Chapter two: After mom died

"I won't let you see her again" sixteen year old Wyatt was looking seriously at Chris.

"You don't have to let me do anything, you're not my father" Chris answered angrily. He was fourteen, for God's sake. He didn't need his brother taking care of him.

"Yes? Well, let's call him and tell him you were in the underworld talking to a demon and let's see what he thinks about it"

"I wasn't talking to her. I was..." Chris protested energetically but he shut up when he realized that what he was about to say was even worse.

"Yes, I know. You were kissing her. Is it that what mom and dad taught you to do with demons? "

Chris got angry at his brother's taunting words.

"I can do whatever I want. I don't have to ask you or dad for your permission. Call him if you want. I don't care. He won't come anyway" Chris stared at his brother with fake calmness.

"You may be the empathic one but I can sense your feelings through our bond. And you don't want him to come"

"Of course not. But he won't, I know him, call him"

"Well, maybe he won't but what about mom? She's in the kitchen. I'll call her. What do you think she'll say about having a demon as daughter-in-law?"

Chris looked scared for the first time.

"You wouldn't dare:"

"Wanna bet?"

The two brothers stared at each other. Wyatt opened his mouth forming the word mom. Chris seemed ready to jump at him if he finished, he was scared to hear the word actually come from his brother's mouth. But Wyatt didn't finish.

"You knew I wasn't going to call her." he stared at Chris. His brother just smiled, he had to admit he wasn't that sure. Wyatt always took his side but this time he seemed to feel that he had to be like the "adult in the room", or some crap like that.

"Don't worry, Wy. I'll be careful, just don't tell mom and dad and stay out of it!" Chris said softly trying to show he was thankful but that it was his life anyway.

"Chris" Wyatt put his arm on Chris' shoulder. Chris frowned, adult attitude again, he thought angrily. "I know you think this is your first love but it's probably a trap. You were in the underworld, unprotected and ...busy and anything could have happened to you if I hadn't arrived"

"I would have kissed her more if you hadn't arrived, moron. And don't tell me you never dated a demon"

"You are only fourteen, Chris, you have to be more careful. And I did date demons but it was always a mistake and..."

"And what, you can't deny she's hot"

Wyatt rolled his eyes and laughed a little. To be honest, the demon girl WAS incredibly hot. He was going to tell his brother something denying that (which he knew it was stupid his brother could read his thoughts, at least most of the time) when a sudden noise in the kitchen distracted both of them.

"A demon" their mom's voice said at first. Then she added more calmed "Don't worry kids, it's just a Hammorand demon. They aren't suppose to be evil, maybe..".

But they didn't hear anything else. Without even consulting each other they orbed out at the same time appearing in the kitchen and paralyzed at the scene they found there.

Piper was staring at the demon, her life gone from her eyes and body. The demon was clearly taking her powers away. Chris went crazy, trying to find a way to stop him. But Wyatt had learned more about those kinds of demons with his dad and he immediately understood that there was no hope. Chris was frantically trying to throw powers at the demon but everything seemed useless. When his eyes met Wyatt's he felt his heart stop. Wyatt had never been so quiet or reacted less in his life. The only time Chris had seen him that upset had been when their aunt Phoebe, Wyatt's favorite aunt had died. And even then he was angry as hell. But now his eyes were shiny but that was his only sign of emotion.

"Attack him, Wyatt. What's wrong with you?" Chris shouted, his brother's reaction worrying him.

Chris felt some hope when Wyatt gave him a tender look and joined him but his heart stopped when he heard Wyatt say in a sweet and low voice even while he kept attacking the demon.

"It's useless, Chris. When it starts it can't be stopped"

Chris looked at him angrily, refusing to believe that. They needed help.

"Dad!" Chris shouted desperately. Please god, he has to come.

Wyatt felt relieved when his dad came but his dad's look showed he thought the same as him. Leo and Wyatt knew it was silly cause these demons could absorb powers and nothing in the world could really kill them. Nothing known, at least. Chris felt his heart stop when he heard his dad say in the same tone Wyatt had used.

