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Chapter One:

"Oi, Sakura!" Kero hovered over Sakura's desk, folding his plushy arms across his small chest, "You going out with that kid again?"

"Kero-chan…why can't you call Syaoran-kun, Syaoran-kun?" Sakura asked, tilting her head to the side slightly, tying her uniform tie carefully beside the mirror propped up on her desk near Kero.

"Because he's a brat." Kero smiled, sticking out his tongue slightly.

"Syaoran-kun's not a brat!" she said folding her own arms with a small frown.

"Whatever you say…" he said, holding up his paws in a peaceful gesture, "He's your boyfriend."

Sakura turned pink at the words, distracting herself with pulling on her school jacket. Kero laughed, drifting over towards the window and looking out at the clouds rolling in lazily, it looked like rain was in the weather pattern, he'd check with the cards later, that is…if Sakura wasn't going to take them with her.

"Hey, do you need the cards?" he asked, deciding asking was better then letting the kid get flustered over his earlier comment forever.

"I wasn't planning on taking them…nothing has really come up for me to use them and I've been using windy a lot to keep the clouds away from here…" she turned right red.

"Why would you try to keep it from raining?" Kero folded his arms again, reclining as if there was an invisible chair he was relaxing in.

"T-The school was having an outdoor festival last week…a-and if it rained…it would have been canceled and everyone would have been disappointed."

"You can't use the cards like that!" he groaned, "That's just selfish!"

"I know." Sakura hung her head, "But I didn't want them to cancel the festival…"

"Well…this isn't the first time you pulled off something like this just to keep a party going…" Kero said, thinking about the Glow card and the festival at the shrine when Hiiragizawa was in town.

"Hoe! I'm going to be late!" Sakura exclaimed, she scrambled for the door leading out into the hall, "Sayonara, Kero-chan!" she said, lowering her voice slightly so her father wouldn't hear.

"Later, kiddo." He said, waving before the door shut again and he could hear her feet thudding down the hallway as she broke into a sprint. He laughed softly to himself, shaking his big yellow head slowly, "She'll never change…"

"Hoe!" Sakura whined, racing down the sidewalk, Syaoran-kun's going to worry if I'm too late!

She rounded the corner and uttered a cry as she suddenly slammed into something firm.


Hands steadied the junior and she looked up, turning pink as she realized she had just collided with Syaoran like a total klutz! Springing away from him, she bowed repeatedly, repeating her apologies. Syaoran couldn't help but smile a bit thoughtfully at her and rested his hands on her shoulders, causing her to halt all apologies. She smiled up at him nervously, straightening up and placing her hands over his.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Hai! I was just worried I was going to be too late and make you worry, Syaoran-kun." She said smiling up at him. He had grown taller over the years, even since Middle School when he returned from Hong Kong to permanently stay in Tomoeda. Yet despite that, he was still the same Syaoran Li Sakura had fallen in love with so many years ago.

"You weren't that late." He said, taking one of her hands and starting off down the sidewalk with her along-side him, "In fact I was in a hurry too, that's probably why we crashed like that."

"Maybe!" she giggled, picturing Syaoran dashing towards their usual meeting place in a panic just as she was.

"That reminds me…where's Daidouji?" he asked, glancing around.

"Tomoyo-chan said she'd meet us at the school today, why?" Sakura asked, puzzled.

Syaoran's eyes wondered to the sidewalk, the color rose slightly in his cheeks, "I…wanted to talk to her about something. That's all."

"Hoe?" Sakura stared at him, completely oblivious to what was on Syaoran's mind.

Syaoran looked back to Sakura, I'm with her now…that should be enough…but… He swallowed as his eyes wondered to Sakura's mouth, I'm curious…about what it feels like…to kiss her.


He snapped out of it, looking ahead, "H-Hai?"

"Are you alright? You were looking a little fazed about something…" Sakura said, resting her other hand on his arm, her hand that was laced with his squeezed it gently.

Syaoran smiled reassuringly, giving her hand a squeeze as well, "It's nothing, I'm just a little tired today."

"Alright…" Sakura said, still concerned.

"Sakura…" he sighed, stopping her and releasing her hand, moving in front of her and taking her face in his hands, "I'm alright, I just didn't get much sleep last night, Mother called and wanted to know how things were going."

The color rose in Sakura's cheeks, his face was pretty close…normally she could stare into his eyes forever but this time they were too close and the amber seemed to be blazing with something she didn't recognize and to tell the truth, Syaoran didn't really know either. They were both pretty clueless when it came to dating in high school.

"C-Come on, we're…almost there." He said, his voice was a little shaken as he stepped away once more.

"H-Hai." Sakura didn't take his hand this time, there was something tense around Syaoran now and she wasn't sure if she wanted to find out just what it was she had stirred in side of the wolf.

I want to know… Syaoran thought as they walked together in silence, Sakura lagged behind him slightly, I want to know before there's a chance that I chase her away. But until then…

Syaoran reached over, taking her hand again, offering a small smile when Sakura looked up at him unsure. Seeing the smile made her relax as well and they entwined their fingers together.

Just being with her like this…is enough.

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