Hey guys! Here's another story. Written in Hebrew class (again).

Summary: Years later, Dallas Winston's daughter becomes a little…too close with the son of a major soc. But what's this? He's now a…greaser?

Janice Winston sighed in defeat. She couldn't wake up her daughter. She never could.

"Dally go wake up your daughter." Dallas Winston looked up from the television with a grin.

"Although, I would be happy to wake my daughter, she is your daughter too." Dally walked into his daughter's room.

"Lindsey." He whispered. She didn't move.

"Lindsey." He said a little louder. She moaned and turned to face the other direction. Dally smiled. Unlike his wife, this amused him. His daughter was just like Dally. Very stubborn. Not as tough, of course, as Dally wouldn't let her get that tough. Dally himself wasn't even that tough anymore. Often, he found himself thinking hard to when and how he had softened. Nothing came to him. It wasn't that he had become a complete softie, just not as tough as when he was that reckless seventeen-year-old. No that's wrong. He was still as tough. He just showed much more emotion. Especially to his kids.

"C'mon baby, you gotta wake up,"

"Yeah." Lindsey muttered. "I'll be ready in a minute." Dally laughed. He knew this trick, one more minute. One more minute that would last until he walked back in.

"Naw, kid. You gotta get up now."

"Five more minutes." She then turned towards him, so he would see her pleading eyes.

"Please, Daddy?" Dally shook his head, grinning.

"I'll go get your brother up, and then I'm coming back." Dally left to wake his son.

"Bran." He said, standing next to his bed. Bran's eyes shot open.

"Hey, Dad." He yawned.

"Hey, kid. C'mon time to get up." Bran nodded and sat up in bed.

Bran Winston who was seventeen years old, reminded just about everyone of Dallas at that age. He and his sister, who was three years younger, had just about the same personality as Dally, and they both looked like him too. But Bran, being the same sex, was the spitting image of Dally. Bran was a very protective kid. Especially of his sister.

"Is Lin up?" He asked. Lindsey didn't particularly like to be called 'Lin', but she didn't mind as much when it was Bran who was calling her it.

"Naw," Dally answered. "You wanna have a go?" Bran nodded and went to wake his sister.

"Hey, Lin, wake up." He said gently, pushing her hair back.

"I don't wanna." She mumbled.

"I know you don't. But you havta." Lindsey just moaned and turned to face the other direction.

"C'mon, Lin." He urged, just as gently. Just then, their mother yelled.

"Lindsey Winston! Get out of bed this instant!"

"See, Lin," Bran continued. "Mom wants you to get up."

"Yeah," She answered. "And so does Dad, and so do you. I don't." Bran chuckled.

"Tell you what," He said. "If you get up now, I'll take you wherever you want at lunch." Lindsey had skipped a grade when she had first started school, because being the youngest of the gang's kids at the time, they wanted her to be in the same grade as Ponyboy's daughter, Arielle. Since then, however, she was no longer the youngest. So since she had skipped the grade, she was in high school, at fourteen, in the same school as Bran. She looked at Bran. They always went off campus during lunch, but here Bran would let her choose where to go? She pondered the though, then shook her head.

"Nah. I rather sleep." Bran sighed.

"C'mon, Lindsey. You wanna get grounded? If you don't go, you know mom's gonna ground you. And if you ain't ready in the next ten minutes, I'm leaving without you, and you'll walk."

"Braa-aa-n!" She whined. All she wanted was to sleep.

"Please, Lin?" He asked again. "Just wake up! Do it for me!" Lindsey sighed. She knew she had to get up. For some reason, with the Winston siblings, when ever either of them said "Do it for me", the other did it, no matter what it was. She sat up in bed, rubbing her eyes.

"All right, all right, I'm up."

"LINDSEY WINSTON!" Her mother yelled again.

"She's up, Mom!" Bran answered for her. He left the room for her to change.

Okay, this was really boring, but I was introducing the characters and setting up and all and yeah. I promise it'll get better. Please review!