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A Silly Piece of Paper

"I said I was sorry," pointed out Lee as he followed Kara to CIC.

Kara snorted. "That's nice. Do you think I really give a frak?"

"You should. You can't possibly hold this against me for the rest of my life!"

"Actually I think I can, and I think I will. So why don't you tell your old man the truth so I don't get killed?" returned Kara with an evil grin.

Lee glared over at his best friend as they headed in Commander Adama's direction. "You are so dead come this time tomorrow," he hissed at her. Kara shrugged in disinterest and the two pilots saluted their Commander.

Adama looked back and forth between Lee and Kara with suspicion. "Someone want to tell me about this?" he asked holding up a piece of paper.

"Uh…well you see…Kara?" gulped Lee.

"It's all Lee's fault. Blame him. I was on my way to the brig like usual, but the Captain here decided to bail me out. So this is all his fault."

"Oh sure, Kara, blame me. It's not like alcohol had anything to do with it, right?" snapped Lee turning to face the blonde.

Kara paused to think and then shook her head. "Nope, not even close. Sorry, Lee, this one's all on you. I should have gotten another night in the brig but someone decided to play the knight in shining armor. And I'll let you in on a little secret, that someone was you!"

"Would someone just explain this to me?" demanded the Commander waving the piece of paper in his hands between Kara and Lee.

Lee looked up at his father and sighed. "Dad, I can explain. Kara was drunk, I was angry. We got in another fight and things kind of…escalated. It's not like we planned on getting her pregnant."

"Excuse me?" Adama narrowed his eyes and tried to comprehend what Lee had just told him.

Kara took over from there. "We're really sorry, Sir," she murmured. "But it happened a month ago, we didn't think about the consequences…how do you think I feel? The Doc took away my wings. I'm stuck on the ground for the next nine months. More if I actually try to raise this kid! And let me tell you, if this kid turns out to be anything like me then we're all screwed."

"See, this is what you get for not being able to keep your pants zipped," remarked Lee casually.

"If I remember correctly, you were the one unzipping my pants that night."

"Enough!" Everyone in CIC flinched as Commander Adama raised his voice to the squabbling pilots. Apparently the fun was over. Kara and Lee both hung their heads in reprimand.

"Now, will one of you please tell me what the frak you're talking about? All I wanted to know was why the latest flight roster had Crashdown working two shifts at the same time. What did you think I had called you up here for?" questioned Adama quietly.

Lee and Kara looked up in complete surprise. Kara grabbed the paper from Adama's hands and sure enough, it was the flight roster.

"You mean it wasn't sent by the Doc?" gulped Lee.

"Hey," said Kara chuckling, "you did put Crashdown in for two shifts tonight. Says here he's supposed to be flying with Boomer and Racetrack. You screwed up, Lee."

"Kara," started Lee cowering under his father's gaze. "I think we have bigger things to worry about."

"Huh?" Kara looked up and grinned. "Would you believe this was all a joke?"

"Uh-huh. Lee."

Lee frowned as he tried to loosen his uniform's collar. "Dad, you know you've always wanted grandchildren one day."

"Not when it meant taking my best pilot out of the air."

"Ooo, busted," whispered Kara. Adama shifted his gaze over to her and glared.

"You're not getting off so easy this time either, Starbuck. You two have a lot of explaining to do."

Before either of the two pilots could explain, Colonel Tigh showed up waving a sheet of paper around exuberantly. "Bill, you're gonna want to see this, it seems the high and mighty Starbuck got herself knocked up."

"I've heard. Would you be so kind as to take command as I now have to have a discussion with Captain Adama and Lieutenant Thrace?" Adama didn't even wait for an answer as he grabbed the pilots in question by their arms and dragged them out of the CIC.

"This is all your fault," huffed Kara.

Lee simply snorted. "Like you didn't do anything either."


"I'm not the pregnant one, Kara."

"No, but you are one stupid father-to-be. People are gonna think we have to get married now. Do you know what this is going to do to my reputation? I'm having the CAG's baby!"

"You should feel privileged. You'll get your own shower once they moveus to a new room."

"Lucky, lucky me," growled Kara.

Commander Adama sighed as he continued to lead Lee and Kara past snickering pilots. It looked as though President Roslin had gotten her wish. Pilots were reproducing right under his nose. Adama prayed to the Gods that he would make it through this pregnancy in one piece the way Kara and Lee were fighting.

The next few months seemed very bleak indeed.

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