Duo Necto per Factum

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Chapter Six: Oh, no he didn't…

Everyone in the pavilion froze as the wizard's angry retort seemed to echo for just a brief moment. Even the birds were silent and all eyes shifted to the Lady who stood as still as a sea before a storm. The elves subtly leaned back just a hair as Galadriel drew in a slow breath, but whatever she was going to do or say was quickly surpassed by Harry's continuation of his reproach.

"Where I come from, it's very rude to simply get into someone's mind without their permission. In fact, there are laws about it. Only the truly evil of wizards would just riffle through someone mind like you have been. Do you think that just because you have power and people can't stop you that you should do whatever you want?" 'Just like a schoolyard bully.'

By this point, all eyes were wide with shock and Arwen had her hand pressed over her mouth in dismay. Galadriel's eyes narrowed.

"Bold words," she said with all the gentleness a silent wave that precedes a tempest, "from a stranger and guest in our lands. Where is it you do come from, Harry Potter of England? From nowhere within the encircling sea, would be my guess. If that be so, your coming here, through a spell of your own casting I see, may well be against the wishes of the Valar. Such a thing would be an act of great evil and we will not abide a new evil to grow here."

"Could be," came a softer voice, low and as warm as summer afternoons. Harry barely heard it as he replied in a snap.

"Are you threatening me, Lady? If you did not wish me in your lands, you should not have invited me. I shouldn't even be here. Voldemort is out there somewhere and I need to find him."

Galadriel smiled righteously as she countered, "Yes, the mad sorcerer who threatened my grand-daughter and whom you have brought to our middle earth with your magic. His actions are your responsibility. You do not hide from that truth."

Harry flinched back and hunched his shoulders as if Galadriel's words were a blow which needed warding off. This time he heard the low voice clearly as it stated in a cautioning tone,

"Truth is a subtle sword; two edged and dangerous to the wielder as well." Harry looked about him for the owner of the voice, but Galadriel's light blinded him to anyone else in the room but her. The lady herself glanced aside before speaking again,

"You were brought here so that we could learn why powers have arrived, uninvited, to these lands: lands which already balance upon a knifepoint of between the rule of good and the domination of evil. So far I see nothing but arrogance and an unthinking regard for others has brought you here and I find that reprehensive in a wielder of power such as yourself."

"Galadriel." The low voice suddenly increased, not in volume but, in intensity. The life which hung in the air of Lorien, the very magic of the land itself resonated with that quiet voice of command. Galadriel's light dimmed until Harry could just make out the shadowy form of the tall elf who had escorted the Lady silhouetted against her light. The Lady looked at the elf for a long moment of silent communication before she turned and regally held out her hand to Arwen. The young elf maiden eagerly took her grandmother's hand and they left, withdrawing with Galadriel's ladies into a bower deeper among the trees.

Galadriel's light left with her and, after Harry blinked away spots from his vision, the pale light glimmering from crystalline lanterns of the pavilion revealed the owner of the voice. The elf was tall and stately in a grey mantle over cream tunic and trousers. His long silver hair, exactly the shade of the mallorn tree bark, flowed to his waist but was bound back from his wise face with simple braids. His eyes, unlike Galadriel's starry blue were a warm golden of autumn leaves. Harry realized that it wasn't just that this elf's physical features resembled the mallorns, the quiet power that flowed silently out of him was just like the magic of the trees themselves; ancient and enduring as the foundations of the earth. 'Lorien is like Hogwarts,' Harry suddenly realized, 'The magic of the land is almost a sentient thing and just like Dumbledore is connected to Hogwarts, this elf…' Harry realized he was staring and looked down, but he amended his thought, 'This elf is Lorien.'

The elf in question stepped forward and tucked long graceful hands into wide sleeves. His voice was as quiet as before but also as rich.

"My greeting to you, young wizard. I am Celeborn. It is my honor to be the lord of these woods." The elf fell into a patient silence, as if he had all the time in the worlds to let Harry compose himself and reply. Harry relaxed as Celeborn tilted his head to listen to a breeze rustling through the leaves. When the elf lord returned his eyes to Harry with a fond smile lingering about his handsome mouth, Harry smiled firmly and held out his hand.

"I'm Harry Potter and it is very nice to meet you, Lord Celeborn."

Celeborn looked puzzled for a moment before holding out his hand as Harry did. Harrry winced and firmly took the elf's hand in a handshake. Celeborn's eyes twinkled in an oddly familiar way as they both let go. He gestured to the elven warriors who had remained when the ladies left and all but Haldir streamed out of the pavilion. The lack of bodies revealed a smaller platform where a table and chairs sat precariously close to the edge.

"Celeborn will be well enough, young man. I am not so attached to my title that I must hear it every other sentence. Please sit with me."

They did while Haldir chose to lean against a tree trunk nearby. Harry looked puzzled by the calm relaxation of the Marchwarden who up until this point had been tenser than wood. Celeborn followed his gaze and chuckled warmly.

"Please forgive my Marchwarden. Haldir has the utmost respect for my wife but he is wise enough to acknowledge that she has a temper that occasionally gets the better of her. No one is perfect but as you said," and his golden eyes focused intently onto Harry's emerald, "those with power bare a responsibility to see it used properly."

There was no judgment in those old eyes but Harry blushed all the same.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said those things to your wife." Celeborn shifted noncommittally.

"They were truth." He answered ambiguously. True to form, Harry didn't notice the warning of a test before he blurted out:

"But just because it was true doesn't mean I should have said it! And anyway I don't really know the situation; I mean this is a whole different world to me." He stopped short as a wide smile broke across Celeborn's face like a sunrise.

"Wisdom is beyond price young man. Grasp what you have and be thankful. Occasionally even the greatest of us fall victim to pride and could do with a little more practical thinking." He smiled fondly, "Your spirit is an honest one and full of love; I can see shades of many people who love you and were loved in return. You have given up a great sacrifice to be parted from them."

Harry's jaw dropped open, "But I didn't feel you in my mind…" He started but a wave of Celeborn's hand stopped him.

"I did not invade your thoughts. Elves can see the truth of all people, the fea or soul in the tongue of men, if they care to look. The fea of men is confusing to us, but my sight is clearer than most." He thanked an elf woman who appeared at his elbow with a pitcher of water, another of wine, and two goblets. He silently gestured to the liquids and receiving Harry's consent, poured each of them a cup of wine mixed with some water. He sat back, cradling the crystal goblet in his hand and peering into it as if it held the mysteries of the universe.

"Your fea is particularly vibrant as I said; you wear your battle scars proudly alongside the marks of your friends and allies."

Harry gulped some wine down a suddenly tight throat as Celeborn's words brought back those last horrible days, the planning, the execution, the knowledge that only he and Dumbledore knew that Harry was saying goodbye for good, not just for a day.

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