no one was listening. "Don't worry. It's normal for a wedding. I had it too, until I got down to the end of the aisle with Yomi. Minute I saw him, everything was okay again."

I grinned. "I just can't believe how much you've changed."

"All because of you," she grinned back. "I wish I'd made the effort to get to know you when Keiko—sorry, Koko was still my daughter. None of this would have happened."

I smiled. "Thanks, I guess. Hey, I had a question for you."


"Why did you call your group the Vacant Lot?"

She giggled and threw her hair over her shoulder. Silky and black. The kids Yomi and she would have were going to be beautiful. "I always thought that vacant lots were the most unnoticeable things in a neighborhood, because no one lived there. So, I figured if we stuck low, no one would see us until everything went through."

"You almost succeeded," I said.

"Yes…and I'm glad I didn't. But I'm also glad that Gun Wa went through with opening this school again. I think it's great that everyone is so connected to Meikou, even though you don't really see the school much."

"Yeah…I love the meaning of the word, though. Incense. It's like it's smoke. It's ever-present, and yet it disappears into the air."

Yue grinned. "You could be a poet. Uh oh…here comes the groom."

Kurama entered the classroom shortly before the bell was to ring, adjusting his watch and ring carefully as he set his things on the desk. Yue turned back around for class.

"Good morning, class. If you'll please turn in your homework, I'll introduce you to your new substitute for the next week. I'll be leaving on my trip this evening."

Kuronue piped up. "Where are you going, Minamino-sensei?"

My soon-to-be husband glared stealthily at my brother. "My honeymoon. I will be married this evening."

"Oh, how sweet!" Kita cooed. "Who's the lucky girl, Minamino-sensei?"

Kurama looked quite trapped up in front of his class, all waiting patiently for my name to fall from his lips. I tried not to laugh.

"I can't tell you who she is," Kurama said, smiling. "You all might know her, and I think she would rather keep her identity a secret. She is a former student of mine, you see."

"Ooh, Minamino getting it on tonight!" cat-called a random guy from the back of the room. Yue smirked over her shoulder at me. I'm sure my blush was deeper than Kurama's by far.

"Now, class, that is no way to treat your sensei," said a very familiar voice. In through the door slid the potbellied Inari, dressed in a black suit. Whoever said black was slimming had never met a man with a potbelly.

Kurama cleared his throat. "Class, I'd like you to meet your substitute, Enjeru-sensei."

"Good morning, Enjeru-sensei," intoned the class.

"Good morning," Inari said. "I will just watch for today, tomorrow I will be your teacher for the week."

Not for you, huh, Bri? Kuronue grinned.

I'm going to be on my honeymoon. Of course not.

The others are going to let you slide without finishing your homework. Not fair.

Bite me.

That's Kurama's job.

Shut up.

Make me.

I pushed my Empathe skills down as far as they would go, but Kuronue's voice was still able to come through, faintly.

I'm glad you're finally happy, sis.

I smiled and waited for class to end so that I could talk to Kurama alone. We planned on telling Kaasan when we got back about Kurama and I. Not about us getting married, of course (she knew and accepted), but that we were foxes. I wasn't sure how she was going to take it. After all, she'd believed for thirty-one years that Kurama was simply her wonderful, completely human son. What was her reaction going to be when she found out she'd raised the infamous Youko Kurama, thief and kitsune?

I could only imagine what my mother and father's reactions would have been had I told them about Kuronue and myself.

I sighed and let my head fall in my arms. The class bell rang, but I stayed down. I needed to think, my whole world was spinning so fast, I was sick.

"Bri, are you all right?" Kurama's voice whispered. His hand deftly loosened the muscles that had contracted so painfully between my shoulder blades. "You look sick."

"I'm just worried about Kaasan, when we get back," I said, smiling up at him. "I'm all right, really."

"We don't have to tell Kaasan right away," Kurama said.

I scowled. "You've put off telling her for thirty-one years, Kurama, I think it's about time she knew the truth. I wish I'd told my mother and father before they…"

Kurama sighed and offered an awkward hug around the desk. "You did what you thought was right. That's all either of us can do."

I sighed and pulled back. "Yeah, but I want to do what is right. I just don't know what that is any more."

"I've lived for more than a thousand years, Bri, and I still don't know what to do in every situation," Kurama said. "Don't worry about it. You will know when it comes to you."

I chuckled softly. "You do know it's considered bad luck to see your bride before the wedding, right?"

"We don't need luck," Kurama said.

"Really. I thought you were a kitsune, Kurama, not a luck fairy."

He chuckled, nipping at my human illusion's ears. "You're so beautiful…"

"No, that's you. I'm the cute one," I grinned and licked the tip of his nose. "I have the short hair, you have the long. Hey, I know, let's just switch genders! You're the vixen, I'm the dog, and we live in a den with three little kits."

"Three?" he smirked. "I thought we'd have more."

I grinned wryly. "Maybe. We have thousands of years for that, right?"


Finally, I nestled my head just under Kurama's chin, his strong arms wrapped around my waist. Our little den in the new dimension was a sweet little place. I could stay here forever, just wrapped in Kurama's arms. I could feel the slightly-sore mark on my shoulder beginning to change, take shape in the mating mark that would never go away.

I sighed and toyed with the bit of mussed, petal-soft hair that had fallen over my shoulder. It was so red, one might have thought that my husband, my mate, had bled his own hair. I let myself drift off into sleep, my hands resting on his.


Bri, wake up.

A warm caress stirred me from my sleep. I opened my eyes blearily and stared up at my lover's soft blue eyes.


"KURONUE!" I shrieked and grabbed at the blankets. I heard loud rumbling laughter, followed by a click. "YOMI! The damn HELL are you DOING!"

"Revenge," Kuronue grinned, holding up a camera.

Kurama was chuckling near the door. I hitched the sheets around my naked body and stormed out of bed.

"Kurama, when I get my hands on you…"

"You have to catch me first," he quipped, transforming into his silvery gold fox form. I growled and let my mind sink. Fox. I need to go fox. The next thing I knew I was buried beneath the blue sheets on all fours, golden fur growing from every inch of my skin. I grinned to myself and dashed after Kurama's scent.

Ah, well.

At least I'll always have Kurama.

This time.

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