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If I was a rich girl, na na na na na na na

See I'd have all the money in the world if I was a wealthy girl

No man could test me impress me my cash would never ever end

Cause I'd have all the money in the world if I was a wealthy girl

Yuna may have had a life that most kids would have dreamed of, but at the moment The hurt and the emotional scars that had been left on her from the last relationship had not left her. "Seymour." She whispered as she ran her fingers across her face and wiped away the tears. After two years of a relationship he had broken up for her for no apparent reason. Just because he felt like she had become boring. "It wasn't the only reason." Yuna whispered softly to her cousin that sat across the bed from her.

"Seymour's just a jerk! Forget about him Yunie!" Rikku quickly said looking up from where she was painting her nails with a look of pity in her eyes.

"In my opinion he never deserved you anyway." The voice came from the corner where Lulu was finishing her homework. "After all he does have the biggest ego in the universe."

"Thanks guys." Yuna said softly as she tried to smile. "But… I loved him… And now he's gone just like that! I've learned to sepend on him and have gotten used to seeing him every day."

"You'll move on." Lulu said dryly with no trace of emotion in her voice.

"How can you be so cold Lulu?" Rikku cried as she put her arm around Yuna. "Don't worry! I'm sure that you'll find a new great guy to go out with. Anyway you were with Seymour for long enough and you should be happy to be rid of him."

"But I don't want a new guy… I want Seymour!" Yuna cried as she burst into tears again and buried her face into her pillow.

Lulu and Rikku exchanged exasperated looks with each other. This little tirade had been going on for over a week and they were beginning to get sick of it. "Like you could live without dating a guy." Lulu smirked.

"I-I could go without guys if I wanted to." Yuna sniffed.

"I doubt it." Lulu answered a mischievious look in her eye.

"Yes I could!" Yuna had sat up again and the tears were no longer on her face.

"You've gone out with Seymour every weekend for the last two years." Lulu answered with a small laugh. "What would you do with yourself without a date?"

"Stop it Lulu." Rikku said quickly as she saw the look on Yuna's face.

"Fine. If I have to prove somethimg I will. I won't date any guy for the rest of the year."

"Yunie! That's six months! Just ignore what Lulu says." Rikku cried out and then she groaned inwardly when realized that Yuna was serious. Yuna was softspoken but when she put her mind to something she was the most stubborn person on the planet.

"No. I don't need guys anymore. Look at the pain that they've caused me! I can buy whatever I need, they can't give me anything. It's not like I don't have enough money!"

"Yunie… There are some things that money can't buy." Rikku whispered softly.

"Name one." Yuna answered tossing her head.

Rikku shook her head. "Some of them are so obvious I'm not even going to say. But… If you don't know what they are then you'll have to figure it out yourself I guess."

Yuna rolled her eyes ignoring the words of advice. Lulu grinned surprised at the change of events. "Well then Yuna. We'll see just how long you can go without a guy… But I doubt that you'll be able to keep your hands off them for long."

"Why? All the guys in our school only care about one thing!" Yuna answered angrily.

"Even Seymour?" Rikku whispered suddenly and Yuna turned away from them. "Yunie… Is there more to this breakup then what you're telling us?" Yuna was silent and then she nodded. "You refused to sleep with him… even after two years." Rikku said softly and Yuna nodded.

They were all silent for a moment and then Rikku grabbed Yuna in for a long hug. "I'm glad… Seymour didn't try anything with you did he?" She asked quickly but Yuna just smiled not answering.

Lulu stood up and grabbed her stuff. "Well Yuna I have to go… I'll be looking forward to seeing you handle all the guys tomorrow. After all I'm sure that you'll get asked out a lot since everyone's heard that you and Seymour broke up." With an evil sounding laugh she left leaving Yuna and Rikku staring after her.

"Y'know Yunie… I heard that there's a new guy starting school this week. He might be really hot!" Rikku look at Yuna hopefully.

"Like I care… I know that you think it's stupid that I'm paying attention to Lulu but really why should I waste my time with guys?" Yuna folded her arms across her chest.

"Uh… Because they're so hot?" Rikku grinned and Yuna grabbed the nearest object and threw it at her while laughing.


Yuna tried not to grin as Rikku yelled this at her for the millionth time. "It was the first thing I grabbed." She answered.

"The bottle was open! My clothes are ruined and I had to scrub my skin all night to get it off!" Rikku glared at her even angrier.

"I'll buy you new clothes and you look fine. It was an accident."

"You sure don't look very sorry about it!" Rikku said as she put on her best pout.

At this point the grin that Yuna had already been struggling with had spread across her entire face. "Well you did look pretty funny with the black all over your clothes… and skin… and hair." She began to laugh at this point and Rikku couldn't help but join in.

"What's so funny ladies?" A voice interrupted them and they looked up to see Seymour looking down at them.

"Nothing that would interest you, you big meanie!" Rikku answered putting her hands on her hips and glaring at him.

"I… see." Seymour turned away from Rikku and smiled at Yuna. "How are you doing?"

"Cut the act Seymour. You know that I don't want to talk to you so why don't you go bother someone else?"

Seymour grimaced and gave her a dark look.

