Juggernauts' Comin' to Town

Here comes Juggernaut,

Here comes Juggernaut,

Right to Rim Elms Gate

Here comes juggernaut

Here comes juggernaut

looking quite irate

He's on a mission

of demolition

All eyes full of tears and fright

Get to bed and cover your head

'Cause Juggernauts' Coming toNIGHT!

Oh Come all Ye (Ra-seru)Heroes

Oh come all ye Heroes

Bo-ld and triumphant

Oh come ye, oh come ye to Conk-ram

Come and destroy them,

the mist-crazed seru

Born from the breath of ROGUE

Oh come and kick his ass

oh come and kick his ass

Oh come and kick his evil ass

Brave, brave (ra-seru) Heroes!

Gimard the Fire Seru

Gimard the Fire seru

had a very flaring tail

And if you ever saw it,

you'd probably be on fire.

Freed-y th' Seru

Freed-y th' seru

Was a chilly, mist-crazed beast

He was a wolf like thing,

with a frosty breath sting,

and a heart made from the cold.

The Night of Juggernaut

Twas the night for disaster,

and all through the land,

everyone lay their head in their hand-

For out and beyond the wall of Rim Elm

Were those that were from a different realm.

From the wall arose such a sound,

that a blue haired boy awoke, to look around.

There was Gimard, and Freed, and oh whoa nelly!

Something that looked like last years old jelly!

Then there was last, but not forgot

the Great and Fearsome Juggernaut.

It blasted the wall, and the hordes roared in,

and it seemed as if Hell of Earth had begin,

Yet lo was the boy who went to a tree,

and a small judgment was passed upon he,

With intentions so pure, and courage so True,

He gained powers of a Ra-seru

Together the two drove the beasts away,

saving Rim Elm,

thus saving the day.

And so away they went to save the world,

whose future had yet to be unfurled.

A girl named Noa, who was raised by a wolf who lived in a cave

A Biron monk who 'thinks' he's brave.

And all I can say, and yes this is sass-

What the hell ever, Juggernaut kicks ass!

We Three Delilas'

Scene: Absolute Fortress

The Delilas' approach a mist-blanketed lake. They are dressed in fine garbs, and have each a present to bestow before the new born Baby Juggernaut.

Lu: "I bring you the heart of a virgin" she announces, laying down a box at the edge of the cliff. A mighty gray claw reaches up and grabs the jeweled box.

Che:" I bring you the tears of thousands who wept in fear of your name being uttered." A large finely crafted jar is presented in the same matter as the box.

The two siblings look to their brother, who has brought: a diaper bag of baby amenities, a bottle in one hand and a rattle in the other. He gives them both dirty looks, and shakes the rattle at them scornfully.

Gi: "He's a BABY! Jesus! What's a baby going to do with all that stuff?"

Che scoffs: "Well, it's not frankincense and myrrh, but I'm sure he-"

Lu: "OR 'she'."

Che: "-would appreciate it more than that stuff!"

A rumble is heard below.

Gi: "Tumbody's hungwy!"

The three look below the Mist to see a diapered baby Juggernaut on its back, gnawing and drooling on the present that Lu had given. It adverts its bright blue eyes to their directions, and smiles a toothless smile.

The Deililas': "Aww!"