"It's useless"

Still Leo joined his sons and they kept hitting the demon and trying to pull him apart from Piper. But nothing stopped him. It didn't take long but it seemed like ages for the three men. The demon disappeared leaving them heartbroken and Piper fell dead on the floor.

"Nooo!" Chris cried. He ran to his mom, thinking his dad would heal her, it couldn't be true, a Charmed one couldn't die like that. Something weird had happened to his Aunt Phoebe but not to his mom. His mom had Wyatt and him and Leo. His mom couldn't die, not like this. It had to be a mistake.

"The demon took her by surprise. They are supposed to be good, if it wasn't for that he never would have surprised her" Wyatt couldn't speak due to his rage. Still he was standing, watching his mom's body on the floor and his little brother kneeling next to her. It all seemed like a movie scene and not real. First his Aunt Phoebe and now his mom...something was very wrong here. His mom, the demon that was supposed to be the hell could that happen?

"I'll find out what the hell happened. Whoever did this is going to pay" Leo looked at his sons and orbed away, unable to look at his wife and only love's dead body.

Wyatt looked amazed at the place where his dad had been. He agreed with him. There were very few Hammorand demons in the world. They were good, they never attacked anyone and they kept far from witches and humans, in caves and uninhabited places. They didn't need much to feed but magic could make them strong. It was stupid, he still couldn't understand how that demon had attacked his mom. But he couldn't believe Leo had just left. It was clear he just couldn't face the situation but still...they were there, Piper's body was there and...

The city suddenly shook. A big storm and lighting started to hit the city.

And Chris was there, Wyatt realized. His brother had the power to control elements and now he wasn't able to control them. Powers were tied to emotions Wyatt remembered having heard his dad saying that a lot of times.. 'Then why aren't my powers out of control? Why do I feel so little inside me?' he asked himself. He felt like his dad, he just couldn't face what had just happened. But Chris needed him. Cause neither of them could count on Leo, that was clear. Wyatt wasn't even sure what the hell his father was thinking he could find out. Who would he ask?

The city shook again and Wyatt decided that feeling angry with his dad wouldn't solve anything. He wasn't a bad man and he had done the only thing he knew: leave, try to gather information instead of leading with emotions. Slowly, he approached Chris. They were alone, as always. He hugged his little brother, trying to make him realize that he was out of control. But Chris didn't seem to notice his arms or anything. He was in shock. Wyatt had heard that a slap was needed in those situations but he didn't want to do that. He decided to try to get Chris' attention.

"Chris! Chris!" he shouted. "Control your powers you are destroying the city"

Chris seemed to react a little but he was still too shocked. Wyatt held him until he seemed calmer and Chris made an effort to stop. When he finally did, Chris was covered with tears. He looked up, but there wasn't a single one in Wyatt's face. Nothing. Chris used his empathic powers and his bond with his brother but all he could read was rage. A huge rage. He looked at his brother's still eyes while he tried to avoid tears.

"How can you be so calm about this, Wy?... Mom died, dad is never here and he just left. We are all alone now"

Wyatt lowered until his face almost met Chris'. And he cleared his little brother's eyes.

"I'm not calm. Whoever did this is going to pay. And we are not alone. We have eachotherI'll always protect you Chris, I promise."

Chris just hugged his brother unable to stop crying. Wyatt hugged him tightly. Through his entire life his only support and love had come from his brother and mother. Now his mom was gone. He wouldn't let anyone take the rest of his family away.

Chris didn't want to let his brother go. Now that his mother was gone he knew that he had no one else.


Six months later Wyatt was woken up by a sudden noise. His window was breaking. The ceiling and floor were shaking. Oh...not again, poor Chris.

