Author's note: This was written after my first time seeing the movie, after one a.m., and mainly because my muse forced me to write something for Sin City. I'm not that crazy about it, but while it's far from my best, it is - sadly, perhaps - far from my worst as well. Anyway, hopefully it isn't as bad as I think it is, hope you enjoy, please review.

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Wendy knew when she went to see Marv one last time, she wasn't going to see him as herself. She was going as her sister, her twin sister. She was going as Goldie. She had been mistaken for Goldie plenty of times by Marv. This time it wasn't going to be a mistake.

He deserved it after all. He had killed Kevin, Cardinal Roark, had gone through Hell to avenge her sister and protected her from any involvement. He loved her sister, and he would die for her sister, so he would get to hold her sister one more time.

She had a feeling Goldie would want Wendy to do this, too. Goldie had always been so nice, sweet. A hooker who worked the clergy but still retained some essence of innocence. She'd given Marv something special, and even though Marv knew it was for selfish reasons, he still loved her for it. Goldie would want to repay him for her not so honorable deed, for getting him in this sentence, but Goldie was dead.

Wendy wondered if Marv would have loved Goldie as much if she had lived past that night. Probably. Goldie had gone searching for Marv, for someone who was big and strong, who could protect her. Had he not been asleep that night, he would have protected her. Had she lived past that night, he would have loved her anyway, Wendy knew.

Marv found that night to precious to hold it against Goldie.

Wendy and Goldie both owed him for what he'd done for them.

For once in her life, Wendy didn't internally groan when she was called Goldie. She let Marv call her that as much as he liked, and she smiled at him and gave him the only thing she could give him. She laid in his arms, and didn't mind that Marv wasn't holding her.