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Chapter 1

"Father this is ridiculous!" A girl of seventeen yelled in slight panic as two men held her back, one on each arm. "You can't seriously believe I'm a traitor! I love my people! I'd never do anything to harm them!"

A stern man in his fifties looked down at his daughter from his throne, dark brown eyes meeting her light blue one. "Is that why you burned a city full of your people to the ground!"

"I didn't do that!" The girl yelled back, her long brown hair shifting about as she struggled to free herself from the guard's harsh grip.

"No, I suppose Drake did. Is that it?" The man asked with a hidden malice.

"Of course not!" The girl screamed, "Drake and I went to see what aid we could give the people! We had seen the smoke and I knew something was amiss."

He shot to a standing position and glared at the girl, "How dare you lie to your king! First you destroy a vital city in this time of war, killing hundreds, and then you claim you had nothing to do with it!"

"Because I didn't!" the girl retorted.

"Than why isn't your pet speaking up for you?" The king asked with a satisfied smirk.

The girl growled, "He's not my pet, he's my friend! And last I checked you introduced him to me when I was six and deemed him my guardian."

The king glared, "Some guardian he turned out to be." His glance turned to a humanoid figure with honey colored eyes and deep red hair. At first glace anyone would have thought it human, but the wild look in it's eyes and the deep malice directed towards the king hidden even deeper in the eyes of an otherwise calm face revealed him to be very different.

"He is just fine! It's you have been lacking as a parental guardian!" She hollard. "You would call your own daughter a traitor without looking at the facts! Without even asking the survivors of the city what had happened!"

"Silence!" The king yelled in outrage. "How dare you question my judgment! I know a traitor when I see one and you fit the bill!"

Before the girl could make a remark back Drake spoke out, "If anyone here is a traitor it is you King Andalin. You are a traitor to your family and you know what they say, 'once a traitor always a traitor.' You will turn against your own people when things prove too difficult for you, as they have already. When the odds have gone against you, when you deem your own hide more important than that of your people, you will leave them in ruin and flee where it is safe. You will be nothing more than a traitorous coward."

The king was now fuming, "You are nothing more than a beast! You have no right to make such claims!"

"Don't I?" Drake asked calmly. "You are convicting us of something we never committed. A fact you refuse to hear because you think it'll be to your benefit to get rid of your daughter who is next in line for the throne." He smirked as the kings face scrunched up in rage, he had hit a nerve and he knew it, "You want a male to be the ruler, not a female, even if she has proven capable of ruling both this kingdom and the neighboring ones."

"I will not hear of these false accusations!"

"No but you will deal them!" The girl screamed.

Drake looked to her, "Be calm Keara, you must beat him with knowledge, not anger. Anger can be wrought at a later date."

"There will be no later date for you to take your anger out," The king smirked, "At least not on me."

Keara was momentarily stunned, "What do you mean?"

"It's quite simple," the king said in a tone that gave the false illusion of great knowledge before glancing back at Keara, "You and your pet are here by banished from this world."

"WHAT!" Both Keara and Drake cried.

The king laugh horribly, "My sages have discovered a way to open a rift in space and time, but it can only be created once every century, or at least that is the limit at this current time. It matters not however, as you will be sent through and there is, by no means, any way in which I would reconsider your exile."

Keara growled, "You're nothing but a monster! I'm ashamed to have your tainted blood flow in my veins!"

"And I am ashamed to have once called you 'daughter'."

Angry tears welled in Keara's eyes, "You once would have given me anything I so desired, but now you toss me to the side. You have become a monster, a monster than needs to be slain. You'll run our people into ruin!"

The king sat himself down on his throne and placed his chin in his upright hand, elbow leaning on the armrest. "If your words were meant to cause harm they have failed." He motioned to a free guard to pick up an iron that lay in a hot ash. "You're treachery shall never be allowed to leave your mind. You will remember and regret your actions for the rest of eternity."

