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Question Time

Holly was thanking her lucky stars that Private Trouble Kelp hadn't gone straight to Commander Lichens after discovering her. But it didn't stop her from sitting sullenly silent while Trouble questioned her.

"Holly, what are you doing in here?"

No answer.

"Fine, do you realise your father could get fired for having you on LEP premises without a pass?"


"If you're going to act like that then maybe I should just go get the Commander and let him grill you down?"

Not even a movement.

A note of frustration wormed its way into Trouble's voice, "Or I could just drag you out of here and stick you in a cell myself!!!"

Holly's head rose as she tore her gaze away from her shoes to glare straight into Private Kelp's eyes.

This was how they were, with Foaly looking on nervously, when the door buzzed for Foaly's permission to admit another fairy.

Each person in the Ops Booth was startled into action. Trouble yanked Holly out of her seat and rather unceremoniously deposited her back in her cupboard, hissing at her to stay quiet. Foaly was fumbling to activate the door whilst checking Holly was well hidden.

Any light that might have gotten in to Holly's hiding place was blocked by, what she suspected, was Trouble's leg. Her head was whirling. Possibilities of what was to come raced through her head, chasing each other. None were pleasant.

Then a voice filtered through to her- a voice which reassured her and helped her reach a point of calmness so that she could think quite clearly. It was also a voice that was followed by the collective sighs of Foaly and Trouble.


The door slid shut behind Adlai as he took in the faces of the elf and the centaur. "Why is it that every time I see you two together it always looks as though you're conspiring to blow up half of Haven?"

Their expressions had slid to relief from terror, but they were quickly changing again. Foaly looked afraid for his life and Trouble looked awkward as he stood, fidgeting in front of a set of storage cupboards.

Something was amiss and Adlai had a sinking feeling that he knew what it was. "What?" he asked cautiously.

Foaly and Trouble exchanged a glance as a moment's silence fell across the room. Then-

"I'm sorry Adlai!!! I tried! I really did!!!"

"Major Short! Do you realise that Foaly's kidnapped your daughter?"

"I couldn't exactly lock her in!"

"I don't know how she could have gotten in here without help!"

"It was his fault!!!!!"

Their voices clashed as they spoke together and Major Short barely made out a word of what they were frantically trying to say. "Enough!!!" he barked, in a manner he used only when leading his retrieval team. "I can't understand either of you when you're talking like that! One of you please tell me what's going on here?!"

His fears were confirmed. Trouble stepped ever so slightly to his right, bringing with him a door. The cupboard flooded with light as an elfin figure clambered out, looking up guiltily.



Holly walked over to stand beside her father. His hand rested reassuringly on top of her shoulder.

Now it was Trouble's turn to be grilled.

"Well Kelp? Are you going to tell on me?"

Trouble winced inwardly. He wished Short hadn't phrased it like that. It made him sound like a schoolboy snitch. Or, he thought unkindly, like his brother Grub and his incessant, 'I'm going to tell Mummy on you!'

Then the words of the question hit him.

"Tell on you?! But, I thought that… she broke in- not that you smuggled her in!!!"

Holly spoke her first words to Trouble that day. "She has a name you know," she protested grumpily.

Adlai squeezed her shoulder- a warning. "Call it work experience, if you will. Totally against regulations but when have we really cared about them before?"

Trouble fidgeted some more before coming to a decision, "I won't tell. Just," he paused before shaking his head and directing his next comment at Holly, "don't get caught again."

Adlai smiled fondly at the young elf. He stepped across the floor and placed his other hand on Trouble's ducked head- a gesture that he had picked up from the boy's father. "If you're sure. If Lichens finds out you realise you're career will be gone quicker than a centaur can swallow a carrot. You do realise that?"

Behind him, Foaly muttered, "I resent that carrot comment."

"Then we'll have to make sure Lichens, or anybody else for that matter, doesn't find out." Trouble said, the fire that usually graced his eyes returning. "So you'd better tell me this plan of yours before I go and accidentally blow it."

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