I have to admit, Motoko is a character who has always intrueged me...she is an evil, over obsessive person who, at the same time is just a girl in love. I think I actually relate to her the best out of all the female Fruits Basket characters :)

Motoko's Happily Ever After

"There, perfect!" School was never too terribly interesting for the students at Kawiia High. However, right now, one student was ecstatic. Motoko Minagawa, third year student, had just finished doodling a picture of someone in her notebook, and was now musing over her success. The object of her creativity? Yuki Sohma. While Yuki was a year younger than her, Motoko had been obsessed with him ever since the first time she saw him. So much so, that she was actually the leader of the "Prince Yuki Fan Club": a club that devoted it's time to protecting and obsessing over Yuki (who is oblivious to much of their activity).

"Hmm, it's still missing something…", she said to herself, chewing on her pen cap. Flipping open her folder, she found a picture of Yuki and compared it to her sketch. "Something's missing…I can't put my finger on it…". Thoroughly examining the photo, it hit Motoko. "It's his aura, of course! I forgot his princely sparkle!" She sighed. "But how could one portray such beauty on paper? How could anyone capture his magnificence in ink?" Frustrated, she shoved her drawing in her folder, and started tapping her pen on her desk. Much to her surprise, and delight, the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day.

Rushing out of the classroom, Motoko was met in the hallway by a group of three girls, all her juniors, and also members of the "Prince Yuki Fan Club".

"Motoko-senpai!" a girl with pigtails said, addressing Motoko. "We need to have an emergency meeting…NOW!"

A few minutes later, the three girls and Motoko were sitting in an empty classroom. Closing the door, Motoko whipped around. "So, what did you want to discuss?" she asked, suspiciously.

"Oh, it's terrible! Simply dreadful!" one of the girls (this time one with brown hair), gushed. "It's so aw-".

The girl with pigtails cut her off. "Motoko, we heard Tohru Honda telling that Yankee that she'll be eating dinner with the Prince tonight!"

Motoko gasped. "Prince Yuki is eating dinner with…TOHRU HONDA? This is unacceptable! Who knows what evil spells that witch could inflict on our poor Yuki-kun!"

One of the girls (a black haired one who had stayed quiet up until this point) piped up. "You know, she HAS been spending a lot of time around the Prince lately…you don't think anything's developed between them…do you!"

"Number Two, don't say such things! Yuki would never fall for a girl, like HER!" The pigtail girl exploded.

"Calm down, Minami! Number Two has a valid point…", Motoko mused. "Hmm…he and Tohru have been seen together a lot lately…I wonder…". Her hand curled up into a fist. "No! We must separate those two! Tohru would only cause trouble for our sweet prince. We must find out what is going on between them!"

"But how are we to do that?" Minami asked.

"Leave it to me…I'll have an idea for you by tomorrow…"

It was a beautiful afternoon. The snow had melted, and spring was in full bloom. Flowers opened their buds up to the soft sunlight. A gentle breeze picked up loose petals, and carried them along.

Motoko walked along the sidewalk, clinging onto her school bag. Today had been long, not to mention bad. The teacher had called on her in first period, but she hadn't completed her homework, so she made a fool of herself trying to answer the question. To make matters worse, lunch had been another lonely experience. And this matter between the Honda girl and the Prince didn't help. Motoko sighed unhappily. Suddenly, her ears perked up at the sound of voices. As she passed by a row of hedges, she could hear a group of people on the other side.

"So, what should we have tonight? Maybe…soup? Hana gave me a wonderful recipe for soup the other day", a girl's voice said.

"Just as long as you don't put any leeks in it!" another voice, a guy's voice, exclaimed.

Then, Motoko heard a sound that made her heart skip a beat. "Shut up you stupid cat! That sounds wonderful, Miss Honda. I look forward to having some". It was Yuki.

Now Motoko was walking in step with the three on the other side of the hedge. She continued eavesdropping.


Motoko heard a pause in the conversation, then Yuki talking to whom Motoko assumed was Tohru. "I wonder why Haru and Momiji aren't walking home with us today?"

The other guy's voice, which Motoko had now figured to be that orange-headed relative of the Prince, spoke up. "Haru said something to me about getting detention, and that little brat Momiji is probably off skipping through a field of daisies somewhere…"

Motoko was confused. Who were Haru and Momiji? And why did Kyo call Yuki rat boy? Deep in thought, she didn't see the end of the row of hedges coming up, and she practically walked right into the three as they appeared.

"HEY, WATCH IT!" Kyo yelled, jumping to the side right before Motoko bumped into him.

"Miss Minagawa?" Yuki stopped, looking at Motoko.

She snapped back to reality, and, after she realized what had happened, she went a deep shade of red. "I…I'm sorry", she muttered. Man, this was so embarrassing! She had made a fool of herself in front of the Prince, by practically walking into his cousin! "I'm so stupid sometimes!" she thought to herself. A voice interrupted her thought.

"Need help with that?"

Motoko looked to see that, without realizing it, she had dropped her bag. Then it registered in her brain who's voice it was. Looking at Tohru's smiling face, she started to shake with rage. "Yo-you!" Tohru looked taken aback. Motoko saw Yuki watching her, and started muttering nervously. "Uh..um…sorry…". She scrambled to grab her bag. "I…I have to go". Then, as fast as humanly possible, she ran in the opposite direction.

That night, Motoko lay in her bed, staring up at the ceiling. Why…why did it have to be this way? Why must every time she see Yuki, she make a fool of herself? "He must think I'm stupid", she cried, hugging a pillow (which had Yuki's face printed on it). "This is all my fault, if I had watched where I was going…". She stopped, eyes wide open. "No…no, it's not my fault…it's…that Honda girl…". Her misery turned into anger. "Yes, it's all her fault! If she had never messed with Yuki in the first place, I would have never had to had this little incident, or any of the ones in the past…IT'S HER FAULT!"

Motoko angrily beat her pillow (not the one with Yuki's face on it. Come on, she'd never hurt the Prince:P). "We…I…must figure out how to infiltrate Tohru and Yuki-kun's relations…see what is really going on…and find a way to free the Prince from her evil spell! But how?" Motoko sat up, staring out her window. Somewhere, right now, Yuki was eating a late dinner with the Honda girl in question. Somewhere, right now, Tohru was taking the place at the table that should have belonged to Motoko. Somewhere, right now, Tohru Honda was close to the beloved Prince Yuki. Tohru…close to Yuki…so, to be near Yuki…one would have to be close to Tohru… Motoko's lips curled into a devious smile as an idea formulated in her mind…