Author's note: A really short drabble, but it was written for 15minuteficlets, and I think it's best this short. Going any longer with it would just make it repetitive I think. Hope you enjoy though, please, reviews are highly appreciated.

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Bright. So bright, blinding and hot, merciless heat taking away all his vision, erasing all the lines, illuminating everything so that it was nothing but the brightness.

White. So white, all around, no shadow, no darker shade, nothing but white, erasing the night he clung to and p to the daylight world. And he had been the cause of her death, he had been just as lethal to her as the sun he stared at now.

Bright, white light. Shining down on him and not killing him. How could the sun kill another sun, after all? Lucian had been her sun. He would be their sun. He would be their death. The bright, white light to burn their dark, decadent world.