Teknoman I – Identities


I don't own any Teknoman or Tekkaman Characters. Only the ones you had never heard or saw on the tv show. Enjoy the story!

Chapter no. 1

The sky was deep blue that night, specially on the Australian desert where the wind and sand combine as one to become an sandstorm. Sure a sandstorm was something very common on this area for that reason this was desolated, non a human life form would be find on this deserted area.

Maybe, that night was going to be different. Maybe, he hope that his calculations were right and he could find what he had been looking for the last couple of weeks. Could this be the answer for the nightmares that won't let him sleep at night and even affect his battle skills during the combats with the alien enemy.

He look at the sky and saw a full moon, it means that it have to be two or three o'clock in the morning, there were plenty of time to keep is search on this area. The last thing he want was to get caught by the Earth Defense Force and be send to a miserable prison. At least he knew that nobody was checking him or at least that was his idea….

Space Knights Command Center -

"This is the third time, Jaimison" The face of General Gault, General in charge of the North American Region of the Earth Defense Force, was on the main screen of the communication central of the command center "this kid is out of your control"

"no, he isn't, it seems that lately he had been like this, we think that he might be looking for a familiar or someone close to him that could had survive the first venomoids attack" Commander Jamison answer

"well, do something, having a teknoman running around the planet on late hours is only creating fears in the close populations and lets don't forget that some how he get the enemies attentions" Gault shout at Jaimison expecting some kind of impatient from the Space Knight Commander.

Suddenly the screen divide showing a second person on the monitor "General Corcoran" Jaimison announce the new person on the screen

"General Gault is right Commander Jaimison, all the command positions had been under the alert tag during the last few hours, my populations is hysterical cause they thing that they are under attack or they are going to be under one in a few minutes" General Corcoran speak madly at Jaimison waiting for a solution.

"you just heard Corcoran, Jaimison, what are you and your space knights going to do abut this" Gault said

"am going to send the Blue Earth to pick up Teknoman Blade and send a message to the population of the Australian area that it was battle simulation" Jaimison look both man with calm "General Corcoran, am so sorry for all the inconvenience that Teknoman had cause on your region, I will make sure that this wont happen again"

"I will appreciate it for the next time Commander" General Corcoran cut the communication leaving the two men alone

"Jaimison, am going to make this clear, if you can't hold that kid am going to report it the next time to the Parliament" He said with anger on his voice

"as I already said it, this wont happen again, if you excuse me I most give the orders to the Blue Earth squad" Jaimison answer before cutting the communications with General Gault.

He took a deep breath "locate Teknoman please" he ask to the one of the communications specialist on the panels "Tina, please call Aki and Ringo"

"yes commander, but there is another called but on private line" Tina said to the Commander "it's the General of the European Regions, Sir"

"Ok, pass it to line one and also locate me Honda" He walks closer to the panel and took the phone. While talking with General, Ringo, Aki and Honda enter the room.

"What is it now" Ringo ask yawning at the same time

"Tina, is there something wrong, I haven't heard the alarm" Aki ask to her friend

"Well, it seems that Blade had created some paranoia on the Australian Region "Tina answer and point the screen that shows Teknoman moving in different directions.

"Again" Ringo said loudly "it's the third time this week"

Aki walk closer to the monitor seen and try to think silently what could be the reasons for Blade to be on Australia, especially on a deserted area, but the loud complains of Ringo didn't let her think correctly.

The commander put the phone back on the base and walks next to Aki "do you have any idea what is on Blades mind"

She moved her head side to side "no, he had been very quite in the last couple of weeks" she answers "do you want us to get him back"

"Yes and no" the commander said "this time Ringo will go with Tina on Blue Earth to get him" in that moment the four mates look each other amaze with the chief orders

"and what am going to do commander" Aki ask worry cause it was going to be the first time that she didn't go on a mission on Blue Earth.

"You and Honda are going to take another ship and will go to another region" The commander handle Aki a disk "once you two are in the ship and read the instructions will understand my reasons"

The look one more time confuses and each one start walking on their way to make their mission.

"Why the secret on this mission" Ringo ask out loud making the first one to put out the question that the rest of the group have "it isn't the first time we go out to bring back DBoy"

"Who knows, but it most be something very classified to have us divide into to squads" Aki answer, she had been having the feeling that something wasn't right and she could be 100 sure that she wasn't the only one.

"come on guys, we must trust the Commander" as usual Tina came out to defend before stepping inside the Hangar no. 7 "am pretty sure that the Commander must have his reasons to do this, maybe a new weapon to combat the enemy"

Honda put his hand over the five foot girl "if there is something am sure is that the chief's plan always are for the good of the team, so we better trust the men idea" he answer and start walking to there assign aircraft.

"if anything goes wrong, don't doubt in calling us" Ringo whisper in Aki ear before he walk behind Tina's foot step into Blue Earth.

Once inside, both team turn on there communications and report to their chief who gave them there final assignment on there missions and saw the two teams leave the base.

On Aki and Honda's ship, the young brunette introduce the small disk on there main computer to got the face of there commander on there screen.

"I imaging the 20 questions that you two have and am going to make it simple, a couple of days ago, the Commander of the Europe Region called me on a private and confidential line stating that his group found something" he took off his dark eyeglasses

"he called us" Aki sound shock for a moment, she had a lot of reason on her head to be surprise of the mysterious notification

"why us, he could had gave that to their own comrades" Honda speak seen his partners face "that will gave General Gault and the Military some advance over us"

"I ask the same to him, but he said that he thinks that we might gave it more use that his own militaries" now their chief show a map of the location they should go

"this isn't in the base" Aki ask "why go to the south"

"it's one of the first bases, it had been abandon since a decade so he transfer it with the team that found it" the map disappear showing again the Commander "a few minutes a receive the called of the General and told me that thanks to Blade's performance, tonight was going to be perfect to pick it up"

"those we have to give any signal, cause even if we are going into a abandon area it's military, Commander" Honda state a clear point

"he told me that everything it's set up, just go, pick and bring it back" he put back his notorious glasses "if you found any trouble on your way just alert Blue Earth and they will go to your help, good luck" and the screen went off.

Aki just move her thoughts to the blue sky, why suddenly this General call in confidential about a certain think that might help the one of his side, but why the Space Knights specially when even their own President knew the rivalry that had started between her own group and the military one. And what where they going to pick up, could this be a trap to discredit her group, well this General have his own personal and professional reasons to do it.

"I think we should give the man a chance" Honda said putting the coordinates on there automatic pilot "tell us the secret must put him on a difficult situation"

"or he's just escaping from it" Aki look at her old friend "come on, if this general have always show us how much he dispraise us why suddenly the change of mind, this have to be a trap"

"I don't think so, Aki" Honda turn his chair facing her "even how much he hate us, trust me inside he won't hurt us"

She only sigh returning back to her operations as a pilot, only asking for mercy to the sky that this don't turn out to be some kind of plot to take the Space Knights down.