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A small boy of 5 was running at the streets of most prosperous village, Konoha. The boy looked away from the stares and glares of the villagers, continuously running, hiding his tears. The boy's name, Uzumaki Naruto, the container of the strongest Youkai that ever existed, the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"Why?" Asked the boy while running as he soon realized that he arrived at a small playground. Wiping away his tears, he sat at a swing and started to sway. He reached for his pocket and grabbed the object that is valuable for him. It was a small locket that only Naruto could open. He opened the locket only to reveal to small pictures of total strangers to him. One was that of a man that resembled a lot like Naruto. The other was that of a beautiful woman. Naruto looked at the pictures, the third said to him that the people in the pictures were the 2 persons that loved him. Naruto knew that the 2 were dead. He realized it when the third said the keyword, loved

"I wonder if things would have been different if they were still alive…" Said Naruto as he gripped the locket harder. Unknown to him, a small girl with white eyes around his age approached him.

"E-excuse m-me… C-could I take a turn a-at the swing?" Asked the timid girl as pearly white eyes stared at deep cerulean blue ones. Naruto saw the girl and went back to put his mask on, a big foxy grin.

"Sure why not?" Said the boy as he went down from his swing for the small girl to sit. When the girl sat, she asked Naruto if he could push the swing. The boy nodded with a smile on his face as he started to push the swing. The girl laughed with joy as she said to Naruto, "Higher! Higher!"

After an hour of bliss for Naruto, a tall man with long hair and white eyes arrived to pick up the small girl

"Tou-san…" Said the girl as she started to run towards her father until Naruto said, "Wait! I didn't get your name!"

"H-Hyuuga Hinata… What's y-yours?" Asked the shy Hyuuga Girl

"Uzumaki Naruto" Said Naruto as he walked closer and closer to the girl and then said, "Ne, Hinata-chan, could you hold out your hands? I have something to give to you."

The girl held out her hands as she did so and saw that Naruto had placed a locket at her hands and closed her hands with his.

"Sometimes I'm the forgetful type Hinata-chan… I plan on going for a while… So that for me not to forget you, I'm giving you my only prized possession!" Said the boy with another one of his grins.

"B-But, This is yours… I don't-" Said Hinata as she was cut off by Naruto

"Don't worry about it! I'll get it back from you when I see you again!" Said Naruto

"B-But when will you come back?" Asked the girl tears forming from her eyes.

"I don't know exactly… But I will come back!" Said Naruto trying to comfort the girl and added, "Don't tell anyone about it okay?"

Hinata felt reassured of her new friend and gave her a nod as she ran towards her father

"Hinata? What were doing with that boy?" Asked the girl's father

"Nothing Tou-san… He played with me for awhile and left. He's really kind Tou-san." Said the girl

Hiashi laughed softly and asked his daughter, "You like him don't you?"

Hinata blushed deeply and said, "I-I don't know…"

Hiashi smiled at his daughter as they left. Hiashi said to himself, 'The poor boy, if only I wasn't restricted… I could have adopted him… My best friend's son… I wish could… But the elders forbid me saying his soul was corrupted and should have been better off without the boy'

"Tou-san? What's the matter? Why are you looking at Naruto-kun like that?" Asked Hinata as she saw her father looking back at the boy with regret on his face

"Nothing Hinata… Let's go or Kaa-san will be angry" Said Hiashi

"Hai." Said Hinata as they approached the Hyuuga mansion

Naruto's apartment 7 in the evening:

Naruto was quietly packing his things as he remembered his decision

"I'm leaving Konoha to be stronger… The people here are just trying to destroy me… Slowly… But I have some people to turn to, Iruka-sensei and Hinata-chan… The only people that see me as me…" Said Naruto as he packed his belongings. The essentials, Food, clothing, water and a Kunai set he recently bought. The next thing Naruto did was, go to the Hokage tower to try and copy any technique that would help him survive.

He arrived at the tower with a pen and a couple of scrolls. Naruto learned how to read and write because the third had taught him how to read and write at an early age. Naruto learned quickly for his age and slowly but surely he made his way to the Jutsu Library.

He rummaged to the scrolls and found a giant scroll and the scroll of the fourth. Naruto knew the fourth was legendary but didn't exactly know what he looked like. So he grabbed the small scroll, put it in his bag and opened the large scroll. He read the scroll, "Forbidden Scroll"

He examined the first thing he read, "Kage Bunshin."

Naruto wrote down the pointers and explanations about the technique and opened another part of the scroll,

"Kage Bunshin Tai no Bakahatsu" Naruto then noted the skill down again and he realized that he was running out of time. He closed the large scroll and went out of the Hokage tower to go to the North Gate of Konoha.

He studied very carefully the guard shifts of the gate and found that every 2 hours, the shift would change for 5 minutes. Naruto knew that he only had 5 minutes to vanish from their sights. He knew somewhere to where a small hole is near the North gate itself. Naruto saw his chance and immediately ran after the hole.

He ran as fast as he could and as quiet as he could. After running for 30 minutes, he looked back at Konoha and said, "I'll come back, much stronger than before. Then, and only then will all of you acknowledge me."

He turned around alone all by himself and walked north towards Wind Country. Starting the chapter of his greatest adventure ever.

To be continued…

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