Enternal Mariposa:You guys are probably mad at me. For starting a new fic. Well this is my first rated M fan fic. Sorry peoples. I got my other fic in the works too. This is the remake of The Crimson Wind of Desire. I dont own Inuyasha.
If I did. I wouldnt be writing.

He is watching us, all of us, We are like soldiers. Brick gray walls touch our delicate backs. We are prisoners hoping one of us will remain to stay. We are dressed in lavish kimonos.
We are scared. Scared that if we do get picked. How will we act or behave. 3 of us are demons and 3 of us are humans. I am a demon along with Ayame,Kanna and myself. I am here to be chosen to break away from Naraku's grasp. I am Kagura.
I see him staring at me and me alone from a distance. He begins to eliminate the girls one by one. Kagome,Sango,
Ayame and Rin are eliminated

Now the Moment of choice is here. He looks at me and my sister with golden eyes. I know he will choose my sister. I begin to walk away. He notices me walking away but insted of letting me leave, he grabs my hand. I look at him. He pulls me toward him. I see my sister leaving. The lord of the western lands has chosen. He has chosen me. Oh I longed for an embrace like this. He holds me tight looking deep into my eyes like searching for a window to my soul.

Its hard to imagine that a woman like me that was created from Naraku's flesh would be the bride to the lord of the western lands. I touch his face. He has a smooth complexion with a moon at the middle of his forhead. He is Sesshomaru.
As I touch his face,he puts his hand on my face. We stare at each other and he doesnt let me go from his embrace.

Our faces are practically touching. He pulls me closer and our lips touch. I close my eyes and put my arms around his neck wanting him more than ever. He wants me I know he does. He wraps his arms around me closer and tighter.

His tongue slowly makes its way into my mouth. This is what I've been wanting all my life. We are kissing passionatly now.
His kiss sent a tingle of ethropia into me. I wish time could stand still. I wont have to worry about dying. I am safe now.
We stop kissing and he begins to kiss my neck. I want him and he wants me. I moan with delight. I am waiting for him to make his mark to show people I am his.

I feel his breath on my neck. After about what had seemed like an enternity, he made his mark on my neck. " You now belong to me" Sesshomaru whispers in my ear. We take a quick walk discovering more about each other. I bearly know him and Im in love? We are walking around the castle hand in hand looking at castle's battle scars.

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Kagura:You are sick! Me and Sesshomaru!