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Braska hadn't moved the knife and was now staring at Yuna. "I-Is that you sweetie?"

"Y-yes, of course it's me, Yuna!" Yuna had weakly stood. "I thought that you were going to kill yourself... or me."

"Was I?" Braska now looked confused. "Pain can make someone want to do rational things. Is death the answer for me?"

"No it's not." Yuna said quietly, relieved that he was acting sane again. "I'm here now, and we can try to put things back to the way they were, before all of this happened." Heh, things will never be the way they were.

Braska's face hardened. "You're lying to me. I don't like it when you lie to me!"

Yuna took a deep breath. "No I'm not. Just put down the knife and everything will be fine. Please Dad."

Braska shook his head and slowly released the knife from his fingers, letting it drop to the ground. Yuna waited fora moment and then grabbed it quickly and backed away. "N-now you just wait and I'll call the hospital."

"Traitor." Braska whispered. "I knew it." His eyes were dark and glazed over and he looked at her with such anger that it scared Yuna.

"You're bleeding! You're hurt... so, we have to get you there, I'm not lying." At that moment Tidus decided to burst in through the doors. Braska turned and saw him as a look of horror crossed his face. "T-they've come to get me!" An animal rage came upon his face and he leaped towards Tidus. "Augh!" He yelled.

Tidus' eyes widened and he put his hands in front of his face as Braska came upon him. They both fell to the ground as Tidus punched him defensively. "Stop it! What's wrong with you... YUNA!" Tidus yelled as Braska bit him, making Tidus' hand bleed.

Yuna's hand was shaking with the knife that she held in it. "Yuna!" Tidus yelled again, Braska wasn't about to stop, he had gone completely mad. "Why..." She whispered. "Why has this all happened? Where is my Father?" Yuna felt tears coming to her eyes, but she blinked them back. This wasn't the right time for that.

"STOP IT!" She yelled. Braska had enough rage in him to kill Tidus so Yuna made her decision. "I'm sorry!" She screamed as she leaped forward and cut Braska across the back, in a deep cut.

"AUGHH!" He screamed in pain as he let go of Tidus and fell to the ground. Blood was seeping out of the wound and Yuna jumped back, horrified that she had done that to her Father. "You're a disgrace." He whispered from the ground.

"What happened to you?" Yuna whispered. "Please tell me!"

"Seymour... he... he sent... Guado..." Braska's voice trailed off as his eyes closed. For a moment the entire room was quiet as Yuna slowly walked over to him and touched his pulse gently. He was dead.

Her eyes closed as the pain hit her. She had lost her Dad. "H-how?" She whispered.

"Poison." Tidus answered holding up something that he had found on the floor. It was some kind of bottle."Braska was poisened Yuna, there was nothing that you could do. It's the reason that he was going insane-" Tidus was going to continue but didn't as Yuna sunk to the floor next to Braska.

"Is it over?" Yuna asked as she turned to him, her eyes were dull and lifeless. "I feel like I've been living as a shadow for a long time. I'm... so tired." Thankfully the room began to spin as she felt Tidus put his hand on her shoulder. "He was only going to suffer more, you helped him. Yuna... what's wrong?" A couple seconds later Yuna gave into the blessed darkness, vaguely hearing Tidus call for Lulu as he shook her gently.

One week later

She had healed on the outside but on the inside she wasn't even close. Yuna stared at nothing in her room. "Yunie!" Rikku's voice brought her out of the daze but she didn't even flinch. "Aren't you up yet?" The fake cheerful tone in her cousins voice annoyed her.

"What do you think?" Yuna answered dully. "When have I got up anytimethis week?"

Rikku didn't answer, instead she sat down on the bed next to Yuna. She was going to say something serious, Yuna could tell."Haven't things changed?" She whispered. "It seems like just yesterday that you were getting nail polish on me." She let out a laugh, obviously holding back tears. "Things... aren't ever going to be the same again. I think that in a way, we've all grown up. You've gone through the most, but we've all had our personal struggles. I just wish... t-t-that..." Tears had began to flow down Rikku's cheeks and she couldn't speak anymore.

Yuna felt a tear run down her own cheek. "I've lost my mother, both of them. I had to kill my own Father. Everything has changed, but I feel like I've lost everything."

"We're still here for you, ya know." Rikku whispered. "I know that you don't seem to realize it but we are. I'm sorry if you felt like I was stealing Tidus from you, I'm sorry."

"It doesn't matter. None of it really matters." Yuna answered softly sitting up. "Tidus and I can't ever be together. The spark isn't there for me at all."

