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Chapter Five

"Amazing! I didn't expect there would be another festival so soon after the school's!" Sakura said, her eyes big and face split into a large smile.

"I'm glad you're happy." Syaoran smiled; pleased that Sakura listened to Tomoyo and didn't attempt to sew him anything, not a bandage in sight.

"Yeah, the brat really pulled off a good thing for once."

Sakura laughed nervously and Syaoran glared at her small purse, Kero's head emerged with a smirk.

"Who invited you!" he snapped.

"Um, well, I felt bad for leaving Kero at home all the time…so I allowed him to come along." Sakura said, uneasily laughing. "I'm sorry."

"No, don't be." Syaoran sighed, "He's your guardian beast, not mine."

"Damn straight, brat!" Kero beamed.

"Kero-chan!" Sakura hissed.

He grinned before disappearing into the bag again.

"Oh, I didn't know I'd be meeting up with three more tonight." Tomoyo giggled just noticing Kero's head disappear.

"Ah, Tomoy- Eriol-kun!"

Syaoran spun around and the couple gawked at the teen standing beside Tomoyo. There was no mistaking him…that was Eriol…it appears he allowed himself to age again since he was their age now rather then an eleven or twelve year old. He smiled at them with the same gentle smile he had when he was attending their school with them all those years ago.

"It's been a long time, Li-kun, Sakura-san." He said, nodding to them.

"When did you come back to Tomoeda?" Sakura asked, even more pleased that she could see one of her old friends and greatest helpers.

"Yesterday evening." He said, looking to Tomoyo, "Daidouji-san was kind enough to invite me to come to this festival and stay in Tomoeda for a short while to visit you all once again."

"No catches this time?" Kero asked, emerging once more.

"Ah, Cerberus." He smiled down at the plushy, "Iie, no catches, I am here because I wanted to see old friends."

Kero looked suspicious.

"It's alright Kero-chan." Tomoyo said gently, "He's only visiting for a little while. Spinnel Sun and Ruby Moon have come as well."

"Soupy! Where is he?" Kero asked, suddenly pumped up.

Eriol chuckled, "He's at Daidouji-san's house, he didn't want to attend the festival so I allowed him to stay there."

"Where's Ms. Mizuki?" Sakura asked, Eriol mentioned he sparsely in his letters and wondered if she was alright…

Tomoyo looked at Eriol and he smiled thoughtfully, lowering his eyes to the ground.

"Kaho decided it would've been best, that she didn't stay with me."

Sakura gasped but he shook his head, holding up a hand.

"It's all right, that was Kaho's decision, I did not protest. My only regret is that I couldn't give her the happiness she deserved."

Tomoyo observed Eriol's smile and looked to Syaoran and Sakura. They could have their happy ending…but poor Eriol, his happy ending was Ms. Mizuki, and that made her feel very sad for some reason, it was a deeper sadness then she would normally have felt. Maybe this sadness was just a glimpse into her heart and the feelings that may have been covered by her blind love for Sakura all these years. Who knows…it's certainly not for this story.

"Eriol-kun…I'm so sorry."

"It's alright." He said, "We still write each other occasionally but we're just friends now. I think Kaho's much happier then she was when we were associated the way we were."

"To change the subject, who's thirsty?" Tomoyo asked, looking from one to another.

"Oh, I am, do you want me to go with you, Tomoyo-chan?"

"Iie." Tomoyo smiled, "I can get them, Syaoran-kun, Kero-chan would you like anything?"

"I don't know what the choices are!"Kero gasped, thinking of the wide variety of drinks and foods a festival like this could offer.

"Well then why don't you come with me so you can see what choices you have?" she asked, smiling.


Sakura handed the purse to Tomoyo and she slipped it into the crook of her arm.

"Why don't you wait at the moon pond like old times, Sakura-chan? I'll be there soon." Tomoyo smiled and headed towards the concession stands lining the walkway.

"Daidouji-san." Eriol stopped her and he turned to Syaoran and Sakura, "I will help Daidouji-san with the drinks."

"Demo…Hiiragizawa-kun…" Tomoyo softly protested.

He turned back to her, Syaoran and Sakura already going on to the meeting spot.

"It's best we let them have their opportunity now, Daidouji-san." He said gently.

Tomoyo understood right away.

"Then we'd better hurry! I don't want to miss it!" she said hurrying towards the drink stand.

Eriol chuckled softly to himself, she didn't change at all either, and Tomoyo was still keen on recording Sakura's greatest moments on film. He admitted that he would like to see the moment as well…to see the couple kiss for their very first time.


