Kim Possible: Retirement.

"I can't believe they got out so soon after trying to take over the world!" Ron Said.

"Well, they get out every other time." Kim muttered. First Eric, now they were out again, and this time at a new lair.

"Well, let's get in…." Ron grinned, "The Possible/Stoppable team to the worlds rescue!" Kim laughed at that and gave Ron a peck on the cheek—she would do more, but they were on duty. A quick use of her laser cutter, and they were in one of the ventilation shafts.

"OK, now we just go-" two heavy hatches sealed them in the shaft.

"Or not." Ron said. Kim used her cutter on the walls…but that metal was impervious…as were the hatches.

"Wow, this is pretty good for Drakken." Ron said, and then they both smelled a sweetish odor…and passed out.

When Kim came to, it was with Drakken holding smelling salts under her nose. She looked over at Ron, who was shaking his head groggily, in a chair that looked like it was made out of battleship steel. Rufus was in a cage on the table, and Kim, when she tried to burst her bonds, realized that she had about as much chance as getting out as she did moving the sun by herself.

"What's your plan now, Drakken?" Kim said to the mad scientist.

"Oh," He said, in a somewhat different voice. "I talk, you listen, and we go from there." Kim blinked. That didn't sound like a rant…in fact he sounded, well…perfectly normal. That was scary. The sound of a door opening behind them, caused Drakken's head to raise.

"Here's your coffee, Drew."

"Thank you Beatrice." Drakken said, as Shego? Walked into their vision. Except…well…

"Shego, you're not green." Ron said.

"That's what I like about you, Ron—nothing escapes your gaze." She said. "Presuming we can convince you not to attack us on sight—what do you want? Coke, coffee? Kim, you drink diet, we have that."

"Beatrice?" Kim said stupidly.

"Beatrice Lipsky." Shego supplied.

"You got married after you escaped?" Kim said.

"Actually, we've been married for just over 20 years." Drakken said, "Comet powers keep Beatrice looking young, and trim."

"And give you an excuse to avoid the gym….'oh, you don't understand how hard it is, Beatrice….'" She paused, "I've had babies, remember?"

"Babies?" Ron said intelligently.

"You?" Kim added, equally intelligently.

"Yep. Three. Be nice or I'll force you to watch slideshows." Kim shuddered. That was a threat, she knew from her own family's experience. Trying to regain some momentum, she started to talk.

"So, what is your plan?" She asked. "Another Synthodrone?" Shego sighed.

"Sorry about that, Kimberly. It was… important. I won't give you any bull about how you and Ron got together after all—it could have gone the other way. And if it did, it would still have been important enough to do."

"Take over the world?"

"No." A new voice said, "Prepare the world for your retirement." Kim tried to turn. She knew that voice.

Dr. Director walked in the room, gave Drakken and Shego (Beatrice) a hug and nodded at the poleaxed Kim and Ron.

"How are the kids?" She asked the other two.

"James is graduating this month from MIT—are you going to make it?"

"Couldn't keep me away. Sara and Ruth?"

"Just hitting the teenage years…dad's clueless, mom's a psychobitch, you know the drill." Shego said grinning.

"Ah, yes, well, we generally survive it… as unlikely as it seems…hello Kimberly, Ron, Rufus." She smiled at Kim.

"I'm not a syntho drone, or a brainwashed prisoner… now," a door slid open, and outside, Kim saw a lobby, with one of the streets of Middleton beyond it. "if I release you, will you promise to give us 30 minutes of your time? No more. After that, I guarantee you can walk out of here, and whatever your answer at the end, Shego and Drakken will never trouble you again."

"Ok…" Kim said, still struggling to regain her balance. A subdued click sounded in the room, and the chairs released them.

"Good." Dr. Director said. "Now… let me explain some things…"

To be concluded.