"How do you know?" Rikku asked concerned and upset. "You and Tidus are the perfect couple! Hecares for you so much."

"I just do." Yuna answered softly turning away from Rikku so that she couldn't see her face which had more tears running down it. Yuna had to fight to keep her voice from wavering. "I can't give him my love. He deserves it, but now I feel like it's hopeless to try."

Rikku gave Yuna a hug and kissed her head. "Don't worry Yunie... You're going to find what you're looking for." Before Yuna could ask her what she meant, Rikku left the room.

"Thanks." Yuna whispered before falling into a dreamless sleep... for the first time in awhile.

It wasn't for another month untilYuna finally leftthe house. She had avoided Tidus, and most of her other friends, The happenings of the last few months had finally caught up to her. It wasn't until December that she finally got out of the room.

I've skipped school, My birthday has passed, Except for Lulu and Rikku I've avoided all outside contact. I've accomplished what I wanted right? To inwardly die... Yuna stared up at the darkening skyas the snow began to lightlyfall. It didn't matter that she was outside without any warm clothes on. As the cold wind nipped at her, for the first time that she could remember, she felt alive again.

Twirling in the wind she let out a laugh. "YUNA?" The voice startled her and she turned to see Lulu standing in the doorway ofthe house looking shocked. "W-what are you doing?"

"Isn't it nice out?" Yuna yelled back at her. She let out a laugh.

Lulu didn't know whether to be overjoyed that Yuna was laughing for the first time in a month or be horrified that she was going around in the cold with shorts and a tank top on. "S-shouldn't you come inside?"

"When it's cold you can't feel dead!" Yuna yelled back, ignoring her question. "It keeps you from going back inside your shell." Yuna felt tears coming to her eyes. No, I have to be cried out by now... I've managed to stop crying. I can't start again. Before she could have her pity party Yuna shook the feeling away. "I-I'll come in now."

"We need to talk anyways." Lulu said as Yuna came into the house, shivering."I've seen you act dismal for a month. I know that I haven't been there for you as Rikku has, but I have to insist that you go back to school, and repair your relationship with Tidus. He's acted almost the same as you have and I'm sick of it."

"I'll return to school but I refuse to deal with Tidus. The spark just isn't there for one thing and he should grow up." Yuna began walking up the stairs leaving Lulu shaking her head after her.

"You're making a mistake Yuna." She called after her. "He isn't going to just disappear from you."

"Then why don't you date him if you care about him so much?" Yuna yelled back down the stairs before slamming her door. She didn't come out of her room the rest of the night. As usual, she regretting her words.

Lulu didn't think that she was going to come out, but the next morning, a couple minutes before they left Yuna came down the stairs, dressed and looking fine. "Good morning." She said quietly before grabbing a donut that was sitting on the table. "Well, aren't we going to leave?" She asked when she saw the look on their faces.

"Y-Yeah we are... I'm just surprised to see you Yunie!" Rikku answered as she put her arm through Yuna's. "Everyone is going to be so suprised to see you!"

"Oh, that's for sure." Yuna answered but felt a hint of nerviousness come into her. She would have to see Tidus again. The first moment that she had she leaned over and apologized to Lulu who accepted it right away.

She was quiet as she entered her busy schoolbutluckily all the students were trying to get to their classes in time so no one seemed to notice her. It helped that she had her head bent down. "C'mon Yuna." Rikku whispered pulling her along. Yuna took a deep breath and walked over to her locker. She slowly pulled out her books which seemed practically foreign to her. "Nice to see you again." She chuckled to herself. As she turned around she froze. Tidus was standing there staring at her.

For a moment Tidus and Yuna just stared at each other. His beautiful blue eyes that she loved, (yes she admitted it.)seemed dimmer then usual and sadness was in them. Yuna swallowed her dry throat and whispered. "I'm sorry, I need to get by now or I'll be late."

"I've respected your wishes, left you alone for a month even though it hurt meand that's all you have to say to me?" He whispered, his voice getting higher on the last words. "Did you not think about me at all?"

"I'm going to be late for my class." Yuna answered as shetried toto get by, but he stopped her.

"You have to answer me first!" Tidus answered.

"Yes. That's all I have to say to you." Yuna said softly.

Tidus opened his mouth, but nothing came out, so Yuna walked around him and tried not to see the way that he leaned against her locker, as he held his head in one of his hands. She did see it though.

It was quiet as Yuna entered the room. "How nice of you to join us Yuna." Auron said quietly but his voice wasn't mean. "You can take your regular seat."

