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The Future

It had finally come; the pinnacle of teenage life, the final test of will, what it all leads up to: the final day of school. Students raced through the hallways, yelling and making noise, while teachers did their best to enforce the school rules. They yelled things like "You'll be held back another year!" and "Just wait till your parents hear about this!!", but all their threats were in vain. Both teachers and students knew that, after today, the senior class would never set foot inside the school again. Everyone was ecstatic.

Motoko was no exception. Her senior year had come and gone, and she was psyched to be done with school. The past year had been a weird one. Motoko had quit the one club she had poured so much of her time and money into….and she couldn't even remember why. I guess I just got tired of their silly fan girl ways… she thought, as she passed a group of Prince Yuki Fan Club members clustered around a locker. Ever since leaving the club, Motoko had stopped hanging out with Minami, Mio and Mai. She missed the late night slumber parties and the hours of gossip on the phone, but, as the year progressed, Motoko found herself spending so much time in her studies; she wouldn't have had time for them anyway.

Passing another group of students in the hall, Motoko recognized them to be Tohru Honda and her group of friends. She could have sworn that Tohru was glancing at her, but why Motoko couldn't figure out.

It was weird…Not long after leaving the Prince Yuki Fan Club, Saki Hanajima and Arisa Uotani used to come up to Motoko and talk to her occasionally. She didn't mind, in fact, she welcomed the company. However, as time progressed, their visits became less frequent and soon stopped all together. I shouldn't be surprised…it was random of them to talk to me in the first place… One thing Motoko never fully understood, though, was why Tohru never joined them. Those three are inseperable…it seems odd that she wouldn't follow them… In fact, it had almost seemed like the Honda girl was avoiding her. A few times she caught Tohru staring at her, but as soon as she realized she had been spotted, she would go red in the face, and start freaking out, trying to turn her gaze anywhere but back at Motoko.

Motoko laughed at the memory. Turning the corner, she spotted her locker. She fiddled with the lock a little before it finally unlocked. As the door opened up, a little piece of paper tumbled out, resting next to her feet. "What's this?" she bent down and grabbed it, pocketing the note. I'll look at it later… Once she had her backpack stored away, she proceeded towards her classroom. As she rounded a corner, she almost walked right into someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Motoko grinned as she recognized the girl. "Hey Mio! Long time, no see!"

The fan club girl just sniffed and turned her nose up, walking away.

Motoko stood for a moment before she burst out laughing. Any other day something like that may have bothered her, but not today. Today was a good day.

Arriving at her classroom, Motoko chatted with a few of her classmates before sitting down at her desk. Curiosity had started to get to her, and she pulled out the note and looked it over.


Everything that happened was my fault. I should have been able to stop him…I should have been able to save you. But, I couldn't…and now…

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to give up…not yet… If you remember anything…anything at all…please meet me behind the school at the end of the day. I still have hope that maybe, just maybe, you remember a little…(I left a hint in your desk)

The note wasn't signed, and the handwriting unfamiliar. Motoko contemplated it a moment before turning to her desk. Lifting the top, she looked in, and spotted a little stuffed mouse holding a tiny heart, a bow wrapped around its neck.

"Oh Motoko, that's so cute!!" one of her classmates said, coming up behind her. "Who gave it to you?"

"I-I'm not sure…" Motoko replied, bewildered.

"You must have a secret admirer!" another girl exclaimed, joining the two.

"I-I guess so…"

"Oh, that's so cool! I wish I had a secret admirer!!" The first girl squealed.

"Yeah, like anyone would ever fall in love with you". The second girl grinned.

"Like you're one to talk!!"

Motoko sat staring at the mouse, completely oblivious to the chick fight that had just broken out next to her. Who could have given it to her? How was a mouse a hint? And what did they mean 'If you remember anything…'? Remember? Remember what?! What have I 'forgotten'?! Maybe it's written in code…maybe I'm supposed to decipher it or something…Or maybe he's just trying to be poetic… Motoko slowly took the stuffed animal out and set it on top of her desk. The cute plushie smiled up at her.

As the school day progressed, Motoko kept glancing at the mouse, not sure whether she wanted to go meet this secret admirer or not. Sure, he sounds interesting enough, and hey, I haven't had a boyfriend in years…but he said to come only if I remember something…something I have no idea about…so… Motoko poked the mouse with her pen and smiled. It was cute though. Maybe I will go…

The end of the day rolled around, and the students were excited. Heck, they were down right psyched! As the bell sounded, teens all around the school jumped from there seats, whopping and hollering. The seniors were the first ones out the door, their high school careers over and their futures waiting for them just outside the front doors.

