Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Title: Ada, I Dreamt of Nana 2B/2

Author: Sivan Shemesh


Rating: G

Warning: Fluff, and humor, a bit of angst.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them to my own bunny.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Legolas questions his adar about his nana, and it leads to an unexpected dream…

Note: Legolas's age is five, only an elfling compared to the other elves. A short vignette.


Legolas began to dream…

Thranduil was in the garden and he saw himself walking towards his father.

He saw his father greeting someone, but he could not see who it was.

"Adar?" he called.

He saw his father and the figure turn their heads towards him.

It was then he saw who the other person was. She looked beautiful. Her hair was black and short, much shorter than his father's.

Legolas saw that she was not alone; there was a figure of another person behind him. The face of person looked almost like his.

For some reason he remembered what his father had told him about his mother, and he looked into her eyes.

"Naneth?" Legolas asked loudly.

Her eyes were gray, and he could feel himself flying, not sailing as his father had told him.

"Legolas?" Vaguely he heard a voice calling to him.

"Legolas?" Thranduil said softly, not wanting to startle his son, as it was obvious to him that Legolas was dreaming. But whatever he was dreaming of was making him a little restless.

"Ion-nin, look at me," Thranduil raised his voice a little, as he stroked his son's hair.

Thranduil watched as a large smile suddenly appeared on his son's face.

Legolas woke up when he felt his father's hands on his shoulders, gently shaking him. But he felt excited; he knew he had seen his naneth in his dreams.

He slowly opened his eyes, not wanting to lose the vision of his naneth. When he finally did open them, he saw his father looking at him with a slightly worried look on his face.

"Adar, I dreamt of nana… I saw nana…" Legolas said in excitement. But then the excitement gave way to tears as he sobbed, "Who… was the… the man… beside her?"

Thranduil looked at his son curiously, not knowing what he should say as he did not know of what his son was speaking about.

He pulled his son closer to him and hugged him tightly, allowing Legolas to cry on his shoulder, his own tears falling once more to land on Legolas' hair. The memories of his dear wife were very strong.

"Tell me, my son… what did you dream of?" Thranduil asked softly.

Legolas pulled away slightly and looked up at his adar. Sniffing a little, he told him everything that he could remember.

Thranduil sighed and leaned down to kiss his son before hugging him once more. "It was only a dream, my son, nothing more…" he said.

"But… but…" Legolas began sobbing again s he tried to explain to his father that it was so real.

"Shh… my child… my sweet child…" Thranduil whispered softly, gently laying Legolas back on his bed. "Sleep, my son… sleep peacefully… your naneth is always watching over you…"

Legolas blinked; he soon stopped crying, and he was breathing more calmly.

Thranduil looked down upon his son and smiled.

He loved his son deeply as much as he loved his wife.

The End


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