The Reason why A Tale of Two Cities is so Depressing – Amaruk Wolfheart

Spoilers: Um… The whole book, I guess… ;;

Warnings/Pairings: No pairings here (unless mentioning Darnay being married to Lucie counts…) but I must warn that this is a rather random song. Oh, and it's not for people who hate Carton and relished his death.

Notes: This was written as an English "multimodal" project. I came up with it in under forty minutes during my next class (Biology, actually) so it's probably not going to be hailed as an amazing accomplishment. Also, if you read this and think it's incredibly strange when sung to "Jingle Bells," I ask to imagine two high school girls acting it out on camera with stuffed animals. Yeah. There's a scary thought. Remember to sing this aloud to "Jingle Bells" as you read along!

-Rutile's Spectacularly Amazing Disclaimer- The writer of this song owns nothing but the lyrics, which I highly doubt anyone wants anyway. The End.

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Refrain- Sydney Carton, Sydney Carton
Sydney shouldn't die!
The ending of this novel really makes us wanna cry!


Darnay ran to France
To try and free Gabelle
He could not have foreseen
His imprisonment as well
Carton loved Lucie
He gave her a promise
But no one ever could have guessed that it would come to this!

(repeat refrain twice)

Lucie's now in France
Darnay is now in jail
After fifteen months
Their hope still hasn't failed
Manette went off to court
The jury had their say
Darnay went home to his dear wife
Was jailed again next day!

(repeat refrain twice)

Carson met Barsad
Who was a "sheep," a spy
He had to help Carton
Or else he just might die
Carton had a plan
To switch places with Darnay
So he could go home with his wife
And live until today!

(repeat refrain twice)

Carton brought Barsad
To the jail with him
They smuggled Darnay out
Just when things looked grim
Darnay went to Lucie
Sydney stayed in jail
The jackal is a hero now
This is his noble tale!

(repeat refrain twice)

(slower) La Guillotine looms high
His life draws to its end
He makes this sacrifice
For love and for a friend
He sees another child
Who carries his name on
There's a flash… there's a crash…
(back to speed) And Sydney Carton's gone!

(repeat refrain once)

Sydney Carton, Sydney Carton
He died for his love
Now we know he's looking down
On Lucie from above.