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The Photo

The Lower Elements Police Station

Sool had been given the position of Commander of the LEP. Holly Short had been accused of a murder she hadn't committed and had left the LEP. Holly would be the first of many. Times were not good in the Lower Elements Police.

No one liked Sool, especially Foaly. He had no respect for his officers. Sure, Julius had been strict, but he had been fair.

Major Trouble Kelp had been put behind a desk, despite his protests. Paperwork was his worst nightmare. But today he had a break, as did Foaly. Instead of manning their proper posts and doing some use, Sool had given them a temporary job.

"Make this office habitable before the end of your double shift! Get rid of everything! Including this awful stench!"

That office had been Julius Roots office. The awful stench was that of the fungus cigars he had smoked constantly. Trouble shook his head sadly. He had never thought that he would find the smell comforting.

So here they were. Foaly and Trouble had set aside their respective jobs for the night and were sifting sadly through their ex-commanders belongings.

So far they hadn't really found anything of interest. A half empty box of fungus cigars, a lot of paperwork and a sealed acorn (Foaly grinned at this). It was Trouble who found the photo, not that he had taken any interest in it to begin with.

"Hey, Trouble, what's this?" Indeed, the old photo would have gone unnoticed altogether had Foaly not spied it.

"Just a picture Foaly, nothing interesting."

Foaly chuckled. "Trouble Kelp, I'm ashamed! Don't you remember why you wanted to join the LEP?"

The elf looked up, suddenly interested. "My old man. He was always saying he had friends in the LEP. 'Good honest men work there, my lad. You'd do well to join them. I didn't have the courage, but you, my son, you do!' That's what he'd say." He grinned suddenly. "He still says it, except recently he's been saying that I should work my way to the top and knock a certain gnome off his pedestal!"

A loud burst of laughter came from the Command Office. When it subsided the quiet chatter continued.

"Those friends in the LEP, Julius Root wouldn't happen to have been one of them, would he?"

Trouble bent over the photo to have a closer look. "Well I never…" he trailed off emphatically. There, staring him straight in the face was his father, his ex-commander and several other men who vaguely resembled people he knew. About four of the seven fairies were wearing old style LEP uniforms. For a while, he tried to match father to son, finally stopping on one grinning face. He looked at it pensively.

"Do you remember him?" Trouble pointed to the face. He was standing tall, well as tall as an elf could get, bold and smiling. Foaly squinted at the face, trying to recall every detail about this particular elf's demise.

"One of the best damn officers the LEP has ever seen," Foaly stated boldly as Trouble sombrely nodded in agreement. The centaur glanced around the room nervously, as though the next words he uttered were best left unsaid. "You were part of it. What do you think? Killed in action or murdered?"

Trouble cringed. He hated being reminded that he had been a part of the escapade that saw the death of this elf, who wore the acorns of a Major. "What do you think?" He hissed. "Murdered, of course!"

Foaly reached up to re-adjust his tin foil hat. He had taken to wearing it again since Sool had been instated as commander. "Yes, well I believe it was murder too." Foaly's hushed voice was barely heard over the air conditioning unit. "But the Council didn't. The only witness... poor girl."

No, Trouble thought morosely. No, 'poor girl' was too cheap a way to describe the pain that went through Holly Short as she watched her father's death.

Foaly gingerly lifted off the tin foil hat, fingering its creases absently. "Major Adlai Short," he said in memoriam as Trouble shut his eyes tightly.

"I should send Holly a copy of this, she'd like to see it," Foaly added in a tone slightly lighter.

Trouble opened his eyes to find the tin foil hat replaced on its perch. He could only nod wordlessly, believing that it may be impossible to sound any words past the lump that had appeared in his throat.

Short and Diggums Privet Detective Agency

Holly Short sat back with a sigh. The Agency had been doing well, very well in fact. From what she had heard from her friends in the LEP Mulch and her had gotten more calls than them! Looks like the public don't like Sool either, she mused to herself.

Closing her eyes for a moment, she almost drifted off to sleep in her chair. She definitely would have if it hadn't have been for the loud beeping her computer was producing. Resisting a groan she opened the email.

"Trouble and I found this when Sool ordered us to clear out Julius's office. Thought it might interest you.

Yours truly,

The Slaving Centaur."

Holly laughed out loud. Sool was evil, there was no doubt, but Foaly could make the best out of a bad situation!

Opening the attachment she slowly downloaded a copy of a photograph. Obviously it was extremely old. There were fairies of different kinds, some wearing old fashioned LEP uniforms. Foaly had typed names below.

"Left to right; Vein, Adair, Louis, Kelp, Root, Short, Clovis."

Short? Holly stared into the face of her deceased father. He was standing right beside Commander Root. Julius and Adlai had been friends from when they had entered the LEP together. Both were dead now. Both were murdered. Both died in front of her eyes.

Tears filled the hazel eyes which had seen more than anyone should ever have had to.

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