Author's note: Now Hartigan/Nancy is not really a pairing I ship, nor am I overly crazy about the characters, but several friends of mine love the pairing, and one of them had a birthday recently, and this was written for her as a birthday present. I have no comic book knowledge of this two, so it's solely based on the movie. Forgive me for any comic mistakes. Hope you enjoy, please review.

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It'd been the ordeal with Hartigan that had inspired Nancy to take an interest in law. Even when she was a little girl, even before she'd been kidnapped, she'd always been interested in detectives and the like. Afterwards, that'd become her life, her dependency. She always had to go back to those books where good won out, and the heroes were treated like heroes, and they got the girl.

It wasn't like that in the real world of Basin City though. It was cold and cruel, but Nancy didn't let it harden her like it did others. It hadn't corrupted Hartigan, and it wouldn't corrupt her. Her letters helped. She never received word back from him, she couldn't, but she knew he had to be getting them, they had to mean something.

He'd looked after her. He'd saved her at the docks, and he'd saved her at the hospital. Always looking out for her, even though he barely knew her. A real knight in shining armor. Or at least a knight with a shiny badge. He'd looked out for her, and she would repay him every way she could.

So she wrote to him. She knew the truth, and she never let anyone tell her otherwise, not even her parents. She wrote to him every week, and she was careful. She was a smart, little girl, she knew what to do. She'd read enough books to know how to keep herself safe, but she wasn't going to abandon him after all he'd done for her.

That's why she'd gotten interested in law. She'd started out, trying to search for any loophole, any rule to be bent, anything that would help her free Hartigan and clear his name, prove he was the real hero. Her hero. She hadn't found anything that could really help her. She had no way to prove her claims, and the law was strict, and when the corrupt cops and politicians wanted it strict, it stayed strict. But only during those few times.

After her parents' died, she'd had to find a way to keep up her payments all on her own, and she'd worked hard. She was a young girl, about to be a woman, and she was limber. She'd learned how, and she'd started dancing at the joint called Kadie's. At first she'd been a little nervous at the prospect of dancing in front of all those drunks, scantily clad, but she'd been promised she would be safe, and she'd get paid.

And she'd liked it. The dancing, her whole body moving to the music, it had been so, exhilarating. She'd felt free, and sometimes she'd wonder how Hartigan would feel if he saw her there. She knew he wouldn't approve, but it was just until she had enough money and had graduated. Then she'd just dance for herself. And when he was out, sometimes she liked to believe she could dance for him, too.

Her hero. Her white knight. She didn't care what they said about him, she didn't care how old he was. He was still her hero, and he'd protected her, he'd been willing to die for her, a little girl he didn't even known. Her knight, and she loved him.

Nancy knew he'd probably never get out, but she still had faith. She knew he would come back to her one day, and then she would be truly safe again. Nothing bad could happen to her when she was with him. No more dancing for drunks, no more reporting break ins that would never be looked into, no more being weighed down in class because some of the professors knew about her night job. Nothing like that.

And then Hartigan came back. And Nancy was safe again, the moment she saw him, she knew she was safe. She'd always be safe.