J.R. and Sue Ellen forge a new partnership...


Part 1

Sue Ellen and J.R. boarded the private plane that J.R. had reserved for their flight home to Dallas from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. The private plane would fly non-stop to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. They would take a limousine from Terminal E to East Airfield Drive. Their limousine would travel along Texas Interstate 45 into Braddock.

Sue Ellen tightly squeezed J.R.'s hand when the limousine turned onto the frontage road leading to Southfork, and said, "God, It's good to be home, J.R."

J.R. hugged her to his side, and said, "It sure is, Sugar. I've missed John Ross, and the rest of the family, too."

The limousine driver stopped the limousine in the driveway at Southfork. John Ross ran out of the house, and waited for J.R. and Sue Ellen to emerge from the limo. John Ross grinned from ear to ear when he saw his Mamma and Daddy.

John Ross hugged and kissed his Mamma, and said, "Boy, am I glad you're home Mamma. I missed you a lot."

John Ross turned around, and hugged his Daddy, and said, "Welcome home, Daddy. How was your trip?"

J.R. hugged John Ross, as he winked at Sue Ellen. Life at Southfork meant so much more to him than it had before. His life had come a full circle. His family had been reunited, and his love for Sue Ellen was deeper, and more meaningful to him than he could have imagined. He reached for Sue Ellen, and pulled her to his side. She kissed J.R.'s cheek, and ruffled John Ross' hair with her hand.

Sue Ellen asked, "John Ross, where is everybody else?"

John Ross explained to his parents that Clayton and Miss Ellie had gone into Fort Worth for a cattle auction. Bobby was at work, so that left John Ross and Christopher alone at the ranch. Christopher was upstairs, in his bedroom, watching T.V.

John Ross helped Raoul carry his parent's luggage into the house. Sue Ellen waited until John Ross was in the house before talking to J.R.

She said, "I think he missed us, what do you think, Darlin'?"

J.R. replied, "Of course he missed us, Sugar. Who wouldn't miss us?"

Sue Ellen laughed at his comment. J.R. had always been quick-witted, but lately his sense of humor appealed to Sue Ellen as never before. She found his self-effused comments hilarious, and his sarcastic remarks made at others' expense made her laugh and want to scold him, all in the same breath.

J.R. asked, "Are you tired from the long flight, Honey?"

Sue Ellen said, "No, not really. I wouldn't mind takin' a shower to freshen up. Care to join me?"

J.R. flashed her a wicked grin, and said, "You won't have to ask me twice, Sugar."

He placed his arm around Sue Ellen's shoulder, as they walked into the house.

Sue Ellen looked around the bedroom, and smiled upon discovering that J.R. had arranged for all of her belongings to be brought into their bedroom. He reasoned that if they were to live together, as lovers, then they were going to live their affair to the fullest. That included sharing one bedroom. J.R. walked over to where Sue Ellen stood, near the foot of the bed. He put his hands on her shoulders, and softly kissed her neck.

Sue Ellen leaned into his kiss, and murmured, "Mmm, J.R., you have a nice touch."

J.R. removed her jacket in such a way that she didn't notice, until she felt the heat from his hands through the flimsy fabric of her camisole. Her breath caught in her throat, as he pulled her body against him. He was noticeably aroused, and she savored the feel of him as he pulled her to him. He lowered his head, and pulled at the strap of her camisole with his teeth. Sue Ellen let out a girlish giggle, as his enticements caught her off guard. She could feel her face flush, as his hands roamed over her entire body.

Sue Ellen turned around, and pulled J.R. closer to her. She hungrily kissed his mouth, parting his lips with her tongue. She sucked on the end of his tongue, sending him into an impassioned frenzy. J.R. lifted her into his arms, and carried her over to the bed. Sue Ellen continued her plundering of his mouth, leaving him hungry for more. J.R. lowered her to the mattress, and eyed her, as he slowly lowered her skirt, leaving her clad in a flimsy camisole, and a half-slip.

Sue Ellen's eyes were blazing with a burning need for J.R., as he hovered over her. He moved his hand underneath her camisole, and she arched her back to him. J.R. kissed her chest, and held her tightly to him. Sue Ellen yielded to his demands. The more demanding J.R. became, the more willing she was to do his bidding. Their encounter culminated with J.R. begging for Sue Ellen to join him as he went over the edge - beyond reason, beyond his wildest dreams.