No one's taken my seat? Yuna felt touched that they hadn't just given it to someone else as she sat down. She could feel some eyes on her at the moment though.

"I wanted to take it butAuron wouldn't let me, I didn't think that you were returning." The familiar voice caused Yuna to cringe. Dona was sitting behind her with the usual smirk on her face... though it wasn't as cruel as usual.

"I wasn't sure if I was either." Yuna answered softly with a small smile that ended up looking sad.

"... I'm sorry about your Dad." Dona said quietly, looking guilty. "You've lost your entire family, must be hard."

Dona...FEELING SORRY FOR ME? Could anything be more shocking... "Thank you." Yuna said out loud and she looked down at her desk.

After the class Auron called Yuna up to his desk. "You're going to have a lot of catching up to do, you know that, correct? I know that you've gone through a lot but there is no excuse for missing a month of school.

"Yes, but, I'm sure that I'll be able to do it. You can give me extra homework as well. I don't have anything better to do." Yuna started to leave but Auron stopped her.

"What made you decide to come back?" He asked quietly. "It sounded like you had decided to just give up on everything."

"I need to move on, I can't stop living can I?" She answered, turning around to face him.

Auron gave a slow nod. "I know that you've heard this many times... I do feel horrible for your loss."

Yuna gave him a sad smile before contining out of the room. Though everyone was treating her kindly, she could see the way that no one seemed to want to meet her eye. After all, it was common knowledge that she had to have hadsomething to do with Seymour's death even though Tromell took the blame. And she had killed her father, though it was unavoidable. She had told everyone what had happened, but still, things were tense.

Yuna had left the school the moment that her last class ended without alerting her friends. It was cold and quiet as she walked down the street. Suddenly a hand grabbed her and she almost screamed before she saw that it was Tidus. "What are you doing?" She hissed and was shocked as Tidus pulled her towards his car that was parked a few feet away.

"I want us to talk and you aren't going to avoid it this time." Tidus' eyes flashed as he pushed her into the car, almost roughly even though she could tell he was trying not to hurt her.

"What do you think you're doing?" She shrieked as he slammed the door. Tidus then stomped to the other side of the car and got in, shutting the door so they were both in it.

"I LOVE YOU!" Tidus yelled at her suddenly, as if he would explode if he didn't get the words out. "I'm sick of this! I haven't been able to even see you for a month after everything that I've done for you and I'm sick of it... I'm sick of it..." Tidus put his head in his hands and Yuna could see his shoulders shaking. Had he become this way because of her?

"I'm so sorry..." Yuna looked down, ashamed. "I don't love you. I don't feel anything anymore. I'm sorry... I don't know if I ever felt anything."

"Jecht's in jail, I turned him you know." Tidus told her quietly as he lifted up his face which, to her surprise, wasn't wet with tears. It was more defeated. "I realized that I shouldn't let myself be treated that way, and I didn't want you to be in danger. But I guess that you won't be visiting me much anyways huh?"

Yuna didn't answer as she stared out of the window. "I wish that I could change the way that I feel. I've decided to change schools as well. I'm seventeen and I'll be going to college in a year, I need to move on and get more serious about my life."

"You just had a birthday huh... Here." Tidus pulled something out of a box under his seat. "I got this for you... well actually I'm giving it to you. Happy birthday." With that Tidus got out of the car, walked around the front and opened the door for her. "You may leave now. I will hold you captive for no longer."

Yuna looked up at him, tears in her eyes. "I...I-"

"Go ahead." Tidus said and took her hand and pulled her out, though he was gentle. "I'll see you." He said and drove off, leaving her standing there. Yuna slowly opened the box and gasped when she saw what was inside it. The necklace that Tidus normally wore was in it, it's crystal gleaming up at her. Yuna's hand shook as she took out the note in it.


This means alot to me, my mother gave it to me. Since you're so special to me I've decided that I want you to have it. I love you, I hope that you feel better soon and we can be happy together. Happy 17th.


"I-I can't accept this." Yuna whispered. She began to walk home, soon running. It was to much to take. As she arrived at Rikku's house she groaned to see that no one was back yet... except for Brother.

"Yuna! So... good to see you again." He said happily when he saw her. "You, join me?"

"No thanks. And I don't even want to know what you're talking about." Yuna answered wearily as she trudged up to her room.

It was that night that she told Rikku and Lulu her decision, after Christmas she was leaving their school. They were sad, but they also understood. Now... she had to settle things with someone else. As she slipped out of the house she made sure that she was warm, borrowing Brother's car (he gave her the keys the moment she asked.) She was nervous the entire time that she drove, almost turning around a couple times.

