Author's note: I don't write many LXG ficlets, but last night I just got an idea from 15minuteficlets and watching a deleted scene from the movie. So here's the result. It's set right after the deleted scene with Jekyll and Quatermain. Please review, hope you enjoy.

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Jekyll sighed. He went back into his room, dejected, irritated, and guilt ridden. He shut the door, slender fingers locking it for no real reason, almost wishing he could lock himself in the room. He felt restless and useless, and Quatermain's comments cut deep - though unintentionally. Most likely, at least.

He was only there because of Hyde. He supposed he should just accept it - Hyde was the only extraordinary thing about him. But that was not something he was proud of. He had hoped - despite Hyde's attitude - that being in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, he could redeem himself of his sins.

Clean his dirty hands. That was one thing the Great White Hunter did not realize - Jekyll's hands were always dirty, because Hyde had stained them permanently with blood.

Jekyll had hoped that joining the League could help him try and cleanse them, bleach them and start over again. To be Jekyll, doctor and scientist. Not Hyde, murderer and brute. But he was only there to be murderer and brute. There was nothing for a doctor to do - no one was wounded or ill. There was nothing for a scientist to do - and Mrs. Harker would be their first choice merely because they would think of her first.

Not that Jekyll held a grudge against her. That was quite impossible. Which gave Hyde even more amusement than usual, and made Jekyll feel sick to his stomach. But he quickly forced his thoughts - and Hyde's vile whispers - off the subject of Mrs. Harker.

He had known from the beginning, hidden under the bulk of Hyde, that they wanted Mr. Hyde. Mr. Edward Hyde. Not Dr. Jekyll. Not Dr. Henry Jekyll. It was Hyde they had hunted and Hyde they would use. And it was wicked of him to wish someone illness or harm just to keep him busy and blissfully unaware of the temptation Hyde placed before him.

It wasn't so bad when his hands were dirty from tending to people. He was a doctor, he was supposed to help protect life. But his hands were dirty from taking life, so much life. And they would always be dirty. That was all he was good for now it seemed.