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Minerva Mcgonagall stood silently in the shadows on Privet Drive on a cold Halloween night. An icy breeze rushed by her, causing her to pull her dark emerald green cloak tighter around her thin frame. Suddenly, Albus Dumbledore stepped into view, the breeze throwing multi colored leaves around his feet in a sort of chaotic dance.

"Albus… Are the stories true?" Minerva asked quickly, stepping up to her long time friend and co-worker. Albus took a moment to regard her through half-moon glasses and solem blue eyes.

"Yes Minerva… Lily and James Potter are dead…" He responded softly, Minerva's eyes fell to the ground sadly; She had known Lily and James Potter since they were mere first years. She had watched them grow and change; now they were dead. Such things always came as a shock, but Minerva had other questions.

"And the boy Albus? What of him? Are those stories true?" Once again Albus regarded her through those trademark glasses and sad blue eyes, only this time he had a small bittersweet smile on his lips.

"Yes Minerva, young Harry is alive… And Voldemort is gone." Minerva felt joy spread through her body and she let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding. She smiled at the Headmaster.

"Where is he?"

"Hagrid is taking him." Minerva started.

"Albus, are you sure it's wise to trust Hagrid with this?" Albus smiled at her once again and nodded his head.

"Minerva… I would trust Hagrid with my life." Then, as if just on cue, a large flying motorcycle came lumbering out of the sky carrying an even larger man. The man got off and handed Albus a small bundle of blankets. "I trust everything went well?"

"Ay. The lil tyke fell asleep bout when we were flyin over Bristol." The Large man said through a thick Scottish accent. Albus set the bundle on the doorstep of no.4 Privet Drive with a small elegantly written note. A sniff was heard behind him and he turned to see Hagrid wiping his tearing eyes with his sleeve.

"Now now Hagrid… Don't be upset… It's not really goodbye after all… We will see him in ten years…" And with that Albus Dumbledore disappeared with a small pop, Minerva cast a worried glance at the small bundle that was Harry Potter and turned to leave, she transformed into a large tabby cat and was off. The large man known as Hagrid looked down at the bundle with wet eyes.

"Don worry lil tyke… I'll see ya in ten years… Good luck…" He whispered into the dark, right before he hopped on his flying motorcycle and flew off into the sky. What he didn't know, what none of them knew, was that they would not see Harry Potter in ten years. They wouldn't see him in eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen or even fifteen years. What they didn't know is that Harry Potter would disappear completely for quite a while.


Harry Potter was three-years-old, he had messy black hair and bright green eyes that would put any emerald to shame. He lived in the St. Michel orphanage in Scotland, he's lived there ever since his aunt put him there when he was one-year-old. From what he understood, his parents died in a car crash when he was young and he was left on the front porch of his aunt's house. When she found him the next morning she immediately sent him here. So here he went and here he stayed. Harry was a quiet shy boy, mainly because the other kids teased him endlessly. He was teased for his messy hair, he was teased for his oversized glasses, and he was teased for the odd scar on his forehead that was shaped like a lightning bolt. Harry Potter was a quiet shy boy, simply because Harry Potter was not a happy boy. Harry was currently sitting out in the snow, shivering and pulling his raggedy gray pullover to his too small body. He had been banging on the doors, trying to be let in, but no one heard him. The other kids had all locked him out, and none of the nuns could hear him over the ruckus. It was Christmas Eve, they were having their annual Christmas party, and they had snacks, music, and drinks. Parents had all come too; parents looking to adopt were here to "scout out" if you will. Harry stood and walked to a window near by, he stood up on his tippy-toes and wiped the frost off the glass with his hole-ridden sleeve. He peeked inside with bright green eyes and surveyed the room. There was a big roaring fire and possible parents all around, Harry sighed to himself.

"I guess this will be another Christmas all alone…" He muttered sadly and he plopped back onto the front step. His head shot up when he heard a rustling coming from the bushes just on the edge of the forest just by the orphanage. 'Don't be a wolf. Don't be a wolf. Don't be a wolf. Don't- oh poo.' Harry thought to himself as the thing emerged to reveal a very large wolf. Harry sat very still and stared at the lumbering creature with impossibly large eyes, he could hear his heart beating in his ears as it came closer and closer. Then it was right in front of him, and it was staring… Just staring. Harry may have been only three but he could tell that the wolf was regarding him in such a way that was far too human. The wolf began to sniff him on his neck and ribs, causing Harry to giggle dispite his fear. The wolf's large head shot up at the sound of Harry's giggle, causing Harry to stop imeadiently and gulp. Then the wolf did the most un-expected thing, it wagged its tail. The wolf wagged its tail and gave Harry a large wet lick across the cheek. Harry sat there awkwardly, trying to process all this in his three-year-old brain. Suddenly there was another noise from the forest, the wolf turned to the sound and yipped happily.

"Artemis? Where are you?" The noise asked, then the noise appeared. Harry's mouth dropped, the figure emerging from the forest was a man… Or he thought; he wasn't too sure he was human. The man was tall and lean; he had waist long brown hair and pointy ears. He wore odd clothing that looked to be from those middle-ages books Harry read, he had a long bow in his hands and an elegant quiver of equally elegant arrows strapped to his back. The man started when he saw Harry sitting in the snow next to the wolf. He began to walk cautiously forward and Harry noted that he seemed to give off a sort of glow. The man was soon close enough to see his ice blue eyes; he stopped and peered down at the wolf that let out a yip. Harry finally managed to close his mouth when the man spoke. "Who are you?" He asked.

"I.. Ehm… I'm Harry Potter sir…" The man looked visibly surprised to hear Harry's name but Harry didn't seem to notice. "Are you an angel?" He whispered in awe, immediately regretting it when the man chuckled, he blushed and looked down. The man sat down in the snow next to Harry.

"No, I'm not an angel, I'm an elf. My name is Aeson, this is Artemis." He said gesturing to the wolf. "What are you doing out in the snow, there looks to be a celebration of sorts inside." Harry, blinked up and him and sighed.

"The other kids locked me out. And the party is the annual Christmas party; there are couples there and everything. I guess I'm just not gonna have a family for Christmas again…" He responded sadly. There was a long pause before the elf spoke.

"Well Harry Potter… Would you like to meet my family?" Aeson asked kindly, Harry's head shot up.

"Really! Ya mean it! You mean you'd let me!" He squealed in such a way only a very excited three-year-old could do. "Well… The nuns told me never to go with strangers though…" He added, glancing at the window. There was another pause and the elf smiled.

"Well, you know my name… So am I really a stranger?" He asked. Harry bit his lip as he thought. It was almost too good to be true, so he decided to go with it. He nodded his head and Aeson stood up, picking him up into his arms. They both set off into the forest, the last thing to be heard was Harry's voice.

"Are you really an elf? I heard that magic is fake." He chirped from his new friends arms, the man laughed and shook his head.

"You have much to learn young Harry." And in that instant, Harry Potter disappeared.


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