The guard lifted Keara's left sleeve and harshly placed the scorching iron on her flesh, burning it with a horrid hissing noise. The assaulted girl clenched her jaw in an attempt not scream, but pained noises succeeded in escaping from her. Tears that had been held back moments before fell down her fair face and dripped down to either her shirt or the carpeted floor.

Drake gave a loud growl from the bottom of his throat like an angry animal would. He struggled violently to get free from the grasp of the three guards that held him and nearly succeeded before one of the guards holding him hit him in the back of the knees, causing his legs to buckle and collapse. The impact of the hard floor on his knees did not harm him, but it did make him even more agitated.

"If these cuffs were not on my wrists you all would be a wondrous snack," Drake growled.

"Precisely why they are on," the king laughed, "I am no fool in the matters of your beastly capabilities."

"You are a fool," Drake growled, "An old fool who just lost the two greatest assets to his army, not to mention his heir."

The king's eyes narrowed, "For that your reminder will be much more vivid." He looked to the guard with the iron, which had been just renewed its scorch, and gave a nod.

Drake looked over to Keara as the guard approached him. Her head was bowed, tears streaming down her face and pained whimpers escaping every so often from barely shaking lips. He knew the pain undoubtedly went beyond that of the physical form. She had just been betrayed by her very father, been stripped of her title of both commander and princess, and had been deemed a traitor in the eyes of her people. It was a wonder that her soul had not been destroyed yet, but he was grateful that it had not.

"Do to me as you wish," Drake said calmly as he looked fiercely at the king, "My pain will be nothing like that with which will be invoked upon you before your end."

The king retained a calm façade, but Drake could sense the uneasiness and fear in him, much like an animal could. Before he could make out anything else he felt a sharp pain shot through his body, originating from the area just diagonal from his left eye. A pained growl erupted from deep within his throat as he closed his left eye in an attempt to lessen the pain, never once screaming out.

The brand was a simple but very distinct mark that would tell anyone of the nation, or neighboring ones, that they were traitors to their home. It was the mark of sword with an 'x' over top of it to mark their inability to fight for their country.

"Now for the banishment," the king laughed. He stood and walked to bottom of the steps leading up to his throne where odd inscriptions were written within a circle. A small knife was drawn from his boot and placed in his opposite hand, which then encircled itself around the sharp blade.

Blood quickly began to trickle out from between his clenched fingers and dripped down onto the floor. At the touch of the blood the inscriptions began to glow a golden color, growing brighter with each droplet of blood it received.

"The only other down fall to this gateway is that the one who summons it must use his own blood," the king said, "If it wasn't so I would have used one of you to open it."

Suddenly the words became black and enveloped the entire circle like a dot a stray ink from a quill would on paper. A gust of horrid smelling wind no one could place blew upward from it and quickly filled the entire throne room before swirls of color began to intermix with the black of the hole.

The king gave out a victorious laugh, "It works! It really works!"

Keara looked to the man she had once called her father and king with disgust and hatred. "You can throw me into another world, but you will never be rid of me. There are still people who love me and will be a constant reminder to what treachery you have committed to both them and your own flesh and blood."

"I think not," the king said as he motioned the guards to bring their captives forward, "You give these pathetic people far too much credit. There will be none who think of you as anything other than a traitor and so they will only have me to look to for comfort and hope."

"You think to lowly of our people," Keara growled as she came to a stop in front of the vortex, "You have much to learn of the wisdom of our people, but knowing you that knowledge will come to late to save your life."

The king rose his unwounded hand to strike her before thinking better of it, "Say what you may traitor, they are your final words in this world."

"Words that will haunt you for the rest eternity old man," Drake said with a smirk. "May your death be a long and painful one."

The king growled, "Off with them," he ordered.

The guards holding Keara threw her into the vortex, a yelp escaping her as she disappeared into its depths. The king laughed at the spectacle, "And may you crush her on the landing Drake."

Drake's cuffs were taken off his wrists before he was promptly thrown into the vortex, a long red tail was the last thing they saw off him before he disappeared completely.

A red tail? What kind of creature is Drake? Where will Keara land?

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