Epilogue: Disney Movie

Stella Malfoy

I always said I hated Disney movies. But I've found myself living in one.

I'm sure you're all dying to know everything that has happened since the wedding. Well, I won't let you down.

The party after the wedding was incredible. Some old people that taught at Hogwarts were very shocked and thrilled that Hermione married my dad. I know it sounds harsh… but that one Dumbledore person was ancient! The party went by smoothly… all the people who supported Elizabeth had followed her when she left, so we didn't have to deal with any drama.

But now, sitting in our living room, things are more perfect that ever. The wedding was a year ago, and I'm almost nine now! Luna is five, and I'm somewhat annoyed to mention that she has become quite the chatterbox.

"Can we name him Brian?" Luna asked.

"Sweetie, we don't know that it's even going to be a boy." Daddy explained.

"Okay," Luna said with a smile. "If it's a girl, it'll be Brianna."

Hermione laughed. "Whatever it is, I'm happy just to have it."

Hermione… well, we've taken to calling her mom, now. Well anyway, she's pregnant. Oh, man, you should've heard that dinner conversation! It was quite entertaining trying to describe how babies are made to Luna. They settled on the age old excuse—the stork. Well I know differently!

Luna's not the only one who has changed a lot. Daddy's become much more tolerant towards muggles. Well, he should, after all, he's married to one! He said that he doesn't care that his new child will be a half-blood. "It doesn't matter what the other half is." I heard him say once.

Oh, right. Ron and Ginny. I've kind of forgotten about them. For the most part, too, everyone else has. Ron—get this—is engaged to my birth mother! Think about it; Daddy's loved one left him. Hermione's loved one left her. The two loved ones who cheated are now engaged to each other! It's wacky to think that Ron will be my step father. Whatever. I have no desire to speak to neither him nor my mother. I don't even refer to Fleur Delacour as my mother… Hermione is my mother.
Ginny is in Saint Mungo's. She's so emotionally damaged from the whole Blasie thing. And obviously, she was really brainwashed by Elizabeth. But she came over a few times and she apologized to Hermione for everything. But I don't think she really believed it. They don't talk much… but an occasional letter will come from her. It's part of her treatment… to fix the past. Daddy and Hermione (I still call her that, too, sometimes) were talking about Ginny having to face Blasie for the first time in years. She had, like, an emotional breakdown or something.

But who cares? My life's perfect… so why waste my time worrying about other people's?

Let me think… are there any other loose ends? Not really. I never thought I'd ever end anything this way, but it's true in this case. Daddy might think it's clichéd, but it's the only ending that'll fit. We all lived happily ever after.

Author's Note: Sorry it was short. The epilogue, not the story. I took a while to put this out, I know, but it's because part of me is really sad that this is officially over! All of your reviews really were touching… I'm having a hard time picking one that I feel best describes this story and putting it on my profile! I hope you all continue to read and write fan fiction. I know I will! I've begun work on my next fiction (which features no evil Weasleys—so far, anyway)… and I intend to post the first chapter within the next week! I hope you all decide to read it and I hope you all know how much I loved reading your reviews. If I had a bad day, the reviews I got always cheered me up. I only hope that my story did the same for you. Here's a little prologue-type thing for my next story. I hope it makes you want to read it! Oh, and the title has been changed from "You Have to Trust Me" to "The Blaze." Here it is:

"Hogwarts is a safe haven, right? Wrong. It's under full attack, and sometimes you have to run in order to live. But you can't run from the past, and you certainly can't run too far without getting caught. Or so you think. Several students ran away and started their own secret society, called The Blaze. But in order for it to remain strong and secret, you have to have rules, limits, and regulations. And everyone must get along for it work. Can certain students stop being haunted by the past and look to the future? Is the future even worth waiting for? And above all, trust is more important than ever. Sometimes you have to trust people you'd really rather stay away from. But for the good of the cause, you'll have to pull through. But can they? That's the real question."

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