Her hand was shaking as she walked up to the door, she didn't even knock as she tried the doorknob. It was unlocked. Quietly, she entered the house and could hear noises in the back, obviously the T.V. She quickly walked towardsthem and froze when she saw that Tidus was on the couch watching a movie. "Hi." She managed to croak out and he jumped into the air.

"Y-Yuna? Dang, you scared the heck out of me! Don't ever do that again." After the shock his eyes narrowed. "Why are you here? I thought that I wasn't your type."

"I-I came to return this to you." Yuna answered as sheshakily pulled out the box which contained the necklace. "I don't deserve it, so you should give it to someone else."

"I want you to have it." Tidus answered . "I don't care if you don't feel the same way alright? I know that there's a chemistry between us, and even if you don't believe it I still do."

Yuna shook her head and felt herself tense as Tidus walked towards her. "S-stop coming towards me. I'll leave now alright!"

"If you're leaving to go who-knows-where then I should be able to talk to you one last time right?" Slowly he reached out touching her shoulder. "I think that you're running."

"N-No I'm not." Yuna answered, now she felt confused. Just his touch sent tingles down her spine, causing her face to turn red.

"Yes you are." Tidus answered, his voice barely above a whisper. Now he was in front of her. Slowly he touched her faceand lightlytouched her chin, pointing it up towards him so she had to look at him. "Tell me the truth for once, alright..." Yuna froze and then Tidus leaned down and kissed her.

A million emotions seemed to go through her as Tidus wrapped his arms around her letting all his pent up emotions out. Yuna let out a moan as she felt his soft hair in her hands, his lips... she wasn't over him. She wasn't even close. To her disappointment, Tidus pulled away a moment later. "Did you feel anything?" He whispered to her, his voice husky.

Yuna couldn't even find her voice as she looked at him wide eyed. Tidus opened the box that he had taken back, and pulled the necklace out. As he leaned down to kiss Yuna again he slowly put the chain around her neck, fastening it. "It belongs to you now." Yuna met his eyes with a smile as she touched it lightly, glancing down at it. "I think that it looks good on you."

"I... I think that you're right." Yuna whispered looking up at him tears glistening in her eyes.

"Now don't cry..." Tidus said softly. "Will you answer my question... Did you feel anything?"

"No." Yuna answered as his face fell. "I felt everything." Yuna managed a week smile as a tear fell down her cheek and she threw her arms around Tidus pulling him close. "I..." She felt the words about to come out but she couldn't say them... not yet. She wasn't ready. "I thank you, for everything."

It was an hour later that Yuna returned home, butthis time she wasn't alone.

The weeks went by fast, Yuna finally felt happy again as her friends prepared her a going away party. She would miss them but, she needed to do some new things, not rely on them. She would also miss one person the most though.

"Surprise!"Yuna laughed as she was met with theyell. She hadopened the door to Rikku's house to see all her friends in it. "Hey Yunie, hurry up, everyone's waiting."

"Aww, you didn't have to do this!" Yuna exclaimed happily as she looked around. There were a few people from school hanging around but her closest friends that were there were, Rikku, Lulu, Tidus, Wakka and Gippal. Just the way that she liked it. They eat tons of food, watched movies and after almost everyone had left, The regular gang sat in the living room talking.

"Ya know Yunie, we'll let you have your last High school year at your new school... but we ARE going to the same college and there's nothing you can do about it!" Rikku let out an evil laugh.

"Man Cid's girl, you're even scaring me!" Gippal said with a laugh that had a hint of fear in it, but it was mostly fake.

Lulu let out a chuckle. "You can run, but you can't hide from us Yuna." Lulu smiled as Wakka put his arm around her.

"There's no escape, ya?" Wakka smiled down at Lulu as he spoke.

"I don't know if you're talking about Lulu escaping or Yuna, but they're both true." Tidus piped up with a small sad towards Yuna.

The last month had been hard on Tidus, even though he had done all that he could to convince Yuna not to leave, her mind hadn't been changed. Their relationship was almost fully emotional, rather then the normal physical one that most teenagers experienced. They had barely even kissed since that night that she had realized that she still cared for him. With a smile Yuna leaned back and let Tidus put his arm around her gently. "I'll miss you all... I know that I'll only be two and a half hours away, but we'll still only be able to see each other on weekends."

"Humph, you go on to Yevon High and have fun!" Rikku smirked. "With all the other stiff people... including you!"

"Hey, I'm not stiff!" Yuna exclaimed.

"And the goody-goody's."

