Chapter Two

Two years ago at a French research lab run by BioNet a team of scientists begin to regain consciousness after being kidnapped. They awaken in a living dorm with one exit leading to a large laboratory separated from two more rooms by windowed walls with a single door to each and an elevator door at the far end.

/#/Greetings, we know you are wondering where you are right now. Be assured you are perfectly safe. How love you remain that way depends solely on your level of cooperation./#/ Says a cold female voice on the inter-com/#/ Those who do what we say will be rewarded. Those who don't will find themselves going from researcher to the subject. In this room…/#/

The lights in the room to their left snap on, revealing an expansive hanger containing the Stealth Mega Stryker hovering in place a few feet off the ground.

/#/The vehicle you see before you is of extra terrestrial origin. For those of you in the xeno-technological field, your object is to unlock the secrets of using and manufacturing this craft. And in this room…/#/

Now the lights in the room to their right pop on illuminating a medical examination room complete with exam table with leather restraints and a stasis tube. In the tube is a young man in his early twenties with dark reddish brown skin, missing his left hand, and a shaved head floating unconscious.

/#/We offer those of you in the field of xeno-biology the grand opportunity to study living being from another world. This young man was recovered when exiting the vessel after its crash. I'll leave you to your work and remember BioNet doesn't except failures./#/

Fearful for their lives the scientists quickly scurry about getting acquainted with their work, each heading toward his and her respected area of expertise. As everyone else starts their preliminary examinations, a single professor in xeno-tech, robotics, cybernetics, and xeno-biology steps close to the stasis tube. She absently places her hand on the plexiglas feeling sorry for the boy inside, the moment she makes contact his dragon like red slotted eyes snap open and orient on her emerald eyes.

"C…Can you hear me?" She asks nervously and he nods slowly, "Good, My name Is Sara Tensai and I'll do everything I can to help you." Professor Tensai states. The boy simply nods in acknowledgement and slips back into his slumber.

'My name is Nivek.' Sara jumps with a start from the deep voice in her mind.

The next morning, Sara enters the main lab to find everyone in a panic. Nivek can be seen in the exam room holding a male researcher against the window by the throat while and a female one cowering in a corner in fear.

"What happened?" Sara asks the nearest person.

"That guy went in to collect some samples." A young man answers. "But as soon as he placed his hand against the tube, to wipe away some dust, the alien burst from the device and attacked him."

Sara's eyes grow wide as she remembers their encounter last night. Before anyone can stop her she runs into the exam room to stop Nivek. Once in the room she lightly places her hand on Nivek's shoulder with a reassuring look. Nivek glances at her out the corner of his eye for a moment and releases the scientist, who runs from the room followed by the female one. As he looks at her Sara is filled with a sense of familiarity she can't quite place. As months go by the two gain a rapport as they work closely together. The only person allowed operating on Nivek for any reason is Sara. With his knowledge of his own biology and her genius in cybernetics to craft him a new left hand which he later modifies to have a secondary talon form.

Thirteen months ago, Sara in shaken awake by Keith to the sounds of battle in the lab area. He snatches her from her bunk just before a large steel beam bursts from the ceiling, crashing thru the entire wall. The two rush out into the relative safety of the lab. Sara takes in the sight of most of her fellow captive researcher's slaughtered bodies scattered around and the rest being attack by various cyborgs. Sara and Keith and thrown to the ground by a cyborg from behind. Pain spikes thru her mind from the dislocation of her shoulder upon impact. Looking over Sara can tell Keith is dead from three massive slash wounds on his back. It's at that moment she notices the shadow looming over her with its claw poised to end her life. The cyborg swings down across her back and Sara closes her eyes tightly as eternal darkness engulfs her. Nivek releases the cyborg's body after having had twisted its head backward and ripped off its claw arm. He moves over to Sara to see how bad she got hurt. She has two very bad but not life threatening diagonal slashes from shoulder to butt on her back and she seems to have simply fainted. Nivek carefully carries her thru the chaos to the Stealth Mega Stryker, which opens a side hatch at his approach the closes behind him, and lays her on a soft bunk to rest. Once in the cockpit he places his hands onto the control orbs.

"Shara, status report!'

/#/ Systems wide damage from the crash still detected. Primary drive engines output at 65 and holding, primary weapons online, nova weapon offline, aura weapon offline, system change offline due to servo damage, shields online, ES engine offline, stealth online, sensors operating at 37, and hull integrity holding at 79./#/

"That should be enough to escape. Activate shields, we're leaving!"

