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Rehearsal ended and I went to get my stuff.

"Ready?" A voice asked behind me. I turned around and smiled at Hal.

"Yeah." I followed him to his car. He was really hot…but there was something else. He was incredibly nice too. Oh, no…I think I might like him. Liking someone is so complicated. Its like, do I like him? I'm never really sure.

"So how long have you been involved in theatre?" Hal asked. I could tell he was just trying to make conversation.

"I've loved it since kindergarten. You?"

"I've been into it for a long time too, I've just never gotten myself involved."

"It's a great thing to be involved in." I said thinking about all the great memories I had involving theatre.

"Yeah, it is." We talked about some more things and I quickly found out he was really funny. We arrived at my house and I invited him in. No one was home.

"Want something to drink?" She offered.

"Uh, sure." She brought him a coke and they sat down. They talked for a long time, not even noticing the time. They realized it was about eleven when Bran walked in.

"What's going on?" He asked switching into protective brother mode.

"Nothing's going on, Bran. I'm sitting here with Hal and we're talking."

"At eleven o'clock?" I looked at my watch.

"Yeah that's right." I answered.

"I think it's time you leave." Bran told Hal.

"Bran!" I said.

"It's time who leaves?" Dad's voice came from the door.

"Lindsey's friend, here." Bran provided, glaring at Hal.

"Bran, can you stop!" I said.

"Who is this?" Dad asked in the same, protective tone.

"Hal Landen." Hal stood, finally having a moment to speak.

"Landen…?" Dad's tone went from protective to angry.

"Uh, yeah." Hal looked back at me than back to Dad. I shrugged, confused.

"Any relation to Jonathan Landen?"

"Uh, yeah…he's my father."

"I think you need to leave now." Dad said dangerously.

"Dad!" I said, my voice rising.

"No…no, it's okay. I'll see you at school." Hal said to me and left.

"What the hell was that!" I yelled. Bran too was surprised. There seemed to be something more to Dad kicking him out then just protectiveness for his daughter.

"Me?" Dad asked. "What's with you having a Soc in the house?"

"A soc? First, what does it matter what he is as long as we get along? And second, he is not! He lives a block away!"

"No, Lindsey. That boy is a Soc. His father was one of the biggest Socs out there when I was a kid. If I could even begin to tell you all the times I got jailed because of him."

"I don't believe it. Why would he lie to me before he even knew me?" I said. "Forget this. I'm going to my room."

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