He orbed into his brother's room. As he had thought Chris was having another nightmare. Wyatt had those too and he was sure that Leo might have them too...if he ever slept. But Chris was still unable to control his emotions when he dreamt. And the worse thing was when he dreamt about his mom and he woke up to find out she was really gone. Wyatt couldn't read Chris' dreams by their bond but he had figured out they were about their mom and sometimes their dad or things like that. Not that Chris would say anything. With time Chris had built up an emotional shield around him. He never opened up to anyone aside from Wyatt or perhaps Daniel, his best friend. His dreams, he only spoke of to Wyatt and sometimes Leo...unusual thing cause Leo had to be around and listening to achieve that.

"" Chris shouted and the night table shook. Wyatt could hear the sudden rain on the garden as Chris was probably causing a small storm.

And he keeps calling for him...only when he sleeps. Wyatt thought sadly.

He sat in Chris' bed as he'd done thousands of times before. He held Chris and he rocked him before speaking.

"Chris… ok. Shh little brother is just a dream"

"Dad!" Chris opened his eyes. He seemed dizzy for a while then he looked at Wyatt "Wy.". He took a deep breath and then he seemed completely awaken. 'Of course it's not him. What was I thinking?' he thought sadly to himself. Then he looked at Wyatt. "I'm sorry, Wy, I'm not letting you get any sleep lately."

"Don't worry." Wyatt said and he sat in the bed, making himself as comfortable as he could.

"What are you doing?" Chris asked surprise.

"I'll stay with you until you fall asleep again. What do you think of that?"

"Ok. " Chris smiled back. A sudden orb surprised them both. Wyatt felt more surprised when Chris immediately put his head in his chest and closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep.

What the hell are you doing? he asked his brother telepathically.

Don't tell him I'm awake, Wy, please. I just can't deal with him.

Ok. Wyatt sighed feeling a little sorry for his dad. Leo tried but he had never been good at dealing with Chris and he had been a mess since Piper's death.

His father ended his reforming and looked at him and Chris.

"What was that storm about? Why was Chris calling me? Is he ill? Or hurt? "

"If he was ill he could have died of his illness before you arrived" Wyatt answered angrily.

"I came as soon as I could. I'm sorry he's asleep, at least I could have said hi to him" Leo looked hurt. And his angered look softened while he looked at his younger child sleep in Wyatt's arms. Wyatt felt a little sorry for him.

"Don't worry, it was just a nightmare"

"All this mess just for a dream?"

"You know how hard his nightmares are. Perhaps if he didn't work so hard he wouldn't feel like this at night. He's only fifteen, it's not fair"

"I don't know why he doesn't let you close or sell P3. I would shut it down; I can't even look at it"

" Neither can I" Wyatt answered softly more to himself than to his dad. He added then in a vague tone. "Maybe if you got a job..."

"I'm a white lighter. And I'll find out who the hell killed my wife. That's my job" Leo answered firmly.

"Ok dad. Just go. He's sleeping now and he doesn't need you to wake him up again" Wyatt was tired.

"Ok." Leo seemed ready to orb when he changed his mind. "Wyatt"


"Take good care of him. Will you?"

"Of course"

Leo looked at his two sons and he orbed out.

"So...what do you think?" Wyatt asked his brother.

Chris didn't answer, he was apparently really asleep.

"Don't play with me, dumb ass. I can sense you are not sleeping. I'm your brother and I have powers remember?"

"I know...I know. And you are twice blessed too. The modest twice blessed child"

"Always and I'll slam you against the roof if you keep talking that way" Wyatt said in a fake threatening tone. Then he smiled "Have you been listening to us? What do you think?"

"He's a jerk. He'll never find out anything. And we'll be broke and he'll never be around enough to know."

"And about the club?"

"I won't sell the club. It's the only income we have. And mom wouldn't have wanted us to sell it."

"Maybe you should hire help"

"No. If you..."

"I can't, Chris I'm sorry but I can't."

