Duo Necto per Factum

Disclaimer: I make absolutely no claim on the works of Professor Tolkin or Mrs. Rowling. I do not own any of these characters and I never will. I only play with them for my amusement.

Warning: There may be slash, definite violence, and probably some angst. On the other hand there will be a lot of humor. Hehe, Voldie humiliation, my favorite pastime.

Chapter one: The Beginning

The most common pair that any member of the British wizarding world could ever think of was probably Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter. In fact, people had given the pair more thought in the last two weeks then probably they had in their entire lives. After all it was headline news that, only two weeks back, the reign of Voldemort and the war against him had come to an abrupt halt. Both sides, strangely enough, had stopped all aggression against each other. Of course neither side expected this impromptu peace to continue, but while it did both sides were inclined to wonder; Where were Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter? For you see, two weeks earlier during a huge battle and in a giant flash of light, both of the afore mentioned men had disappeared.

Strangely enough it was this very pair who were walking sedately up a seemingly deserted mountaintop. I suppose that even suggesting the fact that neither man was even the least bit hostile towards the other might seem ludicrous, but indeed it was so. This doesn't go to say that they were enjoying each other's company. After all one doesn't expect miracles. Of course being in a completely alien environment, where the only familiar things were each other, might have accounted for the pax. However I am rather inclined to believe it was not that actuality, but rather the existence of a fairly intricate spell, which had been placed upon the two of them. This spell was in fact a binding spell, but that is neither here nor there. A more interesting fact was that Voldemort, who had spent so many years changing his form, had returned to the form of his earlier life; the shape of Tome Riddle. Of course he was older, but then again so was Harry.

It was when they reached the top of the mountain that they first heard the sound of battle. Harry Potter seemed almost resigned as he watched Tom smirk in anticipation as he strode of towards the sound. Harry followed swiftly hoping that this time would be like the others and no innocents would become involved. So far all the two had encountered were extremely large wolves and black creatures that seem just as intent on killing them as Tom had toward them. Tom seemed to relish the activity that, for him, seemed to be a form of stress release. Harry didn't understand it and, as he thought to himself, probably never would.

AN: Hello out there. I know this story seems a little odd but hang in there. It speeds up in the next chapter. More introspective and more about why Harry and Tom are in middle earth. Sorry for those who hadn't guessed it. Harry does get more macho in a sense. Next chapter: Tom bound helpless while Harry serves lunch.