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Hey this is our (co-written with a friend) first fanfic… I apologize ahead of time for the Star Wars theme… the third one does come out on May 19th. Don't worry, it's not a sci-fi, just a chance for House to make fun of Cameron. Please enjoy.

"Dr. House!" roared a flustered Cuddy.

"What now? 'Simpsons' is on in five minutes"

"Have you done your-"?

"Yes I've been down to the clinic"

"Did you actually-"

"Yes, I wiped noses and prescribed drugs"

"Don't think I'm stu-"

"No, I'm not lying, you can ask Dr. Chase... is that all? Or are you hoping that I'll pull you into a supply closet and get you out of those ridiculously tight pants?"

"Hmph. Fat chance." and she stalked off, slightly disturbed. Since when did he go to the clinic of his own volition?

Dr. House managed to swagger down the hall, despite his limp, pleased at yet another victory over his boss. But the truth was, he was bored to tears. There were no interesting cases, reality shows were the only things on, he'd beaten his video game and he'd memorized all the songs on his ipod.

He'd even gone down to the clinic instead of dodging it like he always did.

So now there was only one activity left for him...

...And that was annoying Wilson.

He was on his way to his friend's office when a more...responsive target met his eye.

"Dr. Cameron, what on earth are you reading?" he said with a smirk.

Cameron jumped about a foot in the air and blushed furiously. He smirked. It must be something embarrassing, and he was going to get his entertainment. Casually he strode over to her and peered over her shoulder at the laptop screen, which she quickly tried to close.

"Interesting reaction," he said. "Are you hiding something? Hard-core pornography perhaps?"

She blushed even harder, if that was possible

"What do you take me for?" she asked, trying to hide embarrassment with anger.

"Ah, defensive I see...well then perhaps it's a horse-betting site run by the mafia? What exactly are you hiding under that sweet-as-sugar façade? Wait until I tell the others about how Cameron isn't the innocent little girl she pretends to be..."

"Oh for crying out loud! Here!" She thrust her laptop open.

His eyes scanned the words on the page, and his eyes lit up with a wicked light.

"Fanfiction?" he said, his voice strained with ill-contained amusement, "You're reading fanfiction?"

He

"And ROMANTIC fanfiction at that... well, well, well, Cameron, this is a side of you I haven't seen before. Who knew you were such a geek?"

"This from the guy who's beaten 'Metroid Prime' twice" she said, trying in vain to recover some of her dignity.

"Whatever, playing video games isn't nearly as 'geeky' as taking a geek movie like…" he peered at the screen again, "…Star Wars and writing a supplementary plot for it that will never be acknowledged except by other geeks."

She huffed and went back to her reading, trying to ignore the fact that his face was hovering by her ear.

After a while she muttered "Who's the bigger geek, the geek or the geek reading over her shoulder?"

At that moment, House's pager buzzed.

"I've got a baaad feeling about this," he whispered mockingly in her ear, and together, they ran to the ER to see what case was stumping the medical world this time.

A few notes:

Thanks to the book "Son of the Mob" for the idea of a mafia-run horse-betting site.

If you're not a Star Wars fan, you might have missed the play on Obi-Wan Kenobi's famous line "Who's more of a fool, the fool or the fool who follows him" and the ultimate line, said twenty or so times in the series "I've got a bad feeling about this" Stay tuned for the next chapter! Oh! And please review.