/#/ By your command./#/

As the Stealth Mega Stryker powers up aligning with the hangar door, a large robot and sizable group of cyborgs gather to stand in his way. Two large elongated lance blades glow a bright energy crackling blue as the split at the center and fire plasma bolts forward rapidly. As the shots tear thru the BioNet forces the hangar door erupts into a hailstorm of fire and debris; once most of the smoke clears two giant female robots can be seen. One black with a long missile rack, the other pink with a large masor cannon. They survey the hangar for survivors when they notice the SMS powering up. But before they can react a low level plasma bolt strikes each square in the chest knocking them to the ground as the SMS streaks over them into the sky. From the ground a female mostly human cyborg girl in her mid teens with long red hair and a green G-stone glowing in her golden right arm watches as the ship cloak makes it vanish into thin air.

Two days later Sara awakens to the soft humming of an older woman. As her eyes open she finds herself in the bedroom of a quaint cabin. Across from her sitting in a wicker chair is a middle aged Latino woman reading several papers attached to a clipboard. She speaks to Sara with a strong accent and with out looking up.

"This is some interesting technology your friend has. I think we might be able to help each other out." She states.

"Where am I?" Sara asks groggily,"How did I get here?"

"You're in my secluded cabin get away in Washington. As for how you got here, that's a question best answered by your friend from the stars." She answers.

As if summoned Nivek enters the room, the realization of the woman's statement apparent on her face. He step into the room in what she decides must be some kind of leather body armor. Knowing his true origins though, Sara figures there's more to it than meets the eye.

"I suspect you are satisfied with the results of your latest tests of my suit in action." Nivek states in his usual emotionless deep voice.

"I've told a hundred times Nivek, learn to sound nicer when speaking to people." Sara teases, causing him to blush for a split second.

Nivek walks over to Sara to see how she is healing. He tells her to roll over so he could check her wounds. When she does, wincing in pain, she blushes deeply realizing for the first time that she is nude under the blankets and is exposing herself to him. He carefully removes her old bandages, sprays on something that stings for a second, and places new bandages on. As Sara rolls back over she notices that there is no pain this time.

"That stuff is amazing. You had some very nasty slashes on your back. With that spray the wounds are almost completely heal in ONLY two days. Yet another thing we could study in my corporation." The woman states from behind Nivek.

"Whether you get my continued cooperation or a swift death is all determined on my friend here Miss Hialos."

"Hialos?" Sara blurts out in surprise, "As in Carmon Hialos chairman and founder of the Scientific Progressive Corporation?"

"One in the same. I could use someone of your skills…Professor Tensai. Not only would my company get an invaluable resource in yourself, but I get the feeling the two of you are a package deal." Carmon says mater-of-fact.

Over the course of the next few months Nivek and Sara work along side the SPC scientists creating new cybernetics, robotics, vessels, computing systems, weapons, and armors. Ms. Hialos begins having troops trained as news of GGG being unable to return after defeating the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol. With their only real threat gone BioNet begins to make its presence felt hard.

Ten months ago, BioNet forces have spread to the four corners of the globe. The only governments left are America, Japan, Russia, and England. Deciding to make it a point to destroy any remaining vestiges of there old enemies BioNet has leveled most of Paris wiping out Chasseur. Mamoru and Kaidou coordinate with ground forces from the GGG orbital base, not knowing that their ranks have been infiltrated by SPC operatives feeding relevant data back to a cloaked ship over Prague.

"Sir, we have just received a data link from an astral operative. It appears BioNet is amassing in Paris for a final assault against Chasseur."

"Helmsmen set course for Paris. Top Speed!"

Within the hour as the BioNet ships are opening their gun ports and the remaining people of Paris prepare for death. Death came! The thunderous sound of BioNet's ships being destroyed echoed across the planet. The Dark Crystal de-cloaks as dozens of fighters launch to mop up as the massive turret guns destroy the larger vessels in the confusion. Of the original forty ships BioNet sent, only fifteen are left to take on the Dark Crystal. The rest either have been destroyed or damaged to badly to continue the fight. The remaining ships merge into three giant robots, two of which lunge at the ship only to be taken out by the primary cannons. The third is slammed backwards by a de-cloaking Stealth Mega Stryker. The robot tosses the fighter away and gets back onto it's feet as the SMS circles back in a wide arc.

"Alright Shara, lets show these humans our real power.!" Nivek states lining up with the BioNet robot.

/Target locked all systems green./ Shara informs him.

Two large panels open on the top and bottom and energy builds from them over the front of the ship.

"Aura Cannon!" The Stealth Mega Stryker unleashed a beam of golden energy that obliterates the torso of the robot before the rest explode mere seconds later. Similar scenes are seen the world over as the rest of the S.P.C.'s J-Ark class cruisers launch.