A/N: This is my take on how Wyatt turned and how Chris started fighting his brother. It´s a prequel to BBond, with the same characters and it helps understanding that story but the two stories can be understood without reading the other. This story takes place in the unchanged future, that´s why Leo is a white lighter and not an elder. Also, here is not exactly Gideon what turned Wyatt. (I´ll explain more of these things later in the story.) I know there are a lot of stories on how Wyatt turned but these were intended to be flashbacks on the Brother´s Bondstory and they got so long that I had to make a story for them, lol. I hope you´ll read it and you´ll like it, please be nice. I'm just a hopeless Chris-Wyatt obsessed person.


The way we are, the way we were.

Los hermanos sean unidos.

Porque esa es la ley primera;

Tengan unión verdadera

En cualquier tiempo que sea

Porque si entre ellos pelean

Los devoran los de ajuera.

"El regreso del gaucho Martín Fierro". José Hernández.


(Brothers should be united

Cause that's the first law

They must have a true union

At all times that may come

Because if they enter fighting

They'll be devoured by outsiders.)

"Return of the gaucho Marín Fierro". José Hernández.


Chapter one: The happy? years.

"Say that I'm the best brother in the world, Chris"

Ten year old Chris tried to breath. He was being held against the wall telekinetically, he was uselessly trying to struggle, his hand holding his throat as his older brother used his new favorite power. He couldn't fight any more.

"You are the..." he mumbled.

But he didn't have to go on as his brother was suddenly blown up. He felt immediately to the floor, breathing again, relieved.

Wyatt suddenly reformed looking annoyed, but softening his expression immediately when he saw who the person staring angrily at him was.

"Say that I'm the best mom in the world, Wyatt."

"You are the best mom, of course" he gave his mom his most charming smile, but couldn't keep talking as his little brother slammed him against the wall telekinetically.

"Crap!" Piper shouted as she immediately blew both brothers up. They quickly reformed looking at her with fear. She turned to Chris "You, don't make your brother fly again" Chris shrugged, still lying near the wall. Piper gave him a warning look and turned to Wyatt, at the opposite side of the room "And you, I've told you a thousand times not to use that choking power when you are not fighting demons. It's too dangerous. You can kill someone without realizing. "

"I was trying to help this jerk and he got mad" Wyatt yelled standing up giving Chris a furious look. He was twelve years old and he didn't like his mom lecturing him about his powers.

"He turned Daniel blue, mommy. My friend has his face all blue, and he could have died and Wyatt says he was helping me"

Wyatt looked at Chris angry. He was twelve years old. He didn't called Piper "mommy" but he knew Piper melted when Chris did it. It had been a cheap shot from Chris using that.

Piper looked at Wyatt mad.

"Have you used a spell on Daniel, Wyatt? What have I told you about personal gain?"

Wyatt didn't blink.

"It wasn't personal, it was for Chris "

"You almost killed Daniel" Chris yelled from his side,

"Killed? What was the spell about?" Piper was worried. Wyatt did great spells and was really powerful but was still too young to control it well. But his son was too fond of using his powers. And he was really protective toward his little brother. And Piper was really aware of the jealousy Wyatt held toward the whitelighter that was Chris best friend.

"It was just to learn if Daniel was a true friend. I've always thought he was just a liar and was spying on Chris. The whitelightrers hate me, mom. I just had to find out. The spell was to make Daniel die if he wasn't a true friend to this jerk" he said approaching Chris and playing roughly with his hair. Chris punched him in his arm hard but not too hard so that Piper wouldn't get mad and he pulled apart of his brother still looking annoyed.

Piper sighed.

"Wyatt, I know you don't like how the other whitelighters treat you when you go up there, but you don't have to think they hate you or are after you"

"The Elders make me go and train to keep an eye on me. They hate me and my powers" The boy seemed angry.

"No they don't." Piper tried to sound confident even if she knew that for some whitelighters that was true. They were really angry the elders had allowed Piper and Leo to get married. Not to mention allow their two sons to be born. Wyatt was like the incarnation of everything they thought shouldn't happen. But Daniel's parents weren't like that. They were both whitelighters and they had been really supportive. And they had no problems with Chris and Daniel being friends. But Daniel was scared of Wyatt. He was really powerful and Daniel knew Wyatt was jealous of him. Wyatt knew Daniel thought he was too powerful for his own sake and he didn't like Daniel for that. He was afraid he would make Chris hate him too or something. It was a circle that led to each one liking the other less and less. Piper tried to think of something else because she knew her elder son was developing a reading mind power. While her younger son read feelings. Kids shouldn't have those kinds of powers, she though sadly. It made raising them too complicated.

