The Past Comes Round Again

Spoiler: This story is a continuation of Viva Las Vegas, and You Can Never Escape Your Past
Rating: PG-13
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Chapter 7

Stiles and Terri arrived in the late morning at the Andros Airport. Stiles had a rental car waiting for them. It was a red convertible. Terri just smiled; it was just like the one he rented the first time he brought her here.

As they were heading towards the apartment Terri saw a grocery store, "We better stop at the store, the place is going to need a good cleaning, and we need food."

"Already taken care of." Terri looked at him. "I hired someone to take care of everything. This trip is to get you to relax. No work."

"I do get to go bone fishing though."

"Of course, that's not work." Terri laughed at him. "The boat will be ready for us to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow." Terri thought about that, she was still shocked that he bought the boat from Nice. As she was sitting on the balcony looking out, Terri remembered the first time they came here.

Stiles brought her a virgin pina colada, and sat down next to her. "Happy Anniversary my love." Stiles told her as he kissed her.

"Its not technically our anniversary yet."

Stiles smiled at her. "Somewhere in the world it is December 31st so I can start celebrating now if I want."

Terri kissed him "I won't stop you."

"Terri do you have any regrets?" She just looked at him. "About us?"

"No." Terri said as she walked over to him and kissed him. "I know it hasn't always been easy for us, but times like this make it all worth it." Stiles smiled at her. "Do you have any regrets?"

"Only one." Terri looked at him a little concerned. "That I didn't call you right away after that night in Nice. Maybe two, it took me as long as it did to find you after you were kidnapped. Well I guess three, the fight we had before in Montreal. Oh, and the way I overreacted to Jeff last February. I guess have quite a few regrets." As Stiles continued to think of all the stupid things he said and did since he met her. He looked up at her. "Terri, why do you put up with me?"

"Times like these." Stiles smiled at her. "I wouldn't trade a minute. You shouldn't have any regrets either. I love you, good times and bad."

"I love you too." Terri moved a little closer to him and held his hand as they sat there quietly for a little while holding hands. "I'm going to make dinner." He told her as he got up and kissed her.

"Let me help."

"No. It was the only way I didn't have to get into a big argument with Helen. I promised her you wouldn't have to lift a finger this weekend."

Terri was going to enjoy this she had a big smile on her face. "Can you get my book I was reading?"

"Sure." He went into the bedroom and got it for her, as he gave it to her he bent down and kissed her again. "Can I get you anything else?"

"Not right now. I'm fine." She smiled at him. "But I'll let you know if I need anything else."

Stiles went into the kitchen and started making dinner. Terri had fallen asleep on the lounge chair. When she woke up she came inside to see if Stiles needed any help. The table was set; she was shocked. Candles only lighted the room. She couldn't help but smile as Stiles walked out with the first course. "I was just about to get you."

"This is incredible, you are incredible." Terri and Stiles talked as they ate dinner. Terri was really curious. "What do you have planned for tomorrow?"

"Fishing and whatever on our boat." Terri smiled at him. "Then dinner and ringing in the New Year at the Tiki room."

"I remember when we came down here last year."

"Me too. We did say we would come back every year for our anniversary." After dinner Stiles cleared the dishes. Terri went in to help him. "Terri, I told you. You rest. I'll take care of this."

"No you won't. We'll do this together." Stiles knew better than to argue with her, in no time they were finished. Stiles and Terri sat down on the couch. Stiles put in a video. Terri couldn't help but smile; it was their wedding video. They laughed about it. Terri would never forget the way she felt that night, and was amazed how much more she loved him a year later.

The next morning Stiles had breakfast ready for her. After breakfast he picked up the picnic basket. "Same as last year?" She smiled at him.

"Yes, same as last year. I thought that cove would be perfect for lunch." Terri and Stiles had a lot of fun all day.

That evening they got dressed for dinner. "Stiles I wouldn't mind just staying here."

"It's all set. I got the gazebo on the beach. Dinner, dancing."

"Sounds great. Have I told you today how much I love you?"

"Yeah, but you can tell me again." Terri looked at Stiles once again struggling with his tie. She just smiled and walked over to help him. "What would I do without you?"

"Go out with your tie crooked all the time." They both smiled.

They arrived at the Tiki room and went out to the gazebo on the beach. Stiles had ordered all of Terri's favorites for dinner. After dinner, the band played the two songs Stiles' had requested. Love Me Tender and Can't Help Falling in Love. Stiles stood up and put his hand out to Terri. She took his hand and they danced the night away. It seemed like the night just raced by. It was soon midnight and they watched the fireworks over the ocean. Stiles stood behind Terri and put his arms around her.

Terri and Stiles enjoyed the rest of their weekend. They returned home and back to the reality, their son would be here in a month. It was time to start getting serious about getting the nursery ready.