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(Albedo x Jr)

Albedo was still alive.

That phrase ran over and over inside of Gaignun Kukai Jr.'s mind as the Elsa sped through space toward the haunting Song of Nephilim. It didn't take much to convince Jr. that his darker half was still alive. Somehow, after chaos and Canaan had saved him and Nigredo from Miltia with a white-haired boy absent, Jr. had known deep in his heart that his twin was still alive. He was immortal with his gift of regeneration wasn't he? Or was it more of a curse…

Coming for ma pêche, Rubedo?

The intrusion into his mind sent involuntarily shivers down his spine and he closed his eyes as turbulence rocketed the Elsa slightly off course, concentrating.

Albedo! What are you doing inside that thing! And…how did you get off of Miltia…?

A bitter chuckle echoed inside his mind, making Jr.'s heart jump.

So suddenly you care about where and how I've been, eh Rubedo? The coldness in his voice didn't go unnoticed as Jr. received the mental message.

I…I thought you died when U-DO attacked us…

Have you forgotten? I can't die.

Jr. unconsciously stepped back as their mental link was abruptly severed by Albedo. There had been forebodingness in the tone of Albedo's voice and he shivered, realizing he'd eventually have to face his other half to rescue MOMO. Fourteen years had already passed…What would he say? What would Albedo do? And…why was Albedo inside the Song of Nephilim…? Jr. winced as the Song only certain people could hear rang in his ears, a lilting and sweet sound that drove whoever heard it over the brink of insanity.

As the Elsa circled around the structure, Captain Matthews kicked Hammer's chair, knocking the navigator forward and sprawling over the mess of blinking buttons. "Ya moron! Find us a place to dock already!"

"I'm working on it! ...Hey, Captain! There's an opening to the side where we can dock!" Captain Matthews nodded in approval, crossing his masculine arms and lowering his infamous "CAUTION: I AM A BOOZER!" hat slightly.

"All right! Bring us in, Tony. Be careful."

"Aye, sir!" The handsome pilot leaned to the left and the Elsa moved along with him, dodging bits and pieces of debris. After securing the cargo ship to the small plank jutting conveniently out of the Song of Nephilim, the five combatants readied their weapons and equipment.

As chaos fiddled with his gloves, he smiled at the group of people on the bridge with equally determined looks on their faces. "Remember to be careful, everyone. This place is dangerous and we mustn't allow the Song to play for long…" Shion nodded in agreement, green eyes fuming with her passion to save the Realian who had become like a daughter to her. She swung her right arm back and forth, testing out the feel of the M.W.S. Miyuki had recently upgraded.

"Let's go, everyone!" the Vector employee shouted, walking out of the room. KOS-MOS obediently followed suit and chaos after. The remaining two allies, Ziggy and Jr., stared at each other and the message received in the others' eyes was clear.

Don't mess up.

As the five comrades entered the Song, all was quiet. Boxes and junk were scattered across the front hall, and the smell of cherries hung sweetly in the air. A rustling sound caused the group to turn in that direction and Shion let out a gasp as an expressionless MOMO appeared from the rubbish.

"MOMO!" Jr. cried, wincing at himself. He had almost called her Sakura. An image of Sakura flashed in his mind and he tried to shrug it off as MOMO stared at him with unreadable golden eyes. Something clicked in his mind. "Don't tell me…we're too late…? Damn…that bastard! He's taken her consciousness! I'm gonna make him pay for this! Hold on, MOMO! I'll make you whole again!" As he muttered these things to himself, the group surrounding him exchanged confused looks.

"Jr.! What happened to MOMO?" Shion asked worriedly. Jr. glanced sideways at her.

"That monster Albedo's gone and reversed the spiritual link…" he muttered, looking warily around himself. He couldn't shake the sense of foreboding that tickled his senses. Ziggy decided to step in, asking about the reversal of the spiritual link and after Jr. gave him a hasty reply that seemed to satisfy the cyborg, the red-head sighed, shaking his head.

"It's best for you all to go back. I'll handle this on my own." This is all my fault, anyway. He moved to continue down the darkened path when chaos' soft voice cut in through everyone else's stunned silence.

"Wait! It's too dangerous to go alone!" You think I don't know that, chaos? Jr. paused for a moment, leveling his gaze with chaos' serene blue. chaos continued to be somewhat of an enigma to Jr. He'd been the one who had rescued the URTVs fourteen years ago along with Canaan, who they hadn't seen since. It had been fourteen years since the variant leader had first met chaos, and he still didn't know much about him. Jr. never had any reason to say no to the young boy-he owed him his life after all. But now was the time when Jr. just couldn't risk harming anyone else…not with his temper.

"Sorry. This is between me and him…All right?" chaos looked slightly surprised by his reply but didn't say anything. Keeping their eyes locked for a moment longer, Jr. turned to leave when MOMO stopped in front of him. His heart stopped as he took in her golden eyes and peach-colored hair. If only her eyes were green and hair brown like the earth…he could've sworn Sakura was still alive then. It disheartened him to see her standing there, a sort of mockery of his failed attempt to save someone he had grown to care deeply for. His eyes softened somewhat and he whispered softly.

