Author's note: I, amazingly, wrote a drabble for The Mummy that wasn't Imhotep/Anck-su-namun. I'm shocked, but not complaining. Only a short drabble anyway, but hopefully I got it IC. Hope you enjoy, reviews would be much appreciated.

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Slender fingers gingerly brushed away brown hair from a boyish face while green eyes studied those features. Dark hair, almost black, fell in waves around an innocent face, not as jaded as before in some areas, even more jaded than ever in others.

The sound of steady, deep breath, the faint sound of a calm heartbeat beneath her head and inside his chest tried lulling her to sleep, but she fought it, part of her still in awe of this, of them. It struck her as ironic hat it ended up with him asleep and her watching him.

Rick had wanted to be the one who was awake for every moment of it, but despite the incidents that had brought them together being nearly six months in the past, he was still recovering from it and the craziness of coming to England and getting married.

Evy was surprised she had the energy to stay awake, but somehow she did. It wasn't like she was losing rest, though. This was calming, soothing, putting her mind at ease and giving her soul a sweet serenity. She found herself transfixed in the way she fit perfectly on top of him and in his arms, at the simple sounds his body made as he slept and how they soothed her like a lullaby.

Memories of their past came to her, expression nostalgic for a moment as she thought of their first meeting, that brief, rather sad kiss that had still occupied her mind with all its forbidden little ponderings. Look at them now, asleep in each other's arms, married and still joined. Thoroughly in love, and driving each other insane when they weren't giving each other the most blissful calm.

Perhaps it wasn't such a bad kiss after all.