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-Talk About Arrogant! -

"Can you break a $100 bill?" He demanded.

The cashier shook her head. "Sir," She protested, "We don't break more than a $50 bill."

Kenshin snorted in disgust, stuffing his wallet back into his pocket - the things he had to go through for a simple snack. He found it simply humiliating that a man such as himself should walk around with loose change. Don't get him wrong: His $100 bill was loose change, but he'd never get caught walking around with anything less.

Himura Kenshin lived with his famous uncle: Hiko Seijuro, a rich bachelor. After his parents had died of cholera, he had been accepted by Hiko graciously. Not a day went by without the man telling Kenshin he was fortunate - having no sons of his own, Kenshin was instantly his inheritor. Kenshin loved the man as if he were really his son since he had never really known his parents.

Annoyed, Kenshin walked away, muttering to himself - he'd have to tell his uncle that bills larger than $50 should be broken. He loosened his tie, irritated, and ran his hands through his thick red hair. He walked quickly past a group of girls who watched him with alluring smiles and giggles.

"Himura-san," The teacher called as he hurried into class, "that was one long trip to the washroom wasn't it?"

A few jitters could be heard, but were instantly silenced by Kenshin's cold glare.

"Ah, screw yourself!" He muttered, flopping himself into his seat.

Sanosuke, his best friend, turned around in his seat to face him. "What's your plan?"

Kenshin shrugged. "No idea." He shook his head. "I'm so damned hungry. Since the caf doesn't break hundreds, I couldn't grab anything." Sano shrugged, rummaging through his pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes, tapping the box and offering one to him.

Kenshin took one gratefully. Although he had been trying to quit, he found that the chemicals soothed his nerves. Already, the addiction was screaming at him to light up. He stood up.

"Sir, I gotta go to the bathroom."

The teacher raised an eyebrow. "Yes, well, didn't you just go?" He asked disdainfully.

Kenshin gave him a smug look. "It must have been what I ate last night." He replied. A few giggles rippled through the class at his statement.

Heaving a sigh, the teacher waved his hand, dismissing him. Sano threw him a lighter, which he caught on his way out.

He made his way outside, leaning against the brick wall. Kojimachi Private High overlooked a vast garden. A huge arc was over the main gate, security cameras set up secretly inside. Kenshin didn't care if he was caught skipping class for a smoke - there was nothing the school could do about it anyway: he was after all, rich.

He fumbled with the lighter, the cool autumn air making his hands shake. When he finally managed to light his cigarette, he pulled in a long breath. He let it stay for a few seconds before exhaling. That felt so good...

Before he could pull another breath, the cigar was knocked out of his hand as a girl bumped into him. Scowling, Kenshin turned to see who it was. To his surprise, he saw...a beauty. Maybe it was the chemicals from the cigarette -then again, he had only managed one pull - still, he found himself staring openly at her, his anger momentarily forgotten. Until she spoke.

"I'm so sorry!"

Coming to his senses, Kenshin snapped, "Watch where you're going will ya?"

The girl, pale as she was, blushed. But it was not out of embarrassment, but out of anger. She had apologized after all. "I said I was sorry."

"Yeah, well, I only had one cigarette."

She frowned. "This is non-smoking property."

He raised his shoulders. "So?"

The girl's blue eyes pierced into him. It made him feel like an idiot as she placed her hands on her hips. She had black hair that contrasted with her skin that was almost as white as snow. It was tied up into a simple ponytail. She wore the uniform that all the other female students wore: a simple black blazer, a red tie, a white collared shirt, and a skirt. In one hand she held her books. "It means 'no smoking allowed.'"

"I know what it means." Kenshin replied smoothly.

What a jerk! "If someone catches you..."She warned.

"What are they gonna do about it?" He demanded. "And who's gonna tell?" He narrowed his eyes menacingly.

The girl bit on her bottom lip, and drew her gaze up defiantly to meet his. "They'll stop you of course."

He snickered. Oh that was sweet. Real sweet. He liked her attitude. He gave her a shallow bow. "I would love to see them try. But I'm afraid, I do what I want, where I want, when I want, and a little girl isn't going to tell me otherwise."

She pursed her lips together. Clearly he had made her upset. "Look who's talking, little! I've never seen a guy who was as short as you before, you arrogant...arrogant..." She was at a loss for words, fuming. To think, he had the nerve to talk to her as if she were inferior to him. She glared at him, while he gave her a surprised look.

