"Citizens of the regions of Australia" with a smooth pause, Commander Jamison said the first words of his a speech he prepare a few minutes ago "in behalf of the United Nations Special Squad, us the Space Knights, feel very sorry for the inconvenient cause by the human being know as Teknoman Blade"

The commander seems normal and peacefully at the speech that it was transmit on all the local television stations of Australia, everyone that had a monitor in this regions could hear the words from the United Stated.

"the one that should be apologizing is Blade not the Commander" Ringo said upset while seen the transmition "we should leave him here, he surely know the way back to the base"

"from the word of our chief, its our responsibility" Tina was seen the telecast too, she felt a little sorry for the things that there chief sometimes does for the good of his team, well she imaging that it was part of his contract when he agree to lead the group.

"in a few minutes the simulations will end and the night will go back to normal, once more I apologize for the inconvenient"

"ok Tina you heard the comander, we only have a few minutes so try to contact me with

our friendly stranger" Ringo said in a sarcastic tone, since the arrival of Blade he had seen how the peaceful base of the Space Knight change to an automatic target for the militaries and aliens to attack.

Why keep a menace like that, it's like sleeping with the enemy literally speaking. The blond pilot sight just has the voice of Teknoman Blade could be listen in the ship "what do you want, Ringo?" ask Blade.

"am just following orders Blade, believe me that i rather been resting in my bed with some lovely chic than been behind you all over the world" Ringo answer putting his head over his hand "let's do this the easy way, and get inside now"

"then tell comander jaimison that am not going back until i find what am looking for" the warrio said a little angry "if i want your help i would had told your chief but this is something private and confidential now leave me alone"

"look jerk i don't care what you're looking for but you had already make to much mess for a month. At least be thankfull with the hand that feeds you" he only watch the monitor, what else can he do cause he was pretty sure that the warrior wasn't going to obey him.

"please Blade lets go back home and there you can talk with the comander in private if this is so confidential" the young woman try to presude the man outside it looks that even she could use her feelings to convince the man "if its so important am sure the comander jaimison will give it priority"

Nothing, the teknoman keep his course ignoring the blue earth tripulation. What do they know about privacy he tought. All his life was a big soap opera that the whole staff of the space knight had to entretaint themselve. Every room he walk in, there's someone speaking or wisphering something about him.

"Blade, one more time, come back or am going to leave back without you" Ringo warn the man looking his watch "only five more minutes and the you can be all of the military union"

"are you mad" Tina shout the pilot "you really don't care do you"

"haven't I been so clear by now" he answer back "am not fucking babysistter of no one and defently of a spoild brat like him that doesn't give a damn about our group Tina"

"and what about the humans Ringo" she stand up angry "how do we save the human race if we don't have him"

"and who we should save the human race with everybody trying to close the Space Knights thanks to the stupidity he keep doing like today Tina, where should we work, tell me" he rise to from his chair "connect me with the space center, am going to talk with Jaimison"

The girl feel that being silence was the best thing right now, in way is mate was right. Every time Teknoman do something dangerouse he put in menace the Command Center. Everybody had an excuse to call them incompetence and that they didn't know how to manage the warrior. They were giving there jobs on a silver plate to all those militaries that all they want was the title of earth heros.

"Comander Jaimison" Ringo said once his chief was on his screen "am going back home"


The small ship land on the souther area of Germany. It was a very desolated land and looks very dark thanks to the continous attack of the enemy. The feeling of coldness was so frigthing that one could swear that they will find spirit of inocent people once they step a foot on the monocromatic land.

"what now" Aki ask to Honda "there's nobody here"

"lets have some patiens my dear, maybe they want to make sure that there's no enemy watching us right now" the technician said seensing the frighten on the woman voice "do you think that Tina and Ringo got Blade back to the base"

She tought for a moment, the anser was easy "no, with Ringo hating more Blade every day and Blade been so insolated, am sure it will take them more than 30 minutes to convince him to go back"

The old man laugh, she was right. "I think that they should had come to pick the package and us blade" he said hearing the young pilot voice of desesperation.

The brunette woman laugh a little "but if Ringo had come he would had make his u turn just after the commander had explain him where did he have to go and to who" his pilot pal had so many personal issues like the man he hated the most.

