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A silver haired man in a bright red kimono fought against the gathering hordes of droids. He glanced over his shoulder and watched helplessly as a woman dressed in skin tight clothes fell beside her fire cat demon. "Miroku! Get Sango and Kirara and get the hell out of here!"

Miroku the monk raced to Sango, the fallen woman, and gently scooped her up into his arms. "Thank Kami. She's still alive, Inu-Yasha!"

"Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!" Inu-Yasha's claws ripped through the armor of several droids as another silver haired man landed near him. "Get out her of here, monk!"

"I see this matter is out of your hands as usual, Inu-Yasha." The man spoke so calmly as he pulled out his sword that you would have thought his heart was made of stone. "I will take care of this with Tokijin."

"Feh! If the Tetsusaiga couldn't take these things out then Tokijin won't be able to!" Inu-Yasha cracked his knuckles slightly as several bands of green rings barreled toward Miroku and Sango. He watched helplessly as his friends dropped to the ground without a whimper. "MIROKU!! SANGO!! NOOOO!!!"

The droids began to gather around the fallen humans as Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru used their swords together to start destroying the droids closest to them Neither of the demons saw the same green rings racing toward them until it was too late. They fell to their knees as Kirara transformed into her full form and tried to take out the remaining droids. Inu-Yasha watched as the same rings hit her and made her revert to her kitten form. Kirara. Miroku. Sango. I failed them all. Inu-Yasha landed face first into the mud. Sesshomaru fell across his brother as if he were protecting him. The droids bound each of them and carried them into the waiting ship. Little did they know that a wolf demon and two small children had snuck aboard the ship. Koga hushed the frightened fox demon and the little girl.

"Quiet, Shippo, Rin. We'll save them." Koga pulled the two children into his arms and held them tight as the droid ship took off.

An auburn haired woman let out a sigh as the droids slowly gathered around her and the three men. One of the men pushed her to the ground before leaping high into the air. A jet of red light shot from the wooden stick in his hand.

"James, magic isn't going to work against these things." The woman aimed her wand at the closest droid. "Reducto!" The droid exploded into a thousand pieces. "Then again maybe some of it will."

"We need to get to Albus. He'll know what to do." The other dark haired man watched as his friend with light brown hair fell unconscious to the ground. "Remus!!!"

"I think we're in trouble, Padfoot." James Potter knelt next to the woman. "Lily, I want you to get to the Forbidden Forest. Maybe you can bring us help."

"Right, James." Lily Evans barely climbed to her feet before she was hit with several green rings. She collapsed to the ground.

"LILY!!" James knelt over his fiancée and tried to wake her.

Sirius Black looked up from Remus Lupin just as the green rings hit James. "Prongs!!"

The droids gathered around the remaining wizard. The leader of the droids stepped forward. "Either come with us or we'll have to stun you."

"I guess you'll have to stun me!" Sirius grabbed the blaster from the droid's hands and tried to rip off its head before he was hit with the stun rings.

"One more, sir, and we will have finished our mission." The droid spoke into a comlink.

"That is good. Soon Darth Sidious will have the most powerful beings from this world. Return to the command ship. You will receive the target's picture then."

The droids bound and gagged the witch and wizards and carried them onto the waiting ship.

A teenage girl walked through the park of a little South Carolina town when suddenly she was attacked by several droids. She tried to run but the droids were all around her. She fell to the ground and began to cry. What's going on? Why do these blasted things want me? These thoughts raced through her mind so quickly that she barely registered them before she was stunned and carried onto the ship.