Title: Worthy
Author: Ariyana
Rating: 13+ Some Caution
Characters: Seras and Anderson
Word Count: 318
Notes: This is a challenge ficlet to meet Dreadnot's challenge. It is set in the Anime verse. Post-Anime of course.
Disclaimer: Hellsing belongs to Kouta Hirano and some other entities that are not me.

It had been a long time coming. Seras Victoria was no longer under the control of Alucard but she still willingly served Sir Hellsing and the Hellsing Organization. She loathed the man in front of her, who on more than one occasion humiliated her in front of her former master. In the past the mere mention of the Iscariot priest had always frightened her but no more. She would prove to herself and the Paladin that she indeed was a force to be reckoned.

"And what precisely do you think you can do to me, demon?" Anderson taunted.

"I'm not the same vampire that you have dealt with in the past. Times have changed and so have I."

Anderson laughed thinking of the little vampire wench that he sent scurrying away in fear. "Is that so?"

"Don't believe me. Fine attack me with everything you have." Seras challenged.

"With pleasure demon!"

Taking advantage of her increased speed over the years Seras dodged the shower of bayonets and pieces of scriptures that flew at her from all directions. She was determined to prove to the Paladin and her former master that she could protect herself. Catching an airborne bayonet, Seras threw the weapon back with perfect accuracy hitting the dead center of Anderson's throat.

His eyes widened with shock as he felt his own weapon pierce his body. Looking toward Seras he noted her dead serious persona. She was not cocky like Alucard. There was no taunting smile or smug satisfaction. He saw only determination. Slowly he pulled the bayonet from his throat.

"For ridiculing you earlier, I apologize."

"Accepted." Seras replied simply, pulling her weapon from its holster. "Ready?"

Both knew playtime was over. If she wanted a serious a duel then he would give it to her. "Come on."

Watching from a distance Alucard smiled. "I knew I made a her a blood relative for a reason."