Author's note: Well, my boyfriend recently got me to ship these two characters, and I got an idea for a ficlet for them. I don't often - ok, only once before now - write in Buffy-verse, but my muse really wanted to write this. So hopefully it's IC. Reviews would be really appreciated.

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The night was young and cool. Fall was strong now, giving the breeze a nice, little chill to it, but that wasn't what made the people of Sunnydale shiver and hug themselves and pick up their pace as dusk disappeared and the curfew started. Those who were late were always unfortunate, and tonight was no exception.

Willow was in a playful mood, which meant it would be even worse for those who wandered out tonight. She clung to Xander possessively, purring whenever he would nuzzle her. Sometimes it would be simple like that, just a sweet, little nuzzle. Sometimes he'd get a moan out of her with a nice, hungry kiss.

She already ached with desire while her fangs ached to sink into warm neck. But she wasn't in a hurry to get back to the Bronze yet, she wanted to make the night last as long as possible. It was just the two of them tonight though, which meant there were times where walking through the alleys lasted a good bit longer than they should.

It would help, but the ache was still there. It would only grow worse after they fed. Feeding always made the ache worse. Willow had never quiet figured out what the ache meant. They would have sex, but the ache would still be there, strong and painful. She decided that it was all due to the vampirism giving her more stamina.

And then she would stop thinking about something so complex and go back to getting Xander into a nice, frenzied state which would help make the ache lessen. But it never really went away. Willow had come to decide that even if he was always inside her, she would still ache.

Oh well. Hey had come across a young girl now. Fifteen in appearance, scared and lost. Poor, little girl. Willow would have fun with her. Xander would too. And then they could work on making the ache go away. Whatever the ache was caused by. Probably some sort of leftover humanity. She was young after all. But she sometimes wondered if she wanted the ache to go away.

She ached only for him. So if it went away, would she still want him? Probably. How could she not? Nobody enjoyed their life like he did. Like she did. And nobody was as much fun to go hunting with, as tonight would prove once more. And she did so enjoy watching him have fun with their food. And then helping her get rid of the ache.