J.R. rolled off of her, and said, "God, Honey. We need to take more vacations, especially for the way you are in bed when we get back home!"

Sue Ellen put her hand to her chest, in mock shock, and said, "The way I am? What about the way you are? You act like a loved starved, sex-maniac, compared to me. You behave as if you've been deprived of sex for eons, Darlin'."

J.R. laughed, and said, "Hell, Sue Ellen, I'm just makin up for lost time. After all, you were out of my life for longer than I could count. You owe me, Honey."

Sue Ellen balked, "Is that right? Exactly what do I owe you, J.R.?"

J.R. sobered, and said, "You owe me the rest of our life together, Sugar. That is, if you still want to live with me as my live-in lover?"

Sue Ellen asked, "Isn't that the reason for all of my things bein' in our bedroom, J.R.?"

"You noticed that, huh?" He asked, hoping that she was amenable to his arrangements.

Sue Ellen smiled at him, and said, "Yes, I wondered what had taken you so long in the first place. I don't know, there's just somethin' about callin' this room our bedroom that's comforting to me."

J.R. played with a lock of her hair, admiring the way the sunlight amplified the different shades of blond.

He pulled Sue Ellen on top of him, and said, "Honey, It feels so right havin' you back home, here at Southfork, but more than that, it feels like home havin' you here in my arms. No other woman in this world could even come close to how comfortable I feel when I'm with you."

Sue Ellen smiled, as he continued, "I want you to know that I know how poorly I treated you before you left for London with Don, and I swear to you, on Daddy's grave, that I will cherish each second I'm given with you from here on out. I was a fool. I was

a stupid, arrogant bastard, but now I realize how much I love you. I never stopped lovin' you, Honey."

Sue Ellen's eyes filled with tears, as she tenderly kissed J.R. Her teardrops spilled onto his cheeks. He had said the words she wanted, and needed to hear years earlier. J.R. wiped at her tears, and kissed her trembling lips. She lowered her eyes, embarrassed by her emotional response.

J.R. lifted her head, and said, "Oh, Honey, please don't shy away from me. I love you for how freely you're able express your feelings. You wouldn't be you, if you held back."

Sue Ellen sniffled, and tried to smile. She lay her head against J.R.'s chest, while he ran his hand through her hair.

They lay in each other's arms, and were greeted with a momentary slumber, until they heard a knock on the bedroom door.

John Ross called out, "Hey, what's takin' you guys so long to unpack?"

Sue Ellen stifled her laughter, and J.R. said, "We'll be out in a minute son. Your Mamma was havin' a little trouble with her . . . uh, luggage."

Sue Ellen playfully slapped his shoulder, and said, "So, does that mean that you are my luggage, now?"

J.R. pondered her question, and said, "Yes, as a matter of fact, it does, 'cause if you ever think about leavin' me again, you won't be able to get very far without your luggage."

They laughed together, as they arose from the bed to shower and dress for their evening meal. Miss Ellie and Clayton were waiting for them when they came downstairs.

Miss Ellie and Clayton hugged J.R. and Sue Ellen, and welcomed them back from their trip.

Miss Ellie said, "Oh, Sue Ellen, you look positively radiant. How was Tuscany?"

Sue Ellen smiled, and said, "Thank you, Mis Ellie. Tuscany was beautiful, wasn't it J.R.?"

J.R. put his arm around Sue Ellen's waist, and said, "It was incredible, Mamma. The scenery wasn't too bad, either."

Sue Ellen poked J.R. in his rib cage with her elbow. She was shocked by his innuendo.

Miss Ellie said, "Oh, J.R. honestly, have you no shame? There are children in this house."

Clayton laughed and said, "You do look wonderful Sue Ellen. The time you two spent together seems to have agreed with both of you."

Teresa announced that dinner was ready. John Ross and Christopher raced downstairs, just as Bobby walked into the foyer. Bobby welcomed J.R. and Sue Ellen home, and told them that he would love to hear all about their trip to Italy after their meal.