"I'm not... well, maybe I am a slight goody-goody but that's not the point." Yuna shook her head. "I hate to break it to you guys but I have to leave early in the morning so Imust bid thou allfarewell for a couple weeks while I get settled in at Stiff high..." Yuna let out a small laugh.

As Rikku and Lulu stood up that all gathered in a group hug. Even though they tried to pretend that it was no big deal, they knew that Yuna wouldn't be able to visit every weekend like she wished. Things were just going to change for now. "Bye Yunie..." Rikku whispered and then pulled away sadly, then leaving with Gippal who called goodbye toYuna as well.

"Good luck Yuna." Lulu whispered as she gently touched Yuna's arm. "Take care of yourself."

"Thank you Lulu, you've always been practically a mother to me, as well as a great friend." Yuna hugged Lulu and told Wakka goodbye.

"Knock 'em dead there ya!" Yuna giggled as Lulu dragged Wakka out of the room.

And then... there was only Tidus left with her. Yuna turned to face him as he stared out at the dark night. "So, this is goodbye huh... We can say that we'll see each other soon but it won't be for a long time. At least a few weeks." He didn't look at her as Yuna walked over to where he stood.

"Does it really matter? Aren't you still with me in a way... we can still talk on the phone, we don't have to dramatize this to much."

"Most guys complain when they don't see their girlfriend every day. How can you blame me?" Tidus didn't sound angry just tired. "I'll wait for you though. I don't care how long, I'll be with you and see you every moment that I can."

"I'll be looking forward to it." Yuna smiled as she slid her arms around his waist, leaning her head against his back.

Tidus turned around and pulled her to the couch, sitting down and pulling her unto his lap. "I'll be leaving this with you as well." He said softly as he lightly touched the necklace that she wore. "Even though it's not as good as the real Tidus..."

"Nothing is." Yuna answered, and then unable to bear it anymore she closed the space between them, sealing the moment with a slow, sweet kiss. When she pulled away she felt the tears coming to her eyes. "I'll miss you so much..." She took a deep breath. "I... I...um... I do..." She sighed, giving up unable to say the words that she wanted to confess so badly. Was she still not ready?

"I understand." Tidus answered softly. "I love you."

Yuna managed to nod and kiss him again, this time with more passion.

As he pulled awaysadlyand gently sat her off him he stood up. "I have to go now Yuna, it's late.Good night." He smiled gently at her.

"G-goodbye Tidus." Yuna called after him weakly as she watched him walking away from her.

Tell him Yuna! You told Seymour that you loved him, you can tell Tidus! Do it fast you dingbat!

"But I really mean it this time." She answered back. There is a difference between saying that you love someone when you think that you mean it, and when you know that you really do. If she said it her entire self would commited to him.

Tidus was stepping out the door as the thoughts ran through her head. "Alright." She muttered as she lept off the couch and ran to the door. "Tidus!" She desperately called. As he turned around she felt her face growing hot. Why, oh why couldn't saying this be as easy as it was in the movies? "I... I..."

Tidus looked slightly exasperated at this point. It was cold, and late and Yuna was stammering unintelligible things in her doorway. "Yuna, what is it?"


"What?" Tidus said as he came a few feet nearer to her.

"I love you!" Yuna croaked out feeling horrified at how hard it was for her. For a moment she didn't dare meet Tidus' eyes. "I love you." She whispered again, to make sure that he had heard her.

"I know you do." Tidus answered softly taking her chin and making her look at him. "You didn't need to even struggle to say it. But, it's wonderful finally hearing it aloud." He smiled before leaning down and kissing her. Yuna felt as if she had been released as she kissed him back happily. When he pulled away, Yuna smiled up at him, as snow softly fell on her hair. "You look beautiful." Tidus whispered before gently touching her face and then finally walking away.

Yuna stared after him for a moment before returning inside. She was thankful that she had decided to buy a small house for when she returned home. (Her dad had left her all the money.) But she didn't care about it anymore, the money that is. As she walked upstairs to her room she opened the window and stared out it as she hugged her knees to keep herself warm.

You were right Rikku, What you said about a year ago... you were right. There are some things that I can never buy with money, one that's so obvious I should have realized it right away. I can't buy the way that Tidus' arms feel when they're wrapped around me, or his lips on mine... Most of all his love for me, as corny as it may sound.

And eventhough Yuna knew that the next day everything was going to change, a smile was on her face as she looked at the snow falling down. It was all going to work out. And it wasn't since she was a rich girl anymore.

All the riches baby, won't mean anything

All the riches baby won't bring what your love can bring

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