No one ever dared talk to him that way! Not if their life depended on it. It hurt his ego more than anything. He had always thought he looked good. If not good, then great. Oh what the heck, he thought he was the star of the school, and everyone agreed when he said so. Apparently, however, this girl didn't. He grit his teeth. It wasn't his style to hit girls, so he didn't. And here he thought he liked her! Instead, he gave her a small smirk. She would pay dearly for that comment.

"What are you grinning about?" She demanded.

"You're new around here, aren't you?" He asked.

She shrugged. "Yeah, so?"

So that would explain everything. He would have to teach her the rules of the school. And he would teach them to her in his own way. He gave her a sarcastic flourish of a bow. "Welcome to my world. I hope you will enjoy your stay here, at my school." And the last sentence was true enough: it was as if the school belonged to him.

She caught the hint and sniffed. "Whatever. I hope never to see your sorry face ever again!" She cried, walking away in a huff.

For the second time that day, Kenshin was shocked. She had called him ugly, indirectly, but still...no one had ever called him that. So he had a scar on his cheek - he had gotten into a street fight and gotten nailed but that guy who scarred his face regretted it in the hospital for several months afterward - but he had plans to have that removed through plastic surgery.

He clenched his fists. He would make sure that she got the right and proper treatment. As he turned to go to class, he caught sight of a book. Curious, he bent down to pick it up. When he opened it, he read her name. Kamiya Kaoru...so, Miss Kamiya must have dropped the book accidentally. He'd see to it that she got it...back.

When he returned home that day, he jumped out of his limo instantly. He was still fuming about his encounter with Kamiya. He ran up the three flights of stairs into his bedroom, where he flung his uniform onto his bed in a rumpled mess and changed into a pair of fresh jeans and a black tee- shirt. He hung a silver cross around his neck, and fixed up his hair, then examined himself in the mirror. He frowned: what did she not see in him?

"Would you like me to draw a bath for you sir?" A maid asked.

He jumped, having not noticed her come into the room. "Jeez, you could have at least knocked!" He cried.

She took a fearful step back. "I'm very sorry young master..." She stammered. She offered the suggestion again.

He waved her off. "I'll take one later. Where's my uncle?"

"The Master is in his study." She said. He nodded, not bothering to give her his thanks, and walked swiftly out of the room.

"Sir, would you like a meal?" He heard her call, but he didn't bother to give her a reply. As he ran past, maids and butlers all bowed to him in acknowledgment. He barged into his Uncle's study.

Hiko looked up, glowering. "Why you insufferable child! What causes you to run in here as if hell itself were after you?"

Kenshin didn't care, he had done it often enough. "Did my package come yet?" He asked. The top of the line computer had just come out the other day. It's not as if his own computer was old and outdated. In fact, he had gotten it a month ago. But after seeing the ad, he had pre-ordered a new one.

Hiko frowned. "No, I don't think it did."

Kenshin stared at him as if he hadn't heard right. "What? Why not? I want the computer now!"

The elder merely shrugged and sifted through the numerous papers at his desk. "You'll get it soon enough."

"But I don't want it soon. I was expecting it today." Kenshin complained.

It was Hiko's turn to stare. "I believe I told you: It hasn't come. Now stop sulking like a baby. It will come in time."

Kenshin sniffed. "If it comes in more than two days, I will sue the company."

Hiko chuckled. "Very well my boy, if that is what will please you, then go right ahead."

A few moments later, Hiko looked up from his sheets to find Kenshin staring out the window. Irritated, he asked, "What are you still doing here?"

"Do you know anyone of the name Kamiya?" He demanded.

"Kamiya? No, I don't think so." Hiko answered.

"None of the businessmen you know are of that name?" Kenshin asked hopefully.

He thought on it a bit and then finally shook his head. "I'm sorry, that name doesn't ring a bell. Why?"

Kenshin considered telling him the whole story, but decided against it, afraid that the elder man would simply snicker at his predicament: a predicament that he did NOT find at all funny. He raised his shoulders. "Nothing of your concern. I want a full file on that person." He announced.

Hiko nodded. "Fine." He raised his hand, and a butler moved forward. Hiko gave him quick instructions before the squat old man waddled away. "The report will be in your room. Now will you leave me be?"

Kenshin smiled, satisfied. "Good. I'll see you at dinner."

"No, I'll be having my dinner up here." Hiko told him.


He exited the room.

Sure enough, by the time he returned to his room, a file sat on his desk. He opened it up. He caught site of Kaoru's picture. She was beautiful. He felt a strange flicker of something in his chest, but it disappeared as the words she had spoken of him ripped through his mind. He would never forgive her of them.

'Just you wait Kamiya-san...you will wish you never set foot around Himura Kenshin. You will pay...'

And he proceeded to read the file.

To Be Continued...

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