Yuna just gave him a sweet smile and then grabbed Rikku's hand and pulled her along. "Talk about nerve." Yuna muttered.

"Heyyyy Cid's girl!" A voice from behind they called and Rikku rolled her eyes. Gippal had come up from behind them and was looking at her up and down. "Not bad. But… Why do you smell like nail polish?"

"None of your business!" Rikku yelled at him and grabbed Yuna, pulling her away from him. "Don't you say a word!" She said to Yuna who had opened her mouth and then quickly closed it. "If you say anything about Gippal and I, I'll totally hurt you… ok?" Rikku gave Yuna a look that said that she meant it so Yuna didn't say anything, but she couldn't help but shake her head at the obvious crush that Rikku had on Gippal.

"My my my." A voice said from the desk behind Yuna. "I just want you to know that you and Seymour breaking up was for the good of both of you. Finally he's started to date me and realized what a mistake he made going out with you."

Yuna clinched her fist and turned around to face Dona. "Obviously he's on the rebound Dona." She answered with a smile. "I doubt he'll be with you for very long," She ignored the scowl that she received and turned around to the teacher. "And I'm glad to be rid of him." She whispered to herself.

"There is going to be a new student joining us today." The teacher Shelinda said from up front. "So I hope that you'll all be nice to him."

A laugh was heard in the back of the room and Yuna rolled her eyes. This teacher drove her up the wall she was so nice and tried to please all the students… so of course many of them took advantage of her kind ways. Some of them even said that she couldn't stand to give a student a lower grade then a C.

"So this is our new student! Welcome Tidus!" Shelinda continued and then beckoned him into the room.

The moment that Tidus stepped into the room. Yuna started coughing hard, Dona started giggling, Rikku started laughing, and Lulu glanced in Yuna's direction and grinned. This was the exact student that Rikku had mentioned to Yuna the night before.

"Why don't you go sit in the empty desk next to Yuna?" Shelinda said softly and Tidus nodded. Yuna couldn't even move as he sat down next to her and looked at her with those bright blue eyes and smiled. "Hey." He whispered.

Yuna quickly regained her composure and gave him a quick nod and turned back to the paper on her desk. Dona on the other hand smiled at him and gave him a sultry wink. Yuna groaned. So she's starting up her tricks again is she?

"Hee hee hee hee hee… hee hee hee he he-"

"WILL YOU PLEASE JUST SHUT UP?" Yuna cried and then covered her mouth looking shocked. "Oh… I did not mean to say it that so loud!"

"Hee hee." Rikku finished and then leaned closer so that only Yuna and Lulu could hear her. "I can't believe that Tidus is such a hottie! I'll bet that he'll be after you before you know it! And I doubt that you'll be able to refuse him!" She giggled again.

"I'm sure that Dona's already sinking him fingernails into him anyway." Yuna answered glancing over to where Dona sat next to Tidus in the cafeteria.

"He doesn't seem very happy to be sitting with her." Lulu piped up. "Also isn't Seymour dating her? He's not going to be very happy when he gets here."

At that moment the cafeteria doors opened and a very angry looking Seymour came in. But instead of heading towards Dona he walked over to where Yuna was sitting instead. "You told." He hissed angrily.

"Told what?" Yuna asked but a blow to her face silenced her.

"I was just called to the principals office. Apparentely someone said that I beat you… You told them that! You're trying to get me in trouble you little twit!"

Yuna held her hand to her face and looked up coldly in Seymour's face. "I never told anyone Seymour… I should've but I didn't because I loved you. You beat me and I hate you for it!" She raised her hand and with a strength that she didn't even know that she had she slapped him across the face much harder then what he had done to her. "I don't know who told, but if you ever touch me again then I'll make sure that everyone knows what you did. Yuna took in a gulp of air, out of breath, and then glared darkly at Seymour.

He stared at her for a moment and then turned around to leave the cafeteria. The silence was so loud that it hurt Yuna's ears as she saw Dona look up at Seymour who acted if he didn't even see her. Everyone in the cafeteria was looking at her

Yuna sank back into her seat. She had won. And the only people who had heard her words were Lulu and Rikku. "I would rather you not say a word about this to anyone." She whispered.

"Yunie… Why didn't you tell us?" Rikku whispered confused.

Yuna just shook her head and stood up trying to stop the tears that threatened to spill out of her eyes. "I-I think that I'll go home early today. I don't feel very well." She whispered.

"Yuna?" Lulu asked as Yuna stood up. "Did he really beat you?"

But Yuna just shook her head and left the cafeteria. But she couldn't help but notice that Tidus' eyes were on her and not Dona as she left the room.

"I wasn't flirting with him!" Yuna said softly. "I was just talking to him… I should be allowed to talk with a guy if I want to!"

"I saw you!" Seymour yelled angrily. "And I don't even want to see you LOOK in another guys direction do you hear me? You should be thankful that I'm even going out with you… It's a opportunity that most girls would die for."

"How can you-" Yuna's word's were cut off as Seymour shoved her into the wall.

"I suggest that you don't do it again." He said coldly, his tone dripping with remorse. He then left her, crying in her room… alone.

"How could he?" She whispered.

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