A male siluete appear on Honda's screen "please identify yourself or we will be in the position of attack, once again identify yourself"

"this is BESP-02, we come with direct order from Comander Jaimison of the Space Knight" Aki speak to the officer

"oh i see, welcome Space Knights" the man on the other side sound relax now "we were expecting Blue Earth but i think you can handle it too" he said "please step down of your ship and inmediatly you will find a partie to guide you inside" the comunication was cut and both space members look each other.

"handle it too, what did that mean?" The girl was confuse "am starting to have a creepy feeling about this"

The old man only sigh standing from his chair "let's go a see" and the woman only follow him out.

If it wasn't for the lights coming from the main entrance of the base, the twosome had been lost in the middle of the grey and cold mist. Honda had to help Aki by holding her hand and taking a few steps so that she didn't fall. They stop when the marching sound came closer to them and two bright spotlings blur their vision.

"Crew of the Space Knights, welcome" the same male voice talk and stand infront of them "am Captain Bertotti if you could please follow me, trop please once am inside turn every light off" only a few march steps were hear, maybe a signal of affirmation.

The three enter the base, the enviorment wasn't any diference from the ouside setting, only that inside they had light. The place look old and very falling in to pieces. Who in its sane mind would work in a ruin like this.

"thanks for coming these soon" the captain keep walkin with his hands on his pockets "we don't have to much time before someone find out your presence"

"why, i think this could be the right moment to explain what are we doing here Captain" Aki was mad, the way the guide was speaking of there mision was like if it was something ilegal and she defently wasn't going to enter deeper without any information.

"i thought you were smartter madam, you better that mouth quiet" he stop at the door of two main elevators, he push the botom of the left one and the door open "if you could step inside please"

"no" she put her hand beside her belt "first the info and then we discuss the rest of the filmtrip"

"Aki" Honda haven't speak during the arrival, he want to see where things were going to take and it seem that not a very peacefull ending "let not give the man a hard time"

"your mate seem of logical thinking madam, i will explain everything once inside and in a more private enviorment" the face of the man change, his expresion was more mean and piss than from the man that gave them a good welcome.

Aki keep her hand on the belt and walk inside with Honda beside. The doors close with a huge bang that make the two space knight got chills over there bodies. The guideman insert a card over the main panel and the light went a little darker.

"now that our conversation aren't being tape i can explain the situation" the man turn around to face the man and the woman "am just here as a representation of the European General, he had to keep his position so that no one at the Military Union suspect"

Aki now grip her gun "i advice you to be more explicity captain" only hearing the Military Union make her doubt now of there mission more that the half hour they had spend in the location.

"please explain us why the secrecy and the mistery about the delivery of a package" Honda try to calm down both officers "everything seems like an ilegal carrige"

"actually it is" the militar officer respond "only the general, comander and us know what's really going on" he saw that the woman had her on her gun "the package is something that the general want out of any exposure and and of every judgement from his collegues, he felt that in your hand will be safer seing your experience in the subject"

"what subject" Honda ask

"the teknoman subject" he answer "you see what am about to tell you happend three weeks ago, while i was fliying the general back from one his meetings in Union Nations Conference our plane got hit by one of the enemies attack on Polony . We had trouble landing a few miles from the impact zone, we thought it was like any other alien attack so we only ask for help from the main center but we saw something difference from the rest"

The man turn to face the doors of the elevator that had stop and open "please don't stay to far from me" and turn to the right to an endless hallway "the general and i decide to take a look to see if there was any survivor but we there were not even any ruin only a big hole on the ground"

Aki follow the man just like he ask, since he started explaining she felt that she had live the same expirence a few months ago when Ringo and she were just taking some samples from the enemies vegetation when from no where a meteorit impact leaving a big hole on the gound..."

"we thought that it was a spidercrab but nothing like that could destroy an entire town and it was then that the General saw a figure on the bottom" he put his hands on his pocket and took out another card "a figure to be exact a female figure"

He put the card on a id panel and metalic door open showing at the end of the room a fraguile woman cover with white sheets "and she had this on her hand" he took out of his coat a silver box that handle to Aki.

The woman look Honda that decide to take a closer look to the woman, was during this moment that she open the box and saw a medium size white crystal, a teknoman crystal.