J.R. listened, while Sue Ellen talked about their vacation. She told Miss Ellie about 'Madama Butterfly', and how moving the opera was to her. Bobby asked how the beaches were. Sue Ellen felt J.R's hand caress the back of her neck, and shivered in his arms.

J.R. kept his eyes focused on Sue Ellen, and said, "I wouldn't know, Bob. I wasn't payin' attention to anything, or anyone except Sue Ellen."

Sue Ellen turned her head, and smiled at J.R. He reached for her hand, and kissed her fingertips. The exchange was not lost on anyone else, except Christopher. He wanted to go back to his bedroom, and play his favorite new video game. Bobby excused himself after their evening cocktails. He had a meeting in Houston the next morning, and wanted to get plenty of sleep before hand. Clayton reminded Miss Ellie about their plans to join Punk and Mavis Anderson in Austin for another cattle auction.

John Ross said, "Daddy, Mamma, I sure am glad you're back, and I really want to hear all about your trip, but would you mind if I went out for a couple of hours? I promised Ashley Devereaux that I would take her to see a movie at the new Cinemark Theater in Dallas."

Sue Ellen asked, "Who is Ashley Devereaux, and since when do you have permission to go out on a date?"

J.R. whispered into Sue Ellen's ear that if John Ross were allowed to leave, it would leave the two of them alone to talk, among other things.

John Ross rolled his eyes. He enjoyed the close relationship his parents shared, but this was too much, even for him. J.R. saw his reaction, and told him that he could leave.

Sue Ellen called out, "I want you back here before midnight, is that understood?"

John Ross yelled, "Yes, Mamma," as he hurried through the kitchen, and outside to his car.

J.R. waited until he heard the sound of John Ross' car pulling out of the driveway, before taking Sue Ellen into his arms, and kissing her. She lifted her hand to his chest, as he tightened his grip around her. His tongue touched her lips, and she opened her mouth to him.

Minutes later, he pulled away, and said, "I love you, Sugar. Welcome home."

Sue Ellen grinned at him, and said, "I love you, too, J.R. It's good to be back."

J.R. asked Sue Ellen to join him outside on the veranda. He pulled her by her hand, through the foyer, and into the kitchen. He opened the sliding glass patio door, and waited for her as she walked outside. Sue Ellen reached for his hand, and led him over to a swinging bench, near the edge of the swimming pool.

J.R put his arm around Sue Ellen's shoulder, and said, "I had no idea until yesterday, that you knew anything at all about the oil business, Sugar."

Sue Ellen said, "I paid attention to you when we were married, J.R. I learned from the best."

J.R. was flattered, and said, "I meant what I said about you becomin' my business partner, Sue Ellen. We'd make one hell of a team, don't you think?"

Sue Ellen said, "I think we're better suited for the bedroom than the boardroom, J.R."

J.R. said, "I'm serious, Honey. There wouldn't be an independent oil company in the entire state of Texas who could hold a candle to us if we went into business together."

Sue Ellen asked, "What about Valentine Lingerie? I can't do both."

J.R. said, "Well I don't see why not, Honey. Hell, Valentine Lingerie practically runs itself. You just spent two weeks in Italy, and didn't have a single problem with your company while you were gone."

Sue Ellen responded, "That was only two weeks, J.R. Who knows what might happen the other fifty remaining weeks out of the year?"

J.R. took her hands in his, and said, "I'm not askin' you to commit to a full-time partnership, you could be a silent partner, until you get your feet wet. Then when you have a better grasp of the business, maybe by then you'll be ready to sell your company, and join me on a full-time basis?"

Sue Ellen smiled at him, and said, "You make a very temptin' offer, J.R. Will you give me some time to think about it?"

J.R. said, "Take as long as you'd like. In the meantime, you've got more important things to worry about."

Sue Ellen asked, "Like what?"

J.R. grinned, and said, "Like how quickly I can get you upstairs, and make love to you, before John Ross gets back home."

Sue Ellen stood up from the swing, and winked at J.R. She lifted the skirt of her gown so she wouldn't trip, and said, "I'll race ya back upstairs."

J.R. quickly followed after her, and yelled, "Damn, it's good to be back home . . . "