Piper looked at Wyatt angry.

"I know your intentions were good, but killing him? Wyatt I'm not going to allow you to put spells on people, especially if you risk killing them"

Wyatt looked down. "Sorry mom." he approached Chris looking guilty. "And I'm sorry your friend is blue, little bro, but at least now you know he's honest"

"Now he'll hate me" Chris said trying to look mad at Wyatt but unable to avoid a smile.

Seeing that, Wyatt smiled back and wrapped his arm around his brother. He was almost unable to get mad at his little brother, except when the boy tried to preach to him like his mom. And he hated Chris being mad at him; he had been just trying to help.

"Well...it's only temporary. It will last one day or two. I personally think he looks better this way"

Chris tried not to but he laughed and his brother laughed with him.

"Don't help me again, Wyatt or I won't have any friends"

Piper smiled at her sons. They never fought for too long. When Chris got angry he could stay that way for a long time but Wyatt never let him. He complained a lot about Chris but he was always following him, taking him to places and helping him, may be too much. Piper was a little worried about Wyatt's lack of friends. She knew it had a lot to do with the time he spent training in "elder land". He didn't have much time to socialize as he went to normal school, magic school where everyone hated him knowing who he was and he had to train with the elders too much. Chris was almost his only friend and the younger boy was really proud of that. Chris adored his older brother. And Chris had good friends but he left any of them to spend time with Wyatt.

"Wyatt, your intentions don't change anything. And you're not fooling anyone, it was personal gain: you're grounded"

Wyatt looked disappointed, Piper decide she could leave her sons for a while now that they had calmed down. She turned to leave when she remembered something.

"But I don't get why Daniel turned blue"

Wyatt shuddered.

"I needed something that rhymed with true. But that's only temporary, don't worry"

"Oh, I worry. Turning your brother's friend blue...what will you do next?" but she couldn't help a smile. It had been sweet of Wyatt, even if twisted. Daniel's parents wouldn't let this go too easily.

"You won't leave the house for two weeks, Wyatt. You'll come straight home from school."

"But mom..." Wyatt tried to protest.

"No buts..."

"Mom! "Now Chris was protesting. Wyatt couldn't help thinking how quickly he didn't say mommy anymore. His little brother behaved like a total smart-ass sometimes. "Mom, Wyatt was going to take me to the lake. He's going with some witches from magic school"

"He's not going any more. I'm sorry, Wyatt. Maybe someone else can take you, Chris"

"Who? All my friends are my age. You said I can't go with them alone"

"Listen.." Piper was going to continue when a blue orbing stopped her. Her husband.

She hugged him. He couldn't have arrived at a better time.

"It's so good to see you home. I need you to..." Piper was really enthusiastic but Leo's look cut her off.

"I'm sorry Piper. I came to take Wyatt to train. Are you ready, Champ?" he said looking at his older son. Then he turned to Chris with a distracted smile "Hi, son. How are you?"

Piper expected Chris to say something about being pissed off at what Wyatt had done or about going to the lake but Chris didn't do any of that.

"Fine.", he just said coldly, staring at the floor

Leo looked a little disappointed and he was about to ask something back when Wyatt caught his attention.

"Today is not my training day", he said angrily.

"I know, son and I'm sorry. But you know that going any moment is also part of the training."

"Well, I'm grounded, so I can't go, right mom?" he said looking at Piper with pleading eyes.

"You have to come, Wyatt" Leo said firmly. "How can I explain you refused?"

Wyatt looked at his mother. Chris was still staring at the floor with an angry expression. Piper sighed.

"Leo, can I have a word with you alone? Wait for us here, kids" she said taking Leo's hand.

Leo looked at her confused but he orbed them out quickly.

Chris looked at his brother.

"I'm sorry, Wy" he said shyly," I never meant to get you in trouble"

"I know. And he'd have taken me up there anyway. Don't worry, we'll go to the lake another time" he said unable to take the pain he was reading from his little brother. "It's not like dad and I have much fun up there, you know?" he said knowing why his brother felt so sad.

"I know, but he could take me...at least once"

"Why don't you ask him?"