Motoko made her way down the steps and around the back of the school, her stomach fluttering. She had decided to go, even though she had no idea what to expect. Looks like no one's here yet… Motoko found a bench and sat down, flattening her skirt anxiously. She had brought the stuffed mouse with her, and let it rest on her lap as she waited. Ít would have been impolite to leave it behind, after he went through the trouble of getting it for me… she told herself, thought in reality she had largely brought it for comfort. Í wonder where he is? Did he forget? Or maybe he decided he was too scared to show… Motoko wrung her hands nervously. Maybe I should just-

"Miss Minagawa?"

Motoko almost jumped as a hand touched her shoulder, and got up. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you there…I…" She gasped. Standing in front of her was Yuki Sohma.

"I didn't know if you would show or not", he said, his voice like music to Motoko's ears.

"Yeah, me neither…" she replied, breathless.

"But you're here", he smiled, blushing slightly. "So you remember…"

Motoko hugged the mouse to her chest, avoiding his gaze. "Umm, about that…"

Yuki's smile slowly faded into a look of sadness. "You…don't remember…?"

Motoko laughed nervously. "To tell you the truth, I don't really know what you are talking about…"

An awkward silence fell between them, Motoko staring anxiously at the ground, not wanting to look at Yuki. I'm standing in front of Yuki Sohma…Yuki Sohma…the Prince of the high school… And yet Motoko wasn't all that phased. If this had happened a year ago, I would have been ecstatic…but…but…I'm different now… It hurt to think like that, but it was true. Motoko wasn't the same obsessive girl she used to be. I'm flattered that he feels something for me, and the stuffed animal is really cute, but I don't feel anything for-

"…I knew there would be a risk…"

Motoko looked up, surprised as Yuki spoke. The silver haired teen was staring down at his hands, as though he was looking for what words to say next.

"…I knew that if I grew too close to you, it would only lead to you getting hurt…I tried to ignore it…that feeling that I had…I tried to push it away…but…but…then…" Yuki closed his eyes and smiled sadly. "…you found out…you…you accepted me…and…and I began to…" he looked up and met Motoko's gaze. Slowly, he walked towards her.

Motoko barely had time to react when suddenly Yuki's lips pressed against hers. His kiss was quick, but passionate, and when he pulled away Motoko was gasping, breathless. Brushing a strand of hair out of her face, Yuki stared straight into her eyes. "I won't give up on you…" he whispered, determinedly, before turning and walking away.

Motoko stood still, bewildered, watching as Yuki disappeared from sight. Slowly she brought a hand up to her lips. She looked down at the mouse, still sitting comfortably in her arms, plush heart clutched to it's chest. Motoko smiled. "What do you think?" she asked the mouse, smiling. "Do I still have a chance at a happily ever after?" She paused a moment, as if waiting for a reply. The mouse smiled back up at her. "I think so too…" She hugged the mouse and started walking towards her house…and her future.

Le Fin

(Author's Note) (Stretches) Ah, it's finally done!! J'ai fini!!! I'm sorry it took me a month to write the final chapter...I just didn't know how to end it!! Originally I planned on the ending being sad, but I got numerous comments (and one threat...yikes!) about not wanting a sad ending. Looking back over the ending, I realize it's rather cheesy...and I apologize for that (sweatdrop). I just wasn't sure how to end it... XD

Some things I'd like to comment on, so you aren't as confused:

-Arisa and Saki are said to have hung out with Motoko for awhile...this is because, it occured to me, that even if the Sohma's and Tohru couldn't go near her anymore, they wouldn't have any way to explain to Arisa or Saki as to WHY they couldn't...they can't very well say "Well, Motoko's memory was erased because she found out the Sohma curse..." (sweatdrop)

-"Tohru isn't a member of the zodiac, so why can't she still hang out with Motoko?" Good question. She may not be part of the family, but because she is so close to them, there is no way she could have remained friends with Motoko while keeping the girl away from the Sohmas. Also, she felt partially guilty for what happened, and didn't want Motoko to get hurt anymore...

-Regarding Motoko's memory...I think, more than completely erased, it's more been turned into a fog...she remembers some stuff happening, but only vaguely. Her memories regarding the Sohma family are gone, but everything else is just smokey...(this might explain why she isn't completely freaked out that her memory of the last few months is's because it's not XD)

-Yuki's kiss...I know some of you may be thinking "What, is he stupid? He could have transformed if he got too close!!" Yes, that's true, however, I think that risk was part of his thought process...if he HAD accidently transformed, Motoko would re-find out about him, and maybe this time they wouldn't be caught and she could keep her memory (nods, as if this makes sense XD)

Did I cover everything I wanted to? I can't remember...(no pun intended)

I would like to thank all of my readers...a special thanks to those of you (you know who you are), who have been around for almost the whole story (and a MAJOR apology that it took me a year and a half to finish it!!), and a greetings to all the newer readers, including ones who may be reading this AFTER it was completed. You guys don't understand how much all your comments mean to me (hugs you all). Thank you so much!! X3 I look forward to reading your input on this final chapter :3

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