To the reviewers of United in Battle:

Thank you for your support and loving comments to this story. Currently I'm working on several other stories. They are Lupin's True Love, Lupin's True Love Returns, The Realms of Middle Earth, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Journey of Friends. Only three of these have both the Marauders (or most of them) and the Inu-Yasha Gang. The Realms of Middle Earth is the only one that only has Inu-Yasha. Now for my personal thanks and comments to those that reviewed.

darkcelestial20 – I was thrilled when you followed me from Fiction Alley and am so glad that you've been with me for so long. I really hope you like the new stories. You noticed that I dedicated the newest story to you and several others. That is my way of saying thank you for staying with me through it all. Also thank you for helping me with my C2.

RedFireHEad41 – Thank you for your wonderful reviews.

sanura black – Thank you for being my first reviewer and sticking it out. There's more to come and boy do the guys get into even more trouble.

Harteramo – Thank you for your reviews.

Onimusha2b – Thank you for your reviews.

daydream14 – I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story and I patiently await each of your reviews as you leave them.

preistessofsorrow – I'm glad you're enjoying the story as well. Don't let your father keep you down. If your local library has computers go there and read. Hopefully he won't stop you from doing that.

Sim – All the things that Tori can do are actually apart of a separate story and of course I didn't plan to connect them all but it just seemed to happen. You'll have to read the rest to understand some of the things that are said.

Tsukikari Kitsune – I have only one thing to say to someone who tells me how to spell something... GET OVER IT!!! I'm getting the spelling from the author of the Magna. If you have a problem with it than contact her!

Again Thank you for all your wonderful reviews. Keep reading and reviewing!