"MOMO…You…wanna come with me?" The Realian nodded once and Jr. just couldn't say no to her. Seizing the chance, Shion hurried to the seemingly younger boy's side.

"I'm going, too." The tone in her voice left no room for argument.

"Shion…" Jr. sighed, scratching his head. I guess I have no choice. I just hope this turns out ok.

Deep inside the Song of Nephlim, a lone figure sat upon his throne, a corpse strewn across his lap. The candles surrounding his lair illuminated the many similar broken bodies that littered the floor disgracefully, their eyes blank and lips parted slightly. Long silver hair tumbled over the armrest as the man continued to gently stroke her hair, knocking over her headdress in the process. His eerie amethyst eyes flickered with an unknown emotion as he smiled wickedly at the dead Kirschwasser, remembering her look of understanding before he had quickly disposed of her life.

Both he and the Kirschwassers knew what it felt like to be unwanted, to be ignored and neglected. So he had taken them in and they had stayed by his side as he was the only one who offered them something they had never received from Joachim Mizrahi: affection. Although his affection for the Kirschwassers was more twisted than the orthodox kind, they loved him for paying attention to them anyway. He also gave them a privilege in being able to die and rest in peace. He wondered what it was like to die. Hopefully he'd find out soon so Rubedo wouldn't have to leave him first, so he wouldn't have to know what it'd be like to live for eternity alone and ignored.

Sensing the girl's warmth dissipating, he scoffed in annoyance and tossed her to the ground, resting his elbow on the armrest and placing his cheek in his hand. She had been his favorite Kirschwasser, too. A noise behind Albedo alerted his sensitive ears and he craned his neck backwards slightly, grinning for he knew who was there.Virgil appeared at his side, unveiling his mask to reveal his scowling face.

"They're here, Albedo." Albedo immediately smiled and stood up, towering slightly above the blonde man.

"Alas, I didn't expect them to come so soon! Ah, I can sense Rubedo's aura drawing nearer…such a hot temper…" the white-haired URTV murmured, a psychotic cackle escaping his lips. Virgil rolled his eyes, used to the crazed man's antics.

"Shall we wait here?"

Albedo's grin widened and he craned his neck to look directly at Virgil, mauve eyes flashing dangerously. The green-eyed man hated to admit it, but sometimes Albedo frightened him. He was always spontaneous and hard to predict, making it all the more dangerous to be in his presence.

"No. I think I shall go and pay Rubedo a long overdue visit." Whirling around, Albedo walked out of his lair, white cape swirling powerfully around him.

As the group continued past the darkened hall, they were greeted by the sounds of thunder and lightning flashing across the open space. Shion winced and Jr. sent her a sympathetic look. He remembered why she was so afraid of that sound. Her boyfriend had died protecting her on a rainy day when the KOS-MOS prototype had gone berserk and attacked all the Vector employees, slaying everyone but her. It must've traumatized Shion for who knows how long, knowing she had lived but at the cost of the life of the one she loved most.

And yet…even though KOS-MOS had killed Kevin, Shion wasn't at all cold to the female android. As the combatants trekked across the bridge, he wondered how Shion dealt with KOS-MOS. Didn't just looking at the blue-haired android send a pang of pain in her heart, knowing the one who had killed Kevin was the one who protected her now? Why didn't she hate KOS-MOS? Was it because the Vector chief believed that a piece of Kevin lived within KOS-MOS?

As they made it past the bridge and into an elevator filled with more boxes, the Song of Nephilim started to play. The sound reminded the URTV of a mourning woman singing sorrowfully, screaming in Jr.'s ears and yet singing so softly simultaneously. The Kukai director glanced at chaos who was looking directly at him, concern flashing in his eyes. That's right…he can hear it too. His gaze traveled to back to Shion, whose green eyes were darting to and fro nervously, and she started nibbling on her lower lip. Jr. wondered about this woman. There was more to her than there seemed. She was important, that much he could tell.

Jr. stared at KOS-MOS. As usual, the android had an emotionless mask on her face, red eyes searching the Song for signs of danger and scanning the elevator casually. Her long sky-blue hair trailed past her waist, swirling gracefully around her thigh-high combat boots. She seemed almost heavenly if not for the many dangerous weapons strapped to her sides and the powerful X-BUSTER waiting inside her abdomen. Even though KOS-MOS only thought by numbers, strategy, and logic, she still lacked a human side, but Jr. was sure Kevin had added a little something of his own to the android that Shion was not aware of. That would explain why KOS-MOS' eyes turned a shimmering cerulean when she eliminated all the Gnosis around the Elsa some time ago.

As the group pondered the use of the cargo, KOS-MOS offered an intelligent approach, stating that the weight of the boxes held the elevator down, and that by eliminating a small percentage of the boxes, the elevator would then proceed to raise a certain level.

"Hmm…seems like there are seven floors…" Shion murmured, squinting her emerald eyes upward. "Let's start from the second floor then, KOS-MOS!" Jr. noted the smile on Shion's face as she gave KOS-MOS her instructions.