Wyatt admired Chris for being able to do it, but it was impossible to for him to hang out at the place their mom had built. He didn't know why, but it was impossible for him. When their mom had died they had joined his dad in his impossible quest. They had also killed all kinds of demons they could find in a sort of revenge. But they couldn't even get close to the demon that had killed their mom. It had disappeared. And all the information they could gather about them was that they were good, no need to kill them and no way either. The Elders were really shocked to find out that a Hammorand demon had killed Piper. And not even the demons they had tortured for information had any clue. Hammorand demons were harmless that's all everyone knew. With time, Chris and Wyatt had tried to keep searching but still go on with their lives. Wyatt was assisting a teacher at magic school, but Chris had the tougher job taking care of the club. Wyatt found it impossible to go to the club except on a few occasions and Leo spent his time trying to find out anything about the demons. But even knowing that things were like that Chris had stubbornly refused to sell the club. Chris spent all his time there and Wyatt admitted that it was a real help for their support. That made him think of something.

"Speaking of jobs...the principal at the magic school was really happy I'd apologized to that jerk of a teacher, care to explain what that means? I didn't apologize to anyone."

"You were going to lose the job, Wyatt"

"So, be it. All the teachers there are ego-suckers that hate me for being more powerful"

"Said the oh-so-modest-witch"

Wyatt gave him a deadly look.

"Don't get angry at me, Wy. I know you don't like them, but you like the kids and we need you to keep the job. Please...just for me, could you pretend you were the one that apologized? And try not to throw things at your boss again."

Wyatt hated when Chris used his pleading tone. Chris was too smart and manipulative for his own good but even if Wyatt knew it he couldn't help falling for it every time.

"Ok. But just for you" he answered. And the genuine smile in Chris' eyes told him he had done the right thing. His little brother hadn't smiled in a long time. Still, he would show his boss not to mess with him. Nothing major, just some spell that no one else could detect, have some fun and not feel so bad about having to listen to the annoying guy. He had to be careful cause Chris could sense his magic but he wouldn't do anything major so no one, not even the teacher would realize.

Chris wasn't reading this cause he was blocking Wyatt too. He needed to go to the underworld to meet with his girlfriend. Wyatt didn't know but they hadn't broken up. With this thought and his brothers comforting presence next to him Chris fell asleep.

Watching Chris sleeping Wyatt looked at the roof for a while. His dad should give up his impossible quest. Chris was a teen, he shouldn't have so much to worry about, but he always took the world's weight on his shoulders. His Aunt Paige had helped them after Piper's death. She could never forgive herself for not being there when Piper died, but she had been fighting a demon when everything had happened. It had been too sudden. When Paige arrived, Piper was dead and Leo was gone. Paige was better than Leo at helping with the funeral arrangements and everything. She had left her job at magic school after helping Wyatt get hired there and she had moved to another city unable to stay in the manor where she had lived with her sisters. But she had kept orbing in to check on them, she had actually been around more than Leo. She had even tried to keep fighting demons with their help but without the power of three to protect her it was hard. She had died trying to vanquish the demon that had killed her fiancée, another good witch she had met at magic school and that had moved with her. Wyatt always wondered if she hadn't searched that death out herself. Without her sisters and the love of her life, she had really no reasons to go on.

They had mourned Paige a lot and when she had died Chris and him had been alone again. Leo was a ghost more than ever, going everywhere to ask about those demons. Paying a few sporadic orbs home as he had done that night.

Wyatt couldn't help thinking of Paige and if she would have been alive if she hadn't discovered magic. Wyatt had never wanted a normal life and he didn't want it now, he was proud of being twice-blessed and he was proud of his magic. But he thought the elders owed them to at least investigate more carefully into what the hell happened to the Charmed ones.

He decided to sleep there; Chris probably wouldn't have another nightmare if he knew he wasn't alone. Besides, he had to be careful cause he knew his little brother hadn't broken up with the hot demon and he would probably orb to the underworld to see her if Wyatt left. Wyatt knew about that but he wasn't trying to stop Chris as persistently as before. He was just being cautious in case it was a trap. The kid deserved all the fun he could get. Life would only get more complicated when they grew up.