It Started at the Coffee Shop...

I nervously gnawed on the end of my pencil as I blankly stared at my math equation. I never knew trigonometry was so difficult, and at a time like this! It seems as if the work has been amplified to almost impossible! It's crazy! Here I am, a junior in high school, studying these math problems I learned at the beginning of the year... and I can't even UNDERSTAND what the directions are asking me to do! I can't decide if I need to figure out the sides or possibly the degree measurements of this polygon... or... or...


My hands seem to grab my long locks of black hair in time to YANK it all out. I WISH I could yank it out, but then I would be more frustrated being bald! But... that's not the point.

I'm your typical high school student, who is stressing over a math problem in a review for the final! Yes! Finals have shown their ugly faces... AGAIN! And being... me... I have procrastinated till the last moment and now... I have one week to go over EVERYTHING I have learned this entire year, for a stupid test.

And being myself, once again, I close my textbook, which lays in my lap, and 'gently' place it on the floor of my 'haven'. My Haven, you ask?


For the past few days I have been coming to this quiet coffee shop. It seems that the heavy business is in the morning when people start to wake up. It also seems to be a hang out for some teen groups from my school... but I'm not apart in any groups. I'm known as a loner. I leave people alone, and they leave me alone. So far I have been in perfect harmony with that reasoning.

Anyways, as I was stating before, I come to this coffee shop. It's quiet around the time I come. Usually it's around 12:30 PM when I arrive; just a little after noon. I am so happy school lets out at Noon. I really need this extra time to study.

But as I was saying, I like this coffee shop. It's quiet (as I stated before), if I wish to get a 'light snack' I can purchase a few sweets or a cup of coffee to keep me awake, and I recently discovered a couch on the other side of the store. It is to the side of this small coffee shop. It's in its secluded area. I have often taken catnaps whenever this schoolwork has frustrated me.

The owner, Leslie, doesn't mind me crashing on the couch. She completely understood how much stress I must be under to cram all this last minute info into my brain. I'm very grateful for people like her in this world.

Anyways, I set my book down a while back and now I have completely stretched out on the sofa. It's a shame being at the height of five feet when both of your parents are extremely taller than you. I swear... my father is still growing. He's currently at the height of 6'3". My mom, however, stopped growing like NORMAL people do and is at the height of 5'7". And here I am... 5'.

Just perfect.

That's one thing I hate about myself. Everyone has to be so tall, and here's little short ME. Other think I'm some elementary student whose about to graduate to the 1st GRADE!


'Okay... so maybe all this stress is getting to my head... Yeah, that's all. Maybe if I just rest my head on the pillow...'

I grab a small velvet cushion and rest my head on it.

'And now I just need to cool down... a nap will help me... most indeed.'

That's the last thing I remember thinking before I drifted into much needed sleep.

I stir.

Lazily opening one eye, I notice Leslie smiling at me in a very excited manner. I have no idea why, and I don't think I want to know the reason why...

That look is quite unnerving...


Yes, this store manager knew my poor pathetic name...

"I don't think could hold the news back any longer!" I watched her clap her hands together in glee, "Oh, I'm so jealous!"

Jealous? Jealous of me studying? She can TAKE my review and my test for all I care! I just want summer to come! Is that too much to ask!

"Okay..." I replied back. I usually do that whenever I don't give a crap. Sure, there was a hint of curiousness... but other than that small speck, I was down right bored with this conversation. I just knew it might go into the toilet.

"I thought it might have just been coincidence when I noticed the owner of Capsule Corps looking your way when he was in the coffee shop earlier!"

Yeah... boring my-


Owner of WHAT?

I blinked in a confused manner.

Leslie just continued to smile. "You are so lucky! He's been coming in the past three days while you take your nap; every time he walks in, he looks to you before I serve him his coffee. After that, he pays and leaves; the only thing he states while in here is his order and a courteous 'Thank you.'" That look on her face scared me half to death... I was being dug into a deep hole... I could just feel it.

"And today when he walked in, not even ten minutes ago, he asked for his usual drink, he turned to your direction, and asked what your name was!"

Wait a second.

"You did WHAT!"

She smiled to me, "I told him your name!"

I could feel the blood rushing to my feet and envision the blood exploding from my toes.

She noticed my face; it might have been too pale for her liking. But she smiled at me while wiping down the counter top of her workstation. "Well, he is one of the most wanted bachelors around..."

When I hear 'owner' or 'president' of a company... I have a vision in my mind of an old withered man who is looking for a few young women who only want his money. The term 'bachelor' didn't exactly bring good thoughts to my head. Think of my visionary from before.

"He's hansom..."

Yeah... hansom as a dirty toilet bowl...

"He's very charming..."

The word 'pervert' flashed in my mind over and over again like a bright neon sign.

"He's very wealthy."

This person MUST have women around him at all times trying to have a turn to see the big bucks he makes.

"He's almost in his prime..."

Almost in his PRIME! Good kami in the sky... This many must be DOUBLE my age!

"And he's soooooo sexy."

That comment alone made me mentally roll my eyes. Give. Me. A. Break.

I noticed Leslie put the cloth in a near by sink. "You should feel honored, Pan, that he has some interest in you."

I just idly nod my head.

Honored? Yeah, right. I feel honored all right, honored that an old perverted geezer would most likely want to molest me at any chance he could try to get me into some private room... I don't even WANT to think past that.

Capsule Corp president? Yeah... I feel honored alright. I'll just go to daddy and see what say he has in this strange turn of events.

Speaking of daddy...

I look to my watch and my eyes widen. It's almost 3PM! I should have left half an hour ago! Quickly grabbing my textbook and shoving it into my backpack, I zip the bag up and sling it to my back. Quickly waving to Leslie before I leave, I dash to the entrance of the small coffee shop and zoom towards my home.

Daddy is SO going to kill me!