"I begged him enough times. He thinks I'll get hurt. I don't need to hear that again"

"I can assure him you won't have problems"

"You don't have to baby-sit me all the time. If he thinks that he can go to hell" and Chris didn't say any more but Wyatt knew Chris was sure Leo actually thought that. He made a mental note of telling Leo something about that. But it would be almost impossible. All Leo would talk about would be the goddamn sword and the goddamn responsibility of his powers.

"Well, I'm sorry I can't go with you to the lake"

"Don't be, I'll go with Daniel"

"Oh...really?" Wyatt seemed annoyed..

"Just kidding" Chris laughed. "Mom won't let me go with him either…I was just messing with you "

"Oh yeah? Now I'll teach you not to mess with me"

They kept playing until their parents returned.


"You have to take Chris to the lake. " Piper was saying angrily.

"Sure, next week I..."

"No, today. I've grounded Wyatt, not Chris, Chris wants to go and he needs someone to take him. You have to make time for your sons. For your family."

"Piper, it's not the end of the world, it's not like I'm not taking him to the doctor, it's just the freaking lake. You take him"

"I can't. Wyatt has to stay with someone. And I spend enough time with Chris. But you don't"

"I can't tell the elders that Wyatt can't go."

"Do it just for today. For Chris. And for Wyatt, he needs a rest from that, it's too much pressure on him- He worries me, Leo. He likes his powers too much, he doesn't like people, he put a spell on Chris' friend!"

"Really? Did the spell work, what was it about?" Leo had a proud smile in his face. "And what do you mean about him not liking people? He has tons of friends while Chris has only one or two! It's Chris that we should worry about."

"No, Wyatt has a lot of ass-suckers that want to be around him and witches that are too afraid of him not to be friendly but he doesn't have true friends and that worries me more. He's sure that everyone hates and fears him, especially the elders. The only person he trusts or he opens up to is Chris"

"And me" Leo completed thoughtfully.

Piper looked at him with doubt but she didn't deny it. Leo could think whatever he wanted but apparently he was sure that training with Wyatt made him close to the kid. Wyatt loved him for sure, but trust him? Open up to him? Certainly not. And he didn't trust her either, she knew Chris was the only one Wyatt trusted and that worried her. Chris was closer to her than Wyatt. But even if Chris seemed to know he could count on her and he got along with her, he didn't open up to her that much either.

"Listen, Leo. Wyatt needs a break and Chris needs to spend more time with you. I need to spend more time with you. The elders should understand that you have a family."

"You know how they feel about that. Have you seen how Chris was to me? He didn't say anything about the lake, or the spell Wyatt put on his friend or anything, I really don't think he wants to go to the lake with me. I know Wyatt doesn't want to train either but I can't just tell the elders my son didn't feel like training"

Piper didn't answer. She just looked at him with a disapproving look.

"Look. I'll take Wyatt up there and then I'll come and take Chris to the lake, how does that sound? I'm worried about him, Piper, he's too shy...he only likes spending time with Wyatt and I don't know what the hell he is thinking most of the time.

"Then ask him" she said softly.

Leo nodded and then grabbed her hand and orbed them back to the room where the kids were.

They were playing fighting on the floor and they stopped immediately when they arrived.

"We are just playing, mommy, don't get angry" Chris said running to Pipers arms, Wyatt looking at him suspiciously when he heard the word mommy. Chris caught that look and he made a mocking gesture to his brother when neither of his parents were looking.

"I'll take you up and then I'll come and take Chris to the lake" Leo said to Wyatt.

Wyatt looked resigned; he knew it would end that way. It always did. Leo turned to Chris.

"Are you happy, champ?" he said looking at Chris eagerly.

"Sure" Chris didn't look enthusiastic at all.

Leo didn't answer and he put his hands around Wyatt's shoulders to take him up.

Have fun Wyatt. Chris told his brother telekinetically.

Go to hell, Chris. Chris smiled at Wyatt's answer and he was surprised when Piper hugged him, making him look at her with a sad expression.

"Aren't you happy? You'll go to the lake. "

"No, I won't."

"But he said.."

" He'll come back too late and we won't be able to go, he always does the same thing."

Piper hugged him tight.

"I know sweetie...but believe me, he'll try to come"

"It's ok. It doesn't matter, I'll go to the lake another time." Chris answered, hugging her back.

Piper felt really sad. But Leo did try. The elders just keep calling him and he was the fool that answered them. That even bothered her sometimes and she didn't know how that would end. God, some days she hated the elders more than Wyatt.