Past Coming Back To Haunt

Hermione Granger

I've worked in the Ministry of Magic for five years now. I've always worked hard, never broke any rules, and still, never got a single bonus, raise, or promotion. Talk about feeling like a failure. I was a bright student at Hogwarts… and the best job I was able to get was a small secretary's position at the ministry. I brought coffee to some of my classmates, filed boring stacks of paperwork, and followed orders like a robot. I hated it with a passion, but I never lost my bright attitude or smile. And I always did the jobs with 100 effort.

But now, I lost my job. I'm still totally dumbfounded as to why. I did everything the way I was told to! I was told that I "wasn't a good match for the position." Whatever that means. At least I've got a nice apartment and a fiancé. Some things in life are more consistent than jobs.

Now I'm stuck sitting around the house eating potato chips and wondering if I'll ever find a job again.

Maybe I should make myself useful and go out and look for job openings. Perhaps I should put out my résumé and hope for the best. That's my major character flaw—I always hope for the best. A little pessimism never hurt anyone. Maybe I should try that at my next job. I was once told that my constant cheerfulness freaked people out. Hm.


On a cold November day about a week later, I sat at a barstool in my kitchen, sipping my soup. I played with the alphabet letters and spelled out names and random words. When an owl flew through the window, it surprised me and I dropped my spoon.

I hoped it was a job offer; I had just finished handing out some résumés. I guess maybe my accomplishments did mean something.

I eagerly snatched the letter off of the owl's talons, and read:

Miss Granger,

It has come to my attention that you have lost your previous job at the Ministry. I'm sure you have the qualities that are required to care for two children, my daughters, Stella and Luna. Stella is 7 and Luna is 4.

You would be a live-in nanny and I would pay you a generous sum of money along with bonuses for when much work is required. Please think about it and then send an owl back. I will send you more information if that is what you want. I am willing to be as flexible as you want and make any adjustments you see fit.


Draco L. Malfoy

I stared at the parchment in horror. Last I'd heard, Draco Malfoy was in France. Obviously he was back in the country… and he wants me to live in his home and care for his children. I was dumbfounded and frightened. He was always a moron. Maybe this is a trick or something. I didn't know what to think. All I knew was this was going to be a tough choice. Could I put up with one of my worst enemies just to make some fast cash?

My past was coming back to haunt me.