Sakura stared down into the pond, the surface smooth and glassy, free of life and crystal clear water that reflected the moon like a mirror. Syaoran stood a little bit away, he watched her as she stared out at the moon's reflection. A perfect angelic form in a yukata of pink decorated with stars in small clusters on random areas of the fabric. The magenta obi around the slender waist, all of it, Sakura made it look fit for a princess.

"Syaoran-kun?" she asked.

He realized she was looking back at him and snapped out of staring at her. She held out her hand and he smiled, approaching her. Taking her hand in his he stood beside her and looked down at the water.

"I wonder when they removed the statue from the pond…" he said, remembering the horse they fought in this very area.

"I think they took it out some time after you moved away…I'm not sure." Sakura said, touching her bottom lip as she thought about it.

"That's good, it would have been strange to see it still down there tonight." He said looking at the unbroken surface of the water.

"Yeah…" Sakura said, a shiver running down her spine, she could have sworn she felt eyes on them…glancing back behind her but saw no one.

"Something wrong?" he asked.

"No…if you didn't feel anything, I was just imagining it." she smiled and leaned her head onto Syaoran's shoulder.

He swallowed, glancing down at her, her eyes were closed and she had a peaceful smile…too peaceful to disturb with a foolish want. Sakura rested a hand on his chest, testing the fabric of his jacket a moment before lifting her gaze to his. Syaoran felt the blush in his cheeks at the innocent expression she had, that oblivious expression. She was blushing a little too wasn't she? The moon had betrayed them and exposed them to one another.



"We've been together for a long time…"

"A really long time." She smiled.

"Yeah." He smiled as well, "And…I was thinking…maybe we should try something…"

"Try what?" he moved away from her and she once again glanced back behind them to make sure no one was watching as she kept feeling there was.

"I…I want to try…y-you've seen the couples out side of our school, right?"


"Well, I would like to try that…" he turned back to her and she stared at him, still perplexed. "What I mean is…I want…to kiss you."

"N-Nani?" she stared, turning even more red.

"Ah, it was only a stupid idea I had! I-I'm sorry!" he said quickly.

"Iie! I-I didn't mean to sound like that!" she said just as fast, waving her hands. She clasped Syaoran's hands in hers, "If it's what you want Syaoran-kun…I…I don't mind."

"You're sure?" he asked, surprised by her acceptance of it after all of his worry.

Lowering her eyes to the ground she smiled and nodded carefully. "Only with you, Syaoran-kun."

They came closer once again, Syaoran tilting her face up with his fingertips under her chin. Her blush was only lightly over her cheeks now as he met he gaze, soft emerald eyes full of sweet innocence and love, he could only pray that she saw something good inside of him. Leaning down with hesitation, Sakura's eyes drifted steadily closed, he was so close now…he could smell the sweet smell of cherry blossoms that was a perfume he gave her for a gift. Closing his own eyes, his lips touched hers lightly. They were soft, just as he hoped soft and trembling a little until he wrapped an arm around her.

Sakura trembled at the warmth of Syaoran's mouth, his hands were always warm, strong yet gentle…just like this feeling…his lips were warm and even though they weren't soft she still found herself submitting to his arms as he held her. She wrapped her own arms around him, clinging to his back as he applied a little more pressure to her lips before he suddenly pulled away.

"I'm sorry…" he breathed. He really was…he had been falling into an unknown dimension the longer he had his lips to hers.

"D-Don't apologize, S-Syaoran-kun." Sakura said, sounding dazed. "I liked it."

"You did?"


Syaoran smiled and after they looked at one another for a moment, kissed again.

"I was almost perfect." Tomoyo whispered, looking away from her camera lens to Eriol. "Thank youfor taking me up here so I could get a clear shot, Hiiragizawa-kun."

"It was no trouble." He said smiling, "I was hoping to see this little moment as well. We knew it was bound to happen. You did long before I even saw them coming together as they have done. You've been wonderfully observant all this time, Daidouji-san, proving that you do not need magic to see what's in store."

Tomoyo smiled, "But you were helpful as well Hiiragizawa-kun." She smiled, "You made Sakura who she is today."

Eriol was a little surprised by Tomoyo's words but he soon smiled as well, looking down at the couple in the moonlight. Without Tomoyo noticing, he sank down beside her on the tree branch.

This is only a taste of your future, Sakura-san…and perhaps, a beginning for my own.

The End

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