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Okay, Quick summary of the story is that Raven is impregnated and needs someone to take over being the father since the real father is...well, you'll find out soon. But, this first chapter is written in third person and the rest will actually be in Robin's POV. Which is weird for me because I usually don't do first person. I'm trying some new stuff here-bare with me! Alright, let's get this started..


Raven's hand shook as she waited over the bathroom sink. This couldn't be happening, it just couldn't. She closed her eyes and tapped her foot impatiently. Her heart was racing uncontrollably and it was the first time she felt she couldn't control her emotions. The timer she had set up on the sink let out a shrill sound and Raven nearly dropped what she held in her hands. Her eyes instantly snapped shut but she forced them open and looked at what she had. Her eyes widened and her hands slapped to her mouth to cover a scream.

"No..." She said in a whisper as the white stick, a pregnancy test, fell into the sink with an echoing 'clank'. A digital read out said 'positive'.

Her knees gave in and she fell to the floor, tears rolling out of her eyes. Her shoulders shook and she felt herself break in two. The black eyeliner she wore was streaming down her face. Her heart was full of pain and anger at the same time.

"Damn you...You sick bastard..." She cursed, pounding a fist on the floor.

Outside the bathroom door-

"Raven! What the hell?" Beast Boy pounded on the door. "You've been in there twenty minutes now!"

The door flew open, the air greeting Beast Boy full on. Raven stormed out, the tears still floating down her cheeks. Beast Boy watched her and extended a hand to ask what was wrong, but she was gone before he could even choke out a word. He furrowed his eyebrows and went into the bathroom.

Raven shut the door behind her and locked it tightly. She slid down to the ground again, unable to make it to her bed. This was so unlike her, going into a crying fit. But she felt there was nothing else to do except cry. She pulled out the stick again and read it again, same as last. Her eyes closed and she launched the test across the room in disgust.

"What am I going to do?" She asked the dark, absent air.

'Just meditate...' Her mind said. She nodded and closed her eyes, instantly she felt herself calm down a bit and her back relax slightly. Her usual magic words left her mouth easily and everything around her seemed to disappear.

Late that night-

Robin sat boredly on the couch, flipping through the channels and sighing. There was nothing on at one in the morning, as he was learning. Just Dr.Phil, Action News and Paid Programing. There was HBO...wait, never mind that.

'Remind me never to turn to that channel past midnight ever again...' Robin thought to himself.

He sighed, annoyed and turned off the TV. The room became pitch black and he sighed. The boy wonder turned on his back and stared up at the ceiling. How he wanted his eyes to just shut and for him to finally go asleep, but they would do nothing of the sort. Suddenly, he heard a few noises. Some shuffling, and a cabinet being opened.

"Who's there?" He called aloud, sitting up.

No one responded. Robin turned his head towards the kitchen and found his answer. It was Raven, making herself a cup of tea. He furrowed his masked eyebrows and watched her. She was fully dressed and trying to move quickly, or atleast that's what he gathered. Peering closer, he saw that behind the counter, a black backpack was trying to be concealed. He could tell it was Raven's, judging by the demonic character glaring back at him in the dark.

"Going somewhere?" Robin asked.

Still no response. He jumped quietly over the couch and made his way into the kitchen. Raven acted as if he wasn't even there. Getting annoyed, he placed a hand over Rae's as it went to pick up the grey mug that was on the counter. She pulled away and glared at him.

"Don't touch me..." Her words rolled out like dark thunder.

Robin blinked then regained his posture. "Sorry...but...Why are you up so early?"

She sighed, obviously annoyed by his prescence and sipped her tea. "Free country."

"Raven." He peered his masked eyes at her.

'I really don't get her sometimes...' He thought, inspecting her as she continued to sip the tea.

"Robin." She responded, sitting on the counter.

"Where are you going?" He asked again, studying her.

She looked away for a second, and felt the hot tears build up behind her thick lashes again. He still stood still, waiting for her response. She looked over at him, her tears wanting to fall from her eyes like a waterfall. Perhaps she could trust him. He was responsable and probably the most caring of the team. He wouldn't make crude jokes or give her a disgusted he look. He would understand, or aleast she could hope.

"Robin...I..." She started, the tears releasing from her eyes as she blinked.

He listened intently and watched as her hands gripped the mug, almost for dear life. This was something big, something tearing her up inside, he could see it. Her shoulders shook for a bit and then she looked back over at him and took in a deep breath.

"I...I'm pregnant..." She choked out and put her head in her hands.

Robin gasped and his masked eyes widened. "What? By..By who?" He assumed it might be Beast Boy's...but then why would she be crying?

Her sobs grew harder and her cup began to crackle on the counter. Slowly, he placed a hand on her shoulder and she didn't flinch away.

"It was...S-Slade!" She sobbed out and the coffee mug burst into pieces, littering the floor.

The boy wonder's masked eyes widened. He stood completely still and felt his heart skip a few beats. Slade. That man was truely sick. This type of thing shouldn't surprise him, if it was coming from that man. Robin's eyes shut momentarily, having flashbacks of the abuse Slade put him through a long while ago. He could understand Raven's pain. It was the same pain and sickness he had always felt and still did.

"My god...Raven...I'm so sorry..." He whispered.


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