If Shion could forgive KOS-MOS for killing Kevin…maybe Sakura could forgive me for not being able to save her. And maybe Albedo could forgive me for breaking our mental link…if only he'd understand why I did it. Jr. shivered as he recalled the vision he had encountered as he and his brothers had created their link around U-DO. He had been afraid and he had severed their link, which resulted in his brothers' demise. But if he hadn't…they would've all died anyway, including him, Albedo, and Nigredo. He had to do it. Somehow, someway, when he found Albedo inside the Song of Nephilim, he would make his darker half understand why he cut their link that fateful day.

The blue-haired female nodded in agreement to Shion's request. Using the adapter KOS-MOS fired it and blew up a box, calculating the weight of the elevator at the same time. Then the android walked over to the center of the elevator and pressed the red button. chaos smiled as the elevator started to rise slightly, stopping directly in front of the bridge leading to the second floor.

One-by-one the group of six walked over the bridge and into a brightly lit and narrow hallway. A blonde female dressed in a tight ruby-red jumpsuit and supporting a large bazooka suddenly jumped out from an entrance in the wall and KOS-MOS, Jr., Ziggy, and chaos immediately readied their weapons. KOS-MOS wasted no time and lunged toward the opponent, kicking her squarely in the face before jamming her hard steel elbow into her stomach. The woman cried out and stumbled backwards from the force, blood slowly spilling from the corner of her mouth.

"Die!" The woman blasted her bazooka toward the three of them. A rush of smoke invaded the area and Jr. cursed as bits of debris cut his face. Momentarily blinded, he flapped his arms wildly and brandished his prized MAKAROV guns, trying to clear the miasma. The sounds of fighting to his left sounded in his ears and he veered in that direction. He could make out Ziggy using Jack Knife on their adversary. The woman choked and then crumpled to a bloody heap on the ground, lifeless.

"Don't feel too bad. You didn't stand a chance," Ziggy spoke coldly, continuing down the hall without sparing the corpse a second glance. After finding nothing on the second floor, the group made their way back to the elevator and proceeded to the third floor. As they made their way down the white hall, fighting every now and then with MOMO supporting them with her healing ethers, they came upon a dark hallway at the end of the path.

Heading inside, Shion spotted a button. "Hey you guys, I think we should press it. It looks like it's supposed to make a contraption rise." The Vector employee inspected the button carefully and then turned to the group for confirmation.

"Shion, there is an 85.56 percent chance that this button will connect this tower to the second one." KOS-MOS pointed upwards where two other towers could be seen, and they seemed to be missing bridges connecting them to one another. At this, Shion nodded and pressed the button, and sure enough a bridge was created above them.

"Let's go," Ziggy spoke in his usual monotone, stomping back out of the hallway. chaos followed out after him, his footsteps light and soundless contrary to the cyborg's. Looking up at the dark and flashing area, Shion frowned and followed after, KOS-MOS following suit.

"Hey, MOMO," Jr. whispered, gently grabbing the pink-haired Realian's wrist as she turned to follow the rest. MOMO turned towards Jr. to show that she was listening, her golden eyes hard and lifeless. The red-head couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something seemed off about MOMO besides the fact that Albedo had reversed her spiritual link. "Are you sure you're ok?"

MOMO stared at him a moment longer before pulling her wrist out of his grasp. Soft lips set in a straight line, she turned and followed after the group, leaving Jr. behind. His heart dropped slightly at her lack of reply. It was his fault she was like this. Of course she wasn't ok…She probably hated him for not being there when Albedo kidnapped her. He had broken his promise to Sakura.

Sighing, Jr. stared up at the dark area around him and placed his hands on the supporting rail, temporarily forgetting that the rest of his friends had gone on without him. Shivering, he tugged on his black trench coat, clenching his fingers around the cuffs of the sleeves. I don't know if I'm strong enough to go on anymore… The frigid air stung his ears and he winced as his now cold long dangling earring gently hit his neck when he lowered his head. Now's not the time to be unsure, though. I have to make MOMO whole again…Sakura's depending on me. With that inspiration settled in his mind, a new fire of determination burned in his sapphire orbs and he backed away from the ledge.

His eyes widened as the light from the hallway illuminated an ominous shadow blocking his way from exiting the shadowy area. Two clawed hands rested on either side of the doorframe, broad shoulders supported a head with a mass of messy hair. Muscular and shapely legs were spread slightly apart, and a long and jagged cape filled the gap and tumbled to the floor. Jr. felt his heart racing as just the shadow and presence of this person sent a feeling of immense doom upon him. He was alone with only his MAKAROV guns which were pretty much useless now.

Not knowing what else to do, Jr. slowly turned around with eyes wide as he was met face-to-face with his other half for the first time in fourteen years. His darker half's face had matured and resembled Nigredo's somewhat. Pale white hair messily framed his face, and piercing amethyst eyes glimmered mischievously. His mouth was curved into a malicious smile as he slowly took a step forward, arms sliding down to his sides.